Joyous holidays are here! Time to travel, party, and take a break from the daily grind. Yet all the things that make us happy can also take a bit of a toll on our health and beauty. Dark under eye circles, puffiness, bloated looking face, dull skin tone, and those breakouts at the worst possible time are some of the side effects of our holiday joy.

The culprits: Stress, diet, lack of sleep, dry weather, and travel.

We don’t advocate sitting out the holidays to keep your skin glorious, but there are some beauty strategies to minimize the visible effects of stressors.

Stay hydrated.
Dry, colder weather or traveling from warm to cold wreaks havoc on the skin. Now is the time to switch to a more hydrating moisturizer. Not heavier, just more emollient. You can even add a skin oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil or Argan Oil, to your regular moisturizer to boost the hydration benefits. Prosanol® is excellent for relieving dry, irritated skin on both face and body.

Plan for your parties.
Sugar temptations abound, so try to add protein snacks to help balance blood sugar and stay energized. Drink a full glass of water with every glass of alcohol to diminish dehydration that makes skin look dull, wrinkled, and tired.

Chill out.
After a night of holiday cheer you may wake up with that bloated, puffy look. Skin care experts say to ‘play it cool.’ Stock some cold packs in the refrigerator and place over the eyes and face for about 5 minutes. You’ll see amazing results.

For chronic under eye puffiness, get a pair of gel-filled infant teething rings from the drug store. Chill them for about a half hour, place on your eyes, and then rest for 5 minutes. If you use them in a hot bath, it will increase the benefits.

Tackle the breakouts.
If, despite your best efforts, a breakout occurs anyway, use a makeup artist’s trick. Dab a couple of drops of Visine on the spot. It’s a proven eye redness reducer and because it constricts blood vessels, it will make your blemish less red. Then, just pat on concealer.

Take it with you.
Get small travel containers if needed and be sure to have your regular skin regime with you rather than using whatever is available at your destination. That’s an un-necessary disruption.

If you can, fly without makeup on your skin and reapply moisturizer frequently.
Drink warm water with a lemon slice while in flight. It’s good for your digestion, relaxing, and keeps you hydrated.

Dermatologists recommend keeping skin on a fast track of self-renewal and natural exfoliation by using a cream containing retinol. Rejuven-A® Anti-Wrinkle Facial Firming Cream has a high concentration of retinol balanced by emollients that prevent irritation and keep skin looking radiant. It’s superb for the holidays because it makes skin silky smooth so makeup looks sensational.

Happy Holidays To All Our Friends! Enjoy!



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