2016 October Newsletter
From the Directors Desk

Hello Friends of the U.S.Bible Society, 

     This Month has been one of our Most Challenging Months since we have started this Work. The larger our outreach, the greater opposition we see from the enemy. Now reaching 3.5 million a month we are generating more Bible Requests than we have ever seen. With the Requests come increased financial needs which had me discouraged because what we are facing is impossible. The amount of funds needed are beyond what I can see with my eyes, expect to receive, or can even conceive to raise. As the enemy sent me thoughts that "we need to quit, there is no way to meet so many needs" and overwhelming feeling that there is "no hope" in doing this work. It was at that time I looked at these Mustard Seeds, pictured above, that I keep on my desk reminding of the Scripture of the Disciples failing in the work Jesus called them to do:

Matthew 17:20  And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

        It is when we reject the enemy, get out of God's Way, Pray, Seek Him, and  Have Faith as small as a Mustard Seed will we then see the Impossible - Possible. My thoughts of discouragement are now thoughts of anticipation to see our Lord do Great and Mighty things. Every Prayer is "Lord please Provide, Please reach the Lost, Use Us to do Your Will, You are Faithful, You are Mighty, You are Holy, You are Worthy, Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done.".....Now, as of the Day I pen this Newsletter I have not seen every need met but I can't wait to report of how the Lord will meet the needs in front of us. Looking back in my life I see how my little Mustard Seed Faith has seen tens of thousands come to Christ, Hundreds of thousands receive Bibles. and millions hear of the Life changing Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus-Christ. Together our Faith will see the Lord - Do it Again. Thank You for joining us in this amazing journey of our mustard seed faith that is moving Mountains in so many lives.

Contact Me with any Questions or Comments at  info@USBibleSociety.com

Dr. David Burnette
Director, The United States Bible Society, Inc.

Ministry Results

September Results
3,587,958 Web Hits
257 Souls Saved
2112 Bibles Distributed
1,000 Tracts Distributed
1,583,280 Devotions EMail
52,776 Subscribers EMail
1757 Unfunded Requests
2016 Results
27,775,255 Web Hits
2,600 Souls Saved
24,918 Bibles Distributed
9,000 Tracts Distributed
10,516,084 Devotions EMail
52,776 Subscribers EMail
18,188 Unfunded Requests

Ministry Results
75,395,297 Web Hits
25,592 Souls Saved
387,000 Bibles Distributed
2,409,400 Tracts Distributed
46,668,733 Devotions EMail
52,776 Subscribers EMail
377,075 Unfunded Requests

501(c)(3) Financial Report
$    100 Beginning Balance
$     020 Donation (Pay Pal-JH-Bibles)
$     040 Donation (Pay Pal-MC-Bibles)
$     080 Donation (Pay Pal-MC-Bibles)
$     100 Donation (CBC - General Fund)
$     200 Donation (BBC - General Fund)
$     200 Donation (ChristianInc.org - Church Fund)
$   2388 Donation (ChristianInc.org - Gen.Fund)
$     552 Donation (ChristianInc.org - Bibles & Postage)
$    3680 Total Donations + Beginning Balance
($   452) Bible Printing Costs (CBC)(BPS)
($   100) Bible Shipping Costs (CBC)(USP)(UPS)
($   186)
Bible Application Costs (SSC)
($   239)
Bible Devotions Costs (CCO)
($   125)
Bible Software Costs (REG)
($   113)
Bible Communication Costs (WIX)
($   200)
Church Fund
($   000) Ministry Salaries
($ 2213) Ministry Operation
              107-Vehicle Insurance (ASI)
              225-Vehicle Fuel (QTF)
              148-Water Service (WCW)
              572-Phone Service (VWC)(RCC)
              185-Internet Service (CBC)
              395-Power Service (GPC)
              088-Natural Gas Service  (LGC)
              308-Building Insurance (ASI)
              185-Accounting Service (BBA)
($  0000) Ministry Building & Repairs
000-Building Repairs
($  3628) Total Expenses for Month
$       052 Ending Balance
($ 12,299) Additional Funds to Meet All Requests
We Continue as our Partners Pray & Give