Newsletter 08 Thursday 1st June 2017
Something I wanted to discuss this fortnight is a reminder that we're all a part of the great energy flow of the universe. Scientists have proven Miguel Ruiz's book's comment that 'we are made of stars'.. that's now a scientific fact. Our bodies have the source within them. We flow and move and change with the universe and are larger and live forever in this eternal flow. 

Some people call this flow the Tao, some people call it God; omni present, animi sentient, every when, ever present, every where.

Scientists say we are made of energy that's always moving in out of form. Spiritualists and religious people say God is always moving in and out of form and resides within us and all around us.

This is the mantra that I've been called to share this newsletter:

" all things come to me and fall away from me
in the great expanse of the unlimited being 
that I am."


See you on the 29th of May  (Link is  HERE )   if you'd like to join me Live on my Facebook page for free mini readings demonstrating my cards. 


Adelaide for Mind Body Psychic Expo last weekend was wonderful. I met some beautiful people who I'll continue to be connected with I'm sure, and had a fun and very spiritual time with Kate Denning, who lives in Brisbane and does readings also. Kate's a specialist in palmistry and tea leaf readings.  

I was on stage on Saturday doing live readings and demonstrating my cards. That was great fun.


As usual  psychic q&a's are in the newsletter below.


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Blessings and thank you,

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Dear Eleanor...
For those that sent in questions for this week's newsletter, thank you. I'm unable to do them all as mentioned previously, however I've put in as many as I can for the time I have available to me. Also, if you've given me a name, then I'll change it to an initial, and if requested I'll put it down as 'anon.'

Blessings to you all,

I'm going through a divorce that a dragging on. When will this process be finalised. Will I end up with my house or will it be sold. 💕🙏 J

Hi J, the whole process will take at least another two years, and that's going to be easier than you currently think as that two years will disappear as things gradually become easier. Try to remove negativity, don't procrastinate, there's both a mother and father watching over you in spirit, Sept/Oct is a birthday or timeframe that spirit is letting you know is important to this whole soul process. Many blessings for your calm and continued diligence, it will be rewarded. Spirit is more concerned with your health which they want you to continue improving. blessings to you, Eleanor

Me and hubby are trying for a baby can you see when we get pregnant thanks D

Hi D, A child that you gave back to spirit some time ago is working it's way back to you. That soul is working on divine timing and will come when it's ready. A lady in spirit is saying she received your gift. Blessings to you, Eleanor

Hi,  I am due to be a grandmother in just under 2 weeks. I am wondering if you can tell me, is the baby going to be early? and is he going to be ok? Also can you tell me if everything is going to work out for the parents and getting to stay together as a family Thank you if you choose to answer my question xxx A

Hi A, this child is a reincarnation of a grandfather (that's what it looks like to me, I'm seeing an older spirit, who's very grounded, which is why I've said masculine, could be a very grounded, earthy feminine spirit, who's shown to me in the tunnel) and is a soul mate connection to one of his parents. Soul mate relationships can be hard work, or can be supportive, and therefore, either way, the  relationship between parent and child will be amazing. The parents can work through their issues and stay together if they choose too. They're being supported in all ways by spirit. Blessings to you, Eleanor

Hi Eleanor,  Question for the newsletter:  Is there another little baby in our future. Grateful if you could let me know if there is a process for providing validation.  Thanks so much,  C

Hi C, I don't get bad news so I'm hoping you understand what this means.. spirit said 'a chapter has closed' to me and then I saw the Justice card which can mean that you have a free will decision to make and potentially IVF to consider. It doesn't mean you'll definitely do IVF but in my experience the Justice card often comes with needles, and when we're pregnant we're treated like pin cushions. It could mean that you've got a free will decision to make and that you'll do some tests to make sure all is well before proceeding. Blessings for whichever way you choose to go, Eleanor

Dear Eleanor,  I have recently met a beautiful man that has totally swept me off my feet, after being alone for many years. He has totally given me back my smile and makes my heart swell with love. A feeling I don't think I have ever had before. My question would be, can you see me moving to where he lives and living a completely different lifestyle that I am used too and fitting in well?  Wishing you love and happiness,  K

Hi K, I actually did a full eight card spread for this question as the first thing I thought was "oh dear.. is this man a scammer from overseas?" just what my head said.. so I thought I'd do the full eight card spread that I created just to get the truth and get my head out of the way of your response.

The Star  reflects who you are as a person and describes that you're seen as a gift from heaven by him.
The Two of Swords behind you reflects that you've had big mentors in your past that you've learnt well from.
The King of Pentacles recently shows that you've been grounded and sensible. (phew)
The Three of Cups for you right now indicates that you're open to a beautiful surprise and event and are hopeful that one will occur.
The Three of Pentacles crossing you is a good sign as now we have the two light three's.. the 3 of hearts (cups) touched by the three of diamonds (pentacles).. the two light threes indicate a happy fate line coming in (double phew).. and this card crossing you means that you always do your best and you're always careful.
Around you is the Page of Swords which is a bit of an annoyance actually as it can indicate that you're with someone who doesn't tell you everything and does keep secrets.. this jack of spades energy can be a deceiver, but it's surrounded by good cards, so the energy is happier.. 
The gift of this person coming into your life is the gift of a new beginning and in the advice space is The Fool card; the lovers' leap and the ability to jump into a new life.  Enjoy but don't be foolish.. check the details.
The current outcome is the Ace of Staves; which is the 'voice of God' message.. so a new beginning, a fresh and passionate new start. Staves is wood and wood burns so the future is looking fun, exciting, and full of potential.


Hi Eleanor, I only ever have one question that circles my mind day and night...
Will my house sell soon? Thank you, kind regards, A

Hi A, You've already spoken to the person that wants to buy it and they might be connected to having their own business. It's been a hard time with the house sale and will continue to be tricky, and you may not get what you're hoping for for it when it does sell.. but the sale can happen sooner if you're willing to take less and talk again to the people you've already spoken too. Spirit is saying that the choice is between the money or the garden, so it looks like you're moving to a place with more  greenery, or you're going to enjoy having the extra money to enable you to connect better with the fruits of this world as they are. Blessings, Eleanor

Many blessings to everyone, and I'm sorry if I haven't answered your question this week,
Helen King - More Than Scents

Essential oils are natures amazing powerhouse that can pretty much replace your medicine cabinet.  I am discovering new ways to use Essential oils on a daily basis and love sharing everything I learn. But I thought it would be a good idea to mention which essential oils can be used in pregnancy, when they can be used and some uses.

First Trimester - Easy Air, Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree, Wild Orange and Sandalwood.

Second Trimester - Easy Air, Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Lavender Peace and Ylang Ylang.

Third Trimester - Easy Air, Citrus Bliss, Cypress, Elevation, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Lavender Peace, Ylang Ylang and Whisper. Here a just a few symptoms and a couple of essential oils that can be used to support it.

Nausea- Peppermint or Digestzen.

Muscles Aches, (leg cramps) - Ice Blue or Peppermint.

In Labour Balance or Lavender Peace.

After birth pains - White Fir or Lavender.

Emotional Support - Balance, Lavender Peace or Citrus Bliss. So yes when I say ‘I have an Oil for that’ I do!

Purchase your diffuser or oils from me here: Oils and Diffusers worth the money!

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Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Eight

The Alphabet

Now look at how tarot can show the alphabet in the table below:

During a reading people often wish to know who it is that is indicated by certain events. For instance, it’s very handy to have foreknowledge of the initials of a new love interest who is depicted within the reading.

Try answering this question:

    Jenny has asked for the name of the person who she is to meet this year and you draw three cards on her behalf and draw out two aces and a king. What do you tell her?

    A. Someone whose initials start with an A or B is indicated, however that may not be accurate as the king means that you’re not meant to know yet. Aces are all new beginnings though, so I can tell you that the person is new to you.

    B. Someone whose initials start with an A or B is indicated.

    C Someone with the initials A or B is indicated however it may be a name that you don’t recognise on meeting them. For instance you might meet a person called Mark and not realise until later that their second name is Anthony.

    If you've paid for certification, then please email me with how you would set up the alphabet with the cards that you possess.

    For instance, if you use the gypsy or playing deck with clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds, then how would you attach the alphabet to them.

    Also, discuss whether or not you agree with the way I've set up the alphabet in the table above, or would you do it differently? There is no right way of doing this and no wrong way. Connect the alphabet the way that it makes sense to you and let me know what that is so I can see that you're understanding what I'm asking of you.

    Star Signs

    One of the easiest way to identify someone is by their birthday, and birth months are easy to spot in a reading. Two consecutive cards in the same suit indicate a star sign or important month. It has to be the same suit for this to work.

    If you have drawn out cards and have: 

    • The Ace and Two of Cups in the same reading. This indicates an Aquarian or January/February birthday.
    • The Ace of Cups and Two of Staves in the same reading. This means nothing as the cards are not in the same suit.
    • The Seven and Eight of Swords in the same reading. This indicates a Leo star sign, or a July/August birth month as the numbers are consecutive and in the same suit.
    • The Seven of Swords and the Eight of Cups in the same reading. This does not show a star sign as both cards are not in the same suit.
    • The Nine and Ten of Swords in the same reading. This indicates a Libra star sign or September/October birthday. 

    As long as it is the same suit that shows up, you can work out the birth month. Have a look at the below table:

    Question for Course Participants

    You are doing a reading for Fran and you draw seven cards. You notice that the Three of Staves is the first card, and the Four of Staves is the seventh card pulled out. Do you mention a birth month to her? 

    1. No. The cards are placed too far apart in the reading and therefore don’t mean a star sign or birth month.
    2. Yes. You ask if Fran knows someone born in March or April, who may actually be an Aries, but may have their birthday anywhere in March or April.
    3. Yes. You ask Fran if she knows an Aries.

    Question for Course Participants

    You do a reading for Janie and you have five cards on the table. There are three cups cards, all three in a row. The Ace, Two and Three of Cups are all in Janie’s reading. Do you mention a birth month? 

    1. No, it only works if there’s two cards in a row for a birth month reading.
    2. Yes, ask if she is aware of someone born in January, February or March.
    3. Consider that January, February or March might be a significant time in Janie’s life and mention this to her, including that there might be birth’s during that time.
    4. Both B and C are correct.
    Email both responses to me; click and send me the answers to the questions in the Alphabet and Star Sign questions about.

    Blessings until next week,

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    If a registered student does not submit their documentation, they will not be eligible for the Certification Certificate. (I need to know that you understand the course content before I can certify you).

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