Newsletter 07 Thursday 18th May 2017
How's everyone's energy levels?

I've been feeling happy/sad.. one of those strange emotions where all is well but you feel sad for someone else. This happens to us all from time to time and the way I pick myself up is to watch something funny, or read something with a spiritual or comedic bent.

It's always good to try and pick yourself up if you're feeling this way as others often need those around them to be supportive and  optimistic. The saying 'misery loves company' might be accurate, but miserable people need positive, love, and supportive people to pull them back into the love and light. 

We all go through times where we have change, and change here on the planet can be stressful and cause anxiety. Especially the big 'stressy' stuff; like births, deaths, marriages, divorces, moves, job changes.  

Please be gentle with yourself when you're undergoing change of any kind and allow spirit to support you.

You might like to try this mantra to help you feel at peace:

"I know only high vibration spirits are allowed to watch over and guide me."

Regardless of what's happening, this mantra, when repeated reminds us of a few important things.

Firstly - it reminds us of why we're here on the planet and the fact that we're not alone. "I know."

Secondly - it sets the free will decision that only high vibration spirits are allowed around us. "only high vibration spirits are allowed."

Thirdly, it gives spirit the permission they need to support us, love us, and guide us. "are allowed to watch over and guide me."

I took myself 'out bush' last weekend to put my feet on the earth and my mind in the open air. Did wonders for me. I hope you do whatever makes you feel grounded and  supported also.


See you on the 29th of May  (Link is  HERE )   if you'd like to join me Live on my Facebook page for free mini readings demonstrating my cards. 


I'll be in Adelaide on the 20th and 21st of May at the Mind Body Psychic Expo and I'm looking forward to meeting, and potentially doing readings for, people down there.

I'll be on the stage at 11:30am on the Saturday! eep..  

For information on this event: Mind Body Psychic Expo Adelaide Showgrounds


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Blessings and thank you,

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Dear Eleanor...
For those that sent in questions for this week's newsletter, thank you. I'm unable to do them all as mentioned in the Facebook post, however I've put in as many as I can for the time I have available to me.

Blessings to you all,

I would like to know, next year will our finances allow us to move to the Queensland coast?

You're definitely getting your wish there. A man in spirit is trying to push you ahead, and has been for a while, it's possible I'm picking up your partner if you have a man living beside you. Hold your balance though change, change is coming.

Am I on the right path to find my husband!? I know I have lessons to be learnt, but at 33 I have never been romantically in love or been loved, but I feel really ready to find him now!!

I'm asking "how can this lady meet the right partner as soon as possible?" I got slammed with about five different messages at once. Firstly grandmother/grandfather energy.. so big cheeses in spirit looking after you... You're in trouble for keeping saying 'no' to getting out and about, and there's already been big decisions, or big crossroads, that you haven't taken with love. (please don't yell at me) July, August, September this year you have the next opportunity to find love, but it starts with overcoming a physical challenge of some kind. Either boot camp or travel. You'll know as a friend will suggest it to you.

I have just moved to Mount Isa.... im seeking work and wondering if i will really stay or return to where i came from ?  thank you ~ J

Firstly, usually I shuffle the deck seven times, with the answer I had to shuffle TEN times.. so straight up I'm thinking there's so much effort about to be needed by you.. so work is definitely ahead. There's a November / December birthday being acknowledged, and also a chapter closing. It's ok to move again and again for you as you're an expanded soul. That might make you restless. Try not to move again quickly as even though the move might not seem good enough right now, moving again too quickly isn't good. I'm getting the 'don't add foolishness to the current frustrations' kind of message. The home and job change is still available to you and I know you've just moved, but you might be still shuffling around your living situation.

I am moving back to the coast and I am going to have no job. I wanted to know if I am going to have any difficulty getting work or if there is something in particular I should be doing to ensure I get a job I am happy in. I am worried as I have been so unhappy in my current job and I don't want to settle or get stuck in something horrible again. Thank you

It's a very simple message for you today; you have a choice of careers but will do very well in the legal or defence areas. Think courts, army, defence forces, legal secretary etc.. You have a keen mind and when you know the rules you like to stick to them. Don't be afraid of doing a little more study to get there. It's worth the effort.

Many blessings and I'm sorry if I haven't answered your question this week,
Helen King - More Than Scents

Today I thought I’d talk about what an essential oil actually is. Essential Oils have been used throughout history, are mankind’s first medicine and are the volatile liquids distilled from plants, (seeds, barks, leaves, stems, roots, and flowers).

The extracts are 50-70 times stronger than herbs and are in essence the plants own defence mechanism. The constituents can be effect by soil condition, fertiliser, (organic or chemical), geographic region, climate, time harvested and method of distillation. Essential oils embody the regenerating, oxygenating and immune-strengthing properties of the plant.

An Essential oil is small in molecular size, capable of penetrating cell walls, they are lipid soluble, can effect every cell of the body within approx 20 minutes and then be metabolised like any other nutrient! They are powerful antioxidants that help to work as free radical scavengers, prevent fungus and oxidation in the cells! Essential oils are also antibacterial,anticancer,anti fungal,anti infection, antimicrobial, anti parasitic, antiviral, antiseptic, shown to destroy bacteria and viruses while simultaneously restoring balance to the body! All in all they are pretty darn amazing wonders of mother nature!

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Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Seven

Timing is everything - when will it happen? (continued)

Seasons: Time Frame

Another way of splitting up the tarot cards is by season. You really need to be aware of the seasons that are appropriate to where you live. For instance, I live in Australia, and grew up in a town where it rained all through summer, and was dry during winter.

Therefore to me the:

  • Water suit is the summer suit as it usually rains to the point of flooding. Summer cycles and summer showers are all part of my childhood.
  • Fire suit is autumn, where all the leaves turn golden and the sun is starting to fade, where we sit in the sunshine and draw in the warmth. We don't get much of an Autumn here where I live.. The sun comes through and burns everything pretty quick.
  • Air suit is winter. The cold winds cutting through our coats making us shiver and huddle inside. That time of introspection and withdrawal. One year when I was growing up I think we had about five days of winter, so bit cool that year. Yes, us Aussies underestimate. A lot. Eleventy-million times a day we underestimate. :) p.s. the air suit is also about the mind as we've already mentioned, which is probably why I'm being a little clever with my words as I write this. The wind can be cutting and so can our words and thoughts. But the wind can also be gentle.. 
  • Earth suit is spring. Earth’s bounty coming to harvest when all the fruit and vegetables grow luxuriously. Ostara, the bounty of harvest and the unlimited resources available to us if we're careful and looking to the future.

Now you might consider that the fire suit best denotes summer. The sun is burning its brightest. That is true and fine. As long as you are clear in your own mind about how the cards classify into each season, then do it the way that feels right to you. You do not have to agree with me, or do it my way. This course is about finding your own inner guide and learning from inner-tuition.

In a lot of the older tarot cards, the earth suit is a cold suit.. e.g. the five of pentacles is often drawn with people shivering out in the cold and snow.. however to me, if I equate the earth element to a season of the year then as above, the earth suit is spring.. where all things connected to the earth start again to grow, blossom and bloom.

The exercise this week seems really simple but requires a lot of thought, consider your tarot deck and different ways of seeing the cards connected to seasons. Would you connect your staves (wands, fire, clubs) suit to a fiery season, or to a season where you'd have a fire e.g. winter? This exercise is designed to help you consider the suits and how you want to work with them.

For those that have paid for the training course, please put your thoughts about what each suit means to you, give it to me in terms of what you had as a child, as I did above, Put the elements and the conversation around them into an email for discussion with me. To email me click here. 

Blessings until next week,
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