Minor and Major Arcana

To recap on week one, the word arcana is the plural of arcanum which means profound secret. The Minor Arcana in the tarot are a collection of basic secrets (our physical/mental/emotional needs) and the Major Arcana are a collection of soul secrets (our spiritual journey). Together the full set of tarot cards explains the secrets within our lives. Therefore, the four suits of the Minor Arcana relate to the physical form. The human body and all the body requires. Physical needs - earth (food), air (mental stimulation), fire (passion), and water (love).

1) Air is our thoughts, beliefs, and energy within our body.  
2) Fire is our passion and excitement.  
3) Water is our emotions.  
4) Earth is all about our practical needs in a physical form, such as food, shelter, and clothing.  
5) Spirit is all about our soul growth.