Newsletter 06 Thursday 4th May 2017
Chris McClure from Schiffer Publishing
Hello again,

Exciting news :) For those that don't know already, Schiffer Publishing published My First Tarot deck, my creation, and as I'm the author I purchased stock myself and have therefore had it prior to anyone else here in Australia.

It officially launched in the states on the 29th April (this last week) with Chris taking my deck to the premier Tarot event on the U.S. East coast The Readers Studio! :) :) :) happy dancing.. I think my yellow deck really stands out too. 

I'll be doing live readings online via my Facebook page this coming Monday the 15th of May at 10am Queensland time. The link is HERE.

I'll be in Adelaide on the 20th and 21st of May at the Mind Body Psychic Expo and I'm looking forward to meeting, and potentially doing readings for, people down there.  

As usual, I have my psychic questions and answers in this newsletter, and if you're wanting a question answered, then put in for it in the link at the top of the newsletter and I try to answer as many as I possibly can in the time I've allotted myself each Thursday. 

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Blessings and thank you,

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Dear Eleanor...
For those that sent in questions for this week's newsletter, thank you. I'm unable to do them all as mentioned in the Facebook post, however I've put in as many as I can for the time I have available to me.

Blessings to you all,

My relationship and engagement of four years recently broke up. I am moving for work and to be closer to friends/family. Am i heading in the right direction to feel happy again. 

Spirit always wants to heal us, especially when we're hurting from soul lessons, and today I'm seeing a lady in spirit who's watching over you. She's from your mum's side of the family and she passed because she was unwell. This lady has been there for a long time as your guardian however is from your bloodline and you did meet her when you were little. I don't know whether she loved alcohol or the name of an alcohol is important as her name e.g. 'Brandy' or 'Jamieson' as in the whiskey, or some other name connected to alcohol.

I'm definitely seeing you happy again, but it's going to take time. I'm seeing you rebuilding your life but not from the ground up. You're stronger than you know you are. I'm seeing the new property and the new life awaiting you like a golden chalice at the end of a long soul journey. This journey has been your search for the holy grail and you'll find it. The journey has grown you and continues to grow you. Remember that what is transpiring here in the world of form is only part of the story, that energetically what you've learnt thus far shall never be lost.

As you can probably tell from how it's coming through, the energy with you is old, like ancient, energy.. and it's one of those readings that I feel that you've hit up against a karmic old soul relationship issue that you've finally resolved.

In the world of form you probably just feel the changes after the relationship ended, but to me it feels like you've achieved something. Something massive and life changing. Soul growth.

It takes many lifetimes for us to change our perceptions and our responses to life, and this event has changed you, for the better. There's an amazing love for you and it's waiting away from where you currently live. I'm getting the "at a distance" message. All will be well.  

When will we start building our new home?

But.. spirit is saying "it's already begun!" so maybe you're already underway? I might have to include a bit in future newsletter for responses to these questions as I've received some great responses privately and would love to share them. Don't underestimate what's already been achieved. Maybe sit back and write a list of things that "have already happened" so that you can celebrate your wins and not be focussed too much on what's not done yet.

I'm looking forward to seeing my children, will it happen sometime soon? I'm hoping for Christmas this year.

The children are from two different areas, or two different places and negotiations will need to be made with three families, it's more complex than just organised one trip from one place. I'm seeing one traveller this year with the potential for more but you'll have to pay for travel and organise everything 'now.'

Many blessings and I'm sorry if I haven't answered your question this week,
Helen King - More Than Scents

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To Maintain Focus - Diffuse 3 drops of Wild Orange and 3 drops of Peppermint. 

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To Improve Slow Digestion - Rub 1 drop of Wild Orange oil over your stomach twice daily.

All citrus oils are photo sensitive so do not go into direct sunlight after using any citrus oil.

The Information provided is not meant to replacement the need for medical services. If in doubt, see your health professional.

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Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Six

Timing is everything - when will it happen?

There is no time in the spirit world, I’m sure of that through my medium-ship (talking to spirits) work.

We often want to know “when, when, when!” and spirit often can’t be bothered telling us as it’s a meaningless question to them.

There are time frames in the Tarot, however they come with a big warning; we all have free will, which means that the more people involved in something happening, who can change their minds, can impact the outcome from happening when you expect it to.

Consider this; three friends want to go on an overseas holiday together. One of the friends go to a Tarot reader and asks “when will we go overseas together?” and gets the answer “next year”. This will be absolutely correct at this moment in time. However tomorrow, one of the friends could say “I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to go, and I have to save up for a car”. This has therefore changed the shared future. If the first friend goes back to a Tarot reader and asks “when will all three of us go overseas together?” then the answer might be “never”, and both readings could be one day apart.

Do you see the issue with asking for time frames?

Often people tell me; “Wow, Eleanor, your timings are so spot on!” I think that’s because I explain the dangers of time frames so that when things don’t work to the time seen in a reading, then people are aware of what could have happened.

I always make sure that I tell people “there is no time on the other side, and when we ask questions about time frames, we often don’t get an accurate answer, as too many people can change your current future. We can certainly ask though.”

There is an easy way to remember which suits correspond best to which time frames.

○ WATER FLOWS QUICKLY; it doesn’t take long to drink a cup of water; Cups is Days. Emotions can change quickly, and often more frequently than from day to day and therefore Cups denotes “days”. If you ask a time frame and receive the “Six of Cups”, then the time frame is “six days”.

FIRE BURNS SLOWER (you can put out a raging fire with some water pretty quickly); You can burn through time so quickly; “Wands is Weeks” is a nice way of saying it, remember that Fire/Wands/Staves etc. are all the fire suit. Wood can burn and they are all wood. Fire can burn through a forest very quickly or very slowly depending on what happens with rainfall and the wind. Therefore if you ask a time frame question and receive the “Seven of Staves”, then the answer is “seven weeks”.

PLANNING TAKES TIME; (mind/air); Swords is Months. Swords cut through Air. Air is thought and when thought is put into action, these become plans. Plans are generally made for a ‘good amount’ of time. Therefore if you ask a time frame question and receive the “Two of Swords”, then the answer is “two months”.

EARTH ROTATES ONCE A YEAR; The Earth rotates on its axis once every year, and the Pentacles suit denotes the Earth; Pentacles are Years. The Earth rotates around the sun once every year, therefore when asking about a time frame, the Pentacles reflect ‘rotations of the Earth’ and therefore years. If you ask “how long” and receive the “Two of Pentacles”, then you are being told “two years”.

If a Spirit card is drawn from the deck, then you are being told that spirit is trying to organise events for you in order to either bring what you want closer in time, or remove it from your time-line altogether. Sometimes what we want to have happen, isn’t for our highest good, and spirit will send us on a different path.

NB - a lot of people who read Tarot will give a more overall answer to a question, and rather than saying the “two of pentacles is two years” they will say “it’s going to happen in TWO, two days, or two weeks, or two months, or two years”.

Exercise - When will it happen?

Remember; you don’t know everything about the individual cards that you have in your hands yet, and don’t take any answers you get seriously at this stage, as the meaning of the actual card can change the answer significantly. This exercise is just a way of getting you to understand the three different ways that we get things.

Try this very simple exercise;

1. Shuffle your deck.

2. Ask a question about when something can come into your life. you might ask “when will we fall pregnant?” Or "when will I get a new job?" .. or "how long will the course take?" .. or whatever else you can possibly think up.

3. Pull out one card.

  • If the Tarot card is a Cup, then look on the card at how many days. For instance; if you have pulled out the Seven of Cups, then the answer is seven days.
  • If the Tarot card is a Stave, then look on the card at how many weeks. If you have pulled out the Ace of Staves, then the answer is one week.
  • If the Tarot card is a Swords, then look on the card at how many months. If you have pulled out the Three of Swords, then the answer is three months
  • If the Tarot card is a Pentacles, then look on the card at how many years. If you have pulled out the Nine of Pentacles, then the answer is nine years
  • If the Tarot card is a Spirit card, then you’re usually not meant to know.

Have a look at the card and see if you can see something which equates to a cup, stave, sword or pentacle to you. If nothing ‘jumps out at you’ then it’s likely that the answer is “you’re not meant to know that yet”. 

Try this again a few times. Think of another couple of questions that you can ask, and
then pull out only one card as a response.

Remember! Timing is based upon free will decisions and timing is a very changeable thing to do a reading around. You could be saying "let's get married in June" and the cards could reflect that, but tomorrow you might change the date, and of course that free will decision changes everything!

Often when we ask "when!?" we are NOT answered. There is no exercise that needs to be sent in this week. This week it's all about figuring out the timeframes that you wish to glue to the suits in your tarot deck. What makes sense to you? e.g. you might decide that swords, being the air suit, moves quicker, and therefore every time you draw a swords suit card you'll say it's the fastest suit. All is accurate, but pick a way of reading your cards and then stick to it.

Blessings until next week,
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