Now we consider the five elements split up against the fifty-two playing card deck.
  • Earth: Diamonds, the precious gem we find in the earth. Everything that feeds us comes from the earth.
  • Air: Spade comes from the Italian word for sword, which cuts through the air.
  • Fire: A Club is wood, and wood burns.
  • Water: The Heart holds the emotions; tears of joy and sadness.
  • There is no Spirit suit in the fifty-two-card playing deck.
The fifty-two-card playing deck has the above four suits of cards. Each suit has thirteen cards, from one (ace) to ten, and jack, queen, and king. 

The jack, queen, and king were added around the 15th century as royalty didn’t appreciate having a reading when there were cards appropriate to every man; royalty wanted their own cards. This was a time when boys were seen as princes and girls were considered less important. Therefore, the jack, was added to indicate a royal boy – jack (child), queen, and king.

As time went on, it became important for the royals to show a difference between their sons and daughters; the prince card was born and the jack now represented the princess. The court cards become the jack (princess), the prince (new card for royal boys), and the queen and king.

The major change to the tarot deck was the inclusion of the Spirit suit. People were becoming more aware of spirituality and they wanted a suit that described their soul’s journey in this lifetime and beyond (rather than just their physical journey). Therefore, t he spirit suit, or Major Arcana, major secrets, or soul secrets suit was created to describe the soul’s journey on earth. 

So, if you add the cards above (fifty-two) plus the four new princes (fifty-six) plus the twenty-two Major Arcana cards then you will get seventy-eight cards for the now standard tarot deck.

The fifty-six cards are called the Minor Arcana, and the twenty-two spirit cards are called the Major Arcana - minor secrets and major secrets.

The word arcana is the plural of arcanum, which means profound secret. 

The Minor Arcana in the tarot are a collection of basic secrets, and the Major Arcana are a collection of soul secrets. Together the full set of tarot cards explains the secrets within our lives. The fifty-two card playing deck only utilises minor arcana.

You can create your own tarot deck if you purchase a fifty-two card playing deck, add in four prince cards, and then add twenty-two Major Arcana cards. The result is a full set of seventy-eight tarot cards. 

I hope this helps you understand how tarot decks have evolved over the centuries.

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2) tell me what each element is aligned to within your deck; e.g. clouds = air, staves = fire, chalices = water and coin = earth
3) what each suit means to you; e.g. staves = my passion here on the planet.
4) does your deck include royalty, commonly called the 'court cards'?
5) does your deck include major arcana cards?

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