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A Note to Group Members: Unfortunately, due to a variety of professional obligations, I will not be able to hold the next meetings of the Men's Group and the Dating & Relationship Group until Saturday, February 21, 2015.  In mid-February, I will email more details on these 2/21 groups, but I anticipate that the Men's Group on that day will focus on the role of family-of-origin dynamics in current life functioning, and the Dating & Relationship Group will address how to detect types of personality dysfunction in our current or potential romantic partners. 

For Colleagues, Patients, and Followers: Below are recommendations for your review. 


Dating and Relationships: Theoretical Views on the Psychology of Love and Attraction

Peter Salovey's Yale Lecture


Sexual Compulsivity and Addiction: A Primer

Overview of Sex Addiction 

Interview with Dr. Patrick Carnes


Men and Masculinity: Happiness

75-Year Study of Happiness among Harvard Male Undergraduates


Parenting: The Trauma of Parenthood

New York Times Article


Buddhism and Mindfulness: The Work of Robert Thurman on Negative Emotions and Enemies


Panel Discussion

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