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Issue No. 102
December 2015
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Chern on Dispute Boards, 3rd Edition

This new 3rd edition of "Chern on Dispute Boards"  examines the law of dispute boards and their development around the world, while also covering procedural topics that are of particular concern to those utilising them. It deals with advanced practitioner issues in the emerging law of dispute boards on an international scale.

This book guides the reader through the complexities of commercial and construction disputes together with their successful resolution, as well as presenting a way forward for the dispute board members themselves to administer dispute boards all over the world. It is therefore the number one guide for construction lawyers and engineers, as well as dispute board stakeholders worldwide.


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 ©  Dietmar Rabich CC BY-SA 4.0
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The Strange Case of the Determination of the Independent Valuer
by Ben Beaumont, FDBF

DBF Fellow Ben Beaumont has written this month's piece on his observations of the July 2014 review by the Court of Appeal on the case of  Premier Telecom Communications Group Ltd v Webb ([2014]EWCA Civ 994).

Mr. Beaumont explains that it is not the case itself that is interesting, but rather the "guidelines for challenge to the decision/determination of the independent valuer where issues of law are or may be decided which are key."  Continue...

Ben Beaumont is a Barrister, Member of Thomas More Chambers, Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Arbitrator, Certified Mediator and Adjudicator. He has been a practicing Barrister in London since 1978. As an internationally known expert in ADR and Dispute Boards, Ben has been involved with alternative dispute resolution since 1977 and has played an active role in this field for much of his career.

PPPs Spur Innovation in Design and Transportation

Fast Company Magazine
, a magazine focusing on innovative leaders in design, technology, and business recently released their picks for the top thirteen winners in their 2015 Innovation By Design Awards.

Of particular note is the category of  City Solutions,  where the magazine asserts that the trend toward PPP projects (Public-Private Partnerships) is actually spurring innovation in the design of civil building projects including the transportation sector.

Case in point is the winning design entry by architectural/engineering firm  Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP for All Aboard Floridaa state of the art commuter rail system that when completed will connect the urban centers of southern and central Florida with minimal impact on the environment by using existing older railways while creating economic growth along its corridors -- all without using taxpayer dollars.

The Brightline, courtesy of All Aboard Florida on Facebook

You can read more about this project and all of the other winners on their website. For more information about the All Aboard Florida visit their website. Find out more about PPPs at the World Bank's PPP Knowledge Lab.


Dr Toshihiko Omoto_ FDBF

Professor Dr Toshihiko Omoto, FDBF

Visiting Professor Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University

Country: Japan

Expertise: Dr Omoto has over 35 years experience in the construction industry, including 30 years experience in international projects in over 25 countries.

He is an independent consultant a dvising owners, contractors, consultants, governmental bodies, manufacturers, insurers and other professionals in construction management and dispute resolution in engineering and construction projects.

Dr Omoto is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and a FIDIC President's Approved Adjudicator who serves on its Assessment Panel for Adjudicators.   His experiences as a Neutral include Dispute Board Member, Arbitrator and Mediator.

Additionally he is a civil engineer by profession and a Fellow of ICE (UK), Member of ASCE, USA and Fellow of the JSCE.

Dr Omoto has been involved in the resolution of engineering and construction disputes both by amicable settlement negotiations and by mediation or arbitration. He is very active in promotion of DB in Asian countries in cooperation with JICA.


Kailash Dabeesingh

Kailash Dabeesingh, FDBF

Chartered Arbitrator,  Chartered Quantity Surveyor
Kailash Dabeesingh Arbitration Chambers 

Country:  Mauritius

Expertise: Construction Law and Arbitration

Mr Kailash Dabeesingh is a Chartered Arbitrator. He has been involved in a number of domestic and international arbitrations. He also serves as adjudicator on Dispute Adjudication Boards to help the construction industry in the resolution of disputes and conflict avoidance. He has been involved as DAB member in the country's prestigious SSR International Airport Expansion.
In the UK, Mr Dabeesingh has worked with leading construction companies and served in various capabilities in a number of prestigious projects. Besides being a Civil Engineer and a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, he has gained a Masters degree in Architecture at the University College London (UCL) and a Masters degree in Construction Law and Arbitration at Leeds Metropolitan University.
Mr Dabeesingh has studied international commercial arbitration organised by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators at Keble College, University of Oxford.  He also studied law in London.

Recognised as a leading construction law expert, Mr Dabeesingh works closely with several domestic contractors, including assisting them with risk management strategies and bespoke training programmes. He regularly participates in conferences as a speaker both locally and internationally on issues affecting construction law and dispute resolution.
He is actively involved in promoting alternative dispute resolution in Mauritius and is a frequent speaker at both national and international conferences. He is currently serving as President of the Society of Construction Law (Mauritius).