Newsletter 05 Thursday April 27, 2017
Newsletter 05 - Tarot training and Psychic Q&A's
Hello again,

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Conducting readings in Richmond at Connie's shop 'Golden Run Rural' was wonderful and I'm looking forward to getting back that way.

I'll be in Adelaide on the 20th and 21st of May at the Mind Body Psychic Expo and I'm looking forward to meeting, and potentially doing readings for, people down there.  

As usual, I have my psychic questions and answers in this newsletter, and if you're wanting a question answered, then put in for it in the link at the top of the newsletter and I try to answer as many as I possibly can in the time I've allotted myself each Thursday. 

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Blessings and thank you,

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Dear Eleanor...
For those that sent in questions for this week's newsletter, thank you. I'm unable to do them all as mentioned in the Facebook post, however I've put in as many as I can for the time I have available to me.

Blessings to you all,

Is the Sunshine Coast the right move for me? 

I felt the need to draw three cards for you and they were the Emperor, the Ace of Pentacles and The Magician.. what that means is that 'you're the boss', there is new work, and a feeling of a fresh new beginning over the next year available to you, and also that if you want to make that happen for you, then you absolutely can!

I'm currently working casually and studying part time. I wanted to know if staying in this job I am now in (and completing further study in) is the right path for me or should I get experience in the other sector I keep thinking about?  Thanking you from the bottom of my soul,  H

Interestingly enough I'm getting 'both' but the answer has to do with timeframes. The current work feels like a soul contract and a man in spirit is helping you to stick with it if you want too... it's a free will decision on your aprt. There's a feeling of you doing this work because someone else in the family did, or you've brought it forward from a past lifetime. Something unfinished definitely, however I am seeing you changing work later and being able to 'flip' between careers in the future if you do continue now. It's not a bad thing, it's a good thing.. like you have different skills you'll be able to draw on later in life. The Temperance card did come out in your reading which means 'mixing medicines' which is appropriate I believe for what I'm seeing in your future. Not mixing jobs exactly, but being able to shift and change positions.

Am I going in the right direction with my training to gain employment? J 🙏💕

Absolutely, however there's the normal obstacles in the way. You're on the right track. You're smart enough to ensure you get through and you can victorious. I drew a card and received the Eight of Cups, which is also the eight of hearts; the flow towards victory and getting the medicine right in the body card. Meditate, and cruise towards your dreams. Meditating before studying will make the whole process so much smoother for you, and it will help you to hold the information better.

Hello my question is in regards to my three year old son. he seems to be talking to someone all the time. Then he gets really frightened and puts his fingers in his ears and screams out that he is scared! But then the next day he is happy. Then frightened again then happy. Is it a spirit talking to him? And is it trying to hurt him? Or is he frightened because he doesn't understand? Its been going on for about 7 months. Thank you.

Yes, this can be an issue when older family comes to visit the little ones. The reason why some children get 'night terrors' is that they are starting to fall to sleep and as they start to relax, their brain waves approach alpha and then the veil drops.. and they see grandad. It's tricky when spirits try to talk to us as the way I experience them a lot is on a similar frequency to tinnitus (ringing in the ears.) In other words - noisy and scratchy in the ears! His fear in the moment is probably because you're not reacting and he realises on some level that you're not there with him in this. You can't hear. Dad's mum is saying hello, I think on your boy's dad's side of the family, not your side.

I have a question about my son. He moved from QLD to NSW with his wife and little boy to be closer to family and for a better lifestyle. He is in a job that is very boring for him and he's ready to throw it all in and go back to QLD where jobs are a little more available. He doesn't really want to leave here and I'm hoping something will come up so he can stay. What do you feel is in store for him and his family? 

I keep seeing a transfer of skills and movement and wishful thinking. The one he's in now is not his dream job but there is another option for him. Travelling for work in June / July is a good thing for him and his family, but it might be closer to home than he currently believes possible. There's a lady winking at me. Is it your grandmother Margaret? I have a few Margaret's connected to me and I just saw ALL of them in one hit, so I'm pretty sure they're giving me the Margaret name :) 

Just wondering if you can sense if we will ever be able to buy our own home? We keep saying we will start saving for it but it never eventuates or something else will pop up.   I feel as though time is running out. I have actually moved into a house I had my eye on to want to buy but instead we're renting it. Are we destined to be life long renters??

I'm asking "what needs to be done to change from renters to be buyers and how long will it take?" and oh my.. you're going to love your new home. Here's the pieces I was just thrown from a young man with a helmet in spirit, 'the journey towards home is successful, you'll be successful, there's a new home, a child, it's ok to move, move big, journey even overseas, it's ok to travel, you can come back again, be the loving woman.' I think the helmet might be a joke.. he definitely just barraged me. You have a young man that is trying to help you have the place of your own, but I do believe you're making a big move to get it. He didn't give me a timeframe sorry.

Many blessings and I'm sorry if I haven't answered your question this week,
Helen King - More Than Scents

This week I thought I would talk about an easy way to get the benefits of Essential Oils by using a Diffuser. When Essential Oils are diffused into the air we can ‘breathe’ them and receive the therapeutic benefits straight into our system. Some of the benefits of diffusing Essential Oils are cleansing the air, impacting mood, assisting focus, boost immune system, creating negative ions, (feelings of peace/wellbeing) AND it makes your house smell amazing!  Several types of diffusers are on the market, ultrasonic, evaporative and nebulizing. Please do NOT use an ‘oil burner’ as the name says it will burn the oil along with the therapeutic benefits. A popular diffusers is an Ultrasonic Diffusers which has a small plate that vibrates at high frequency, this mixes the oil with the water, breaks the particles up into micro particles, dispersing them into the air creating a ‘cool’ mist. These small particles enter our systems and we can receive all the amazing benefits from them. There are humidifiers out there too, but don’t confuse these with a diffuser. A humidifier generally uses heat and destroys the therapeutic properties of the oil, its main function is to increase moisture content of the air. 

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Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Five

Categorisations of the Cards 

Who can help you/me?

Now you may have expected me to jump straight in and talk about the 'two' cards within the deck, as I went into so much detail immediately around the aces and The Fool. The ace of a suit is obviously the number one (1) of that suit; as it's the beginning card of each suit. You wouldn’t start counting a deck of cards from number three, you’d always start at one. One’s therefore always mean the beginning of a journey, or something new. Either physical, mental or emotional. 

Rather than go in-depth now around the twos, it’s appropriate to discuss the other groupings within the tarot.

This section is focused on how abundance comes into our lives. Consider this, if you wanted something e.g., a loaf of bread, you could: 

  1. Get it yourself. You could make a loaf of bread, or go to the store, or ask someone to get it for you. Other people still might help you, and spirit is always working with you, but the main effort right now for the next steps has to come from you. You have to ask someone or do something, in order for you to get a loaf of bread. 
  2. Someone could get it for you. They could cook the loaf of bread for you, or they could go to the shop and purchase it for you. 
  3. Spirit could drop it in your lap! Spirit might organize for some complete stranger to come by and hand you one unexpectedly. 

The third way does happen. Have you ever thought about someone, and then the next day you have bumped into them at the shop? This is spirit’s way of bringing people to you. Remember this when you do readings for yourself. Sometimes people can’t understand how things can happen, because they’re unaware that they’re yet to meet a person who’s significant in helping them, or they’re yet to walk out of the shop and bump into someone that’s required in their lives right now.

It’s more likely that there are events still unfolding that spirit is trying to work out for you. Spirit might be trying to put a newspaper into your hands so that you see a job being advertised, or you might coincidentally meet someone who can help you find work. You still need to help yourself in order for anything to happen in your life, but spirit might be trying very hard to help you if a Spirit card has shown up.

There is a word that I have created which I use all of the time in my readings for other people. It’s in-spirit-oration.  We often say that inspiration comes from left field meaning that all of a sudden we are struck by an amazing idea or thought. To me, spirit gives us the information when we are ready for it, and therefore inspiration is actually in-spirit-oration. Spirits are actually talking to us, handing us wonderful ideas. Helping us decide on spur the moment decisions, and plan for longer term goals.

The other word that I like to play with is the word coincidence.  Many people are amazed every day when things happen coincidentally. Can I say that everything is a coincidence if you change the meaning of the word? There is a mathematical term around the word co-incidence. It means that everything happens in perfect alignment. I believe that our lives are filled with instances of co-incidence, where spirit can bring us coincidental events.

So all coincidence is, is spirit making things happen in perfect co-incidence.

Therefore you can see now that when I say that spirit helps us, it could be by providing inspiration, or it could be by a strange series of coincidences. Very rarely does ‘spirit help’ mean that someone comes knocking on your door wearing white, winged and providing us with the answers to all of life’s mysteries. It has been known to happen though.

I believe that spirit does more for us than we’d ever realize, and mostly spirit works through us in the form of our connection to our higher selves (God, or whatever you wish to call this higher power that we are all connected too.) Spirit can actually organize for a person to come into our lives. Therefore spirit might work with someone else, or they might work with us.

So now we can place the tarot cards into another three different groupings:

  • Numbers cards: The Ace (one), two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. Giving us a total of forty cards.
  • Court cards: Page, prince, queen and king, giving us a total of sixteen cards.
  • Spirit cards: The Fool, through to The World, giving us a total of twenty-two cards. 

When we again look at the way people and things come into our life, it’s more likely that we have to do most things ourselves. Therefore the group with the most number of cards in it is related to us doing things for ourselves.

  • Doing everything for ourselves is depicted when we draw a card from the numbers group.
  • Other people doing things for us is depicted when we draw a card from the court cards group.
  • Spirit helping us line up important events in our lives is depicted when we draw a card from the spirit cards suit. This indicates a need to flow with your life and allow spirit to assist you.Exercise One: Who can help you/me?

Remember: You don’t know everything about the individual cards that you have in your hands yet. Don’t take any answers you get seriously at this stage, as the meaning of the actual card can change the answer significantly. This exercise is just a way of getting you to understand the three different ways that we get things.

Try this very simple exercise:

  • Shuffle your deck.
  • Ask a question about how something can come into your life. For instance, you might ask “I need help right now, who can help me?”
  • Draw one card.

If the tarot card is a Numbers card, then this means you will have to go out and get the job for yourself. You are the one that has to put the effort in.

If the tarot card is a Court card, then another person will help you get a job. It still means you might have to put the effort in, but the job will come to you via some other person that you need to connect with.

If the tarot card is a Spirit card then spirit is going to drop the job right into your lap (maybe.)  You need to follow any inspiration you get, e.g., “I feel I have to go and talk to Mrs. French about a job” etc. 

Try this again a few times. Think of another couple of questions that you can ask, and then draw only one card. 

Then see if you get a numbers card, a court card, or a spirit card. 


For those that have paid for the certification please email your responses to the below sample questions to 

Question One: Janie wants to know what she has to do in order to get a job, you ask the question for her and draw one card. The card is a numbers card, what do you tell her?

  1. Spirit is helping you, don’t worry.
  2. You are yet to meet someone that can help you.
  3. There is still things you have to do to help yourself.

Question Two: Janie wants to know what she has to do in order to get a job, you ask the question for her and draw one card. The card is a Court card, what do you tell her?

  1. Spirit is helping you, don’t worry.
  2. You are yet to meet someone that can help you, but you still have to be active in pursuing a job.
  3. There is still things you have to do to help yourself.

Question Three: Janie wants to know what she has to do in order to get a job, you ask the question for her and draw one card.  The card is a Spirit card, what do you tell her?

  1. Spirit is helping you, don’t worry, but please remain active in looking for work. 
  2. You are yet to meet someone that can help you.
  3. There is still things you have to do to help yourself.

Question Four: Asking what she has to do in order to get a job, Janie pulls out a Spirit card. Does that mean that she can relax and wait for things to happen?

  1. Yes, Janie needs to trust spirit to bring everything to her that she needs to get a job. Her main challenge is learning how to trust the process of life.
  2. No. Janie needs to trust that spirit is helping her, but still has to get out and help herself.
Your email to me may look like the below:
Answer to question one is {insert your response}
Answer to question two is  {insert your response}
Answer to question three is  {insert your response}
Answer to question four is  {insert your response}
Blessings until next week,
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