Newsletter 09 Thursday 15th June 2017
Hello hello,

Introducing Dianne, if you email me or message my page you'll likely get a response from Dianne. Dianne is helping me to organise my life so that I don't feel guilty about doing readings rather than responding to people in  Facebook-land. 

This weekend - There's a couple of ladies who will be selling my tarot decks at the Cloncurry show if you're heading that way, check in and get a reading from them with my cards.

Next week - Bit o' news - I'm going live again in Facebook-land with a naughty but nice educational session on 'the cards to look out for when looking for naughty things' in tarot.. and also I'll be discussing warnings and how to make sure you get the right information and not just 'bad news' when you do a reading.  I've had people say to me "I'm happy to get bad news," and I've had to respond with... "but only if it's the truth, right?" Don't ever make the mistake that you should ask for bad news, because you just might get it.. it just might not be the truth though.

Rated R Tarot is scheduled for  19 June  at  13:00 Queensland Australia time and it'll go for about an hour, I'll hopefully see you online. I'll be the one blushing and looking awkward. You'll be the one logging in to see me do that. If you don't get to come online at the time, the video will be there on my page and you'll be able to see it later on, at your convenience.

The link to this live event is HERE  and to join you simply follow the link to my page by clicking THIS and then you'll see 'Eleanor's live' or something similar, and you'll be able to click on that and just join in. It works a bit like magic, but I know it does work.

For the Rated R Tarot I've opened the ability to give a $5 donation; this is not required. People have said that they're wanting to 'give back,' and this is the easiest way. To donate $5 then please click here to pay via PayPal.  

As usual  psychic q&a's are in the newsletter below.

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The weekly training newsletters are my way of providing free coaching to all, while also getting paid to help the people that want to become certified. I hope that you agree that it's a good solution for everyone. 

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Dear Eleanor...
For those that sent in questions for this week's newsletter, thank you. I'm unable to do them all as mentioned previously, however I've put in as many as I can for the time I have available to me. Also, if you've given me a name, then I'll change it to an initial, and if requested I'll put it down as 'anon.'

I've received confirmation from people that I've read for in the newsletter, but I'm not sure if it's right to share the emails with everyone, I assume it is but haven't felt into it yet.

Blessings to you all,

Could you please tell me if I will be in my new house this year? J

There's a lady in spirit who's ackowledging July/August, like that's a birthday or timeframe for the question you're asking. I'm seeing a house building up behind you and there's a message about you having been quick to make changes in the past. You'll be ok about the move but you're being asked to get help, and listen to, others. I keep seeing a journey that takes over a year so hopefully you're already through most of that time now. I keep seeing that you'll be happier after you move.

My question is, Will the current projects I am working on be a success? M

I'm wondering if one of those projects is a baby? I keep seeing you being supported to get things done here on the planet, but I keep seeing a channel above you opening and the transition of light from spirit coming down into your physical body. I can only assume this means you'll get the  support, guidance, and tools you need to make your projects a reality. It could also mean that you're being divinely guided, and that guidance could change what you're doing if you allow spirit to work through you. 

I am feeling so flat lately everything is getting me down and feel like I need a change.  Is there anything in the future to look forward to besides, work all week and housework and chores all weekend? S

Others admire you for your willingness to work hard and be successful at all the challenges in life that come your way and spirit is saying that your current situation is something you wanted and asked for; like the situation you're in now will definitely change, and you know you can get what you ask for, so you're being reminded to be careful what you're asking for for the future; as you'll probably get what you're working towards. :)  The 'right now' energy is definitely 'Groundhog Day'; that feeling of doing the  same thing over and over again, but I'm seeing the trip away to the cold will wake your energy up again. The snap decision coming around the trip will make you feel happier about the future and there's a mum in spirit who's guiding the way.

What am I allowed to know for my highest good? K

November, December, January this year look amazing for you. Continue to meditate and keep connecting to spirit guidance as it's obviously working for you. I'm seeing plans from the past coming to fruition at the end of this year and you're heading to a time where you're going to be feeling much better about all aspects of your life. It's either you've got a chunk of money coming your way, or the savings you're putting together allow you to do something big regarding building your future, and that happens towards the end of this year. I'm seeing the conducting of major projects and that all will be well. It's like you've been saving up to build a house and that can kick off November this year. It's pretty cool. If this is just a metaphor for your life, then keep building towards a very solid and stable future.

Many blessings to everyone, and I'm sorry if I haven't answered your question this week,
Helen King - More Than Scents

Even though it is only autumn we have had a cold snap that has had me yearning for all things warm.

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Ginger Essential Oil is derived from the fresh rhizome of the plant and is a great additive to Asian and Indian dishes as it has a hot fragrant flavour, but is also used in sweets like Ginger bread Men.

Therapeutically Ginger is best known to assist with nausea, (e.g. motion and morning sickness) and tummy upsets and it’s also great to add to massage oil for sore muscles as it has an energizing and warming effect.

Spiritually Ginger influences ‘lack’ therefore it assists with self-confidence and motivation helping to put plans into action. Basically it helps us ‘digest’ parts of ourselves that need change so we can better ourselves.

If all of these amazing benefits weren’t enough to spark your interest, Ginger can have an aphrodisiac effect too! Try one of my favourite blends for the diffuser is Wild Orange, Ginger and Ylang Ylang. 

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Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Nine

Yes, No or Maybe

If you have a question that could be answered with a yes, no, or maybe, then ask your question, feel into the cards, and then choose one card.

Even numbers are often yes.
Odd numbers are often no.
Court cards are often maybe.
Spirit cards usually mean we’re not meant to know yet.

Always ask follow up questions when asking a simple yes or no question. Follow up questions will ensure that the answer received was accurate.

If I ask a question on behalf of a client and received a ‘yes’ answer to their question, I then ask another question to check that the yes is accurate. For example – Alyson asks if she will get a new job this week and I draw out an even card for her. This might be a yes. However spirit might be trying to pass on a different message; the actual meaning of the card rather than a 'yes', therefore I would draw another card and ask the question “how likely is it that Alyson will get a new job this month?” If the new card was the Ace of Pentacles, this denotes new career so the answer will be “yes, you will likely get a new job this month.” Even though the card is actually an odd number.

Question for Course
Alyson asks if her relationship will last and you draw a card on her behalf whilst asking the question “can I have a yes/no answer please spirit around this question” and the card drawn is an even card. What do you say? 
  1. The first response from spirit is a yes, however let’s draw another card and see what it is you have to do to ensure the path for your relationship stays the same as it is now.
  2. It’s hard to tell as even cards often mean ‘yes’ to any answer, however I didn’t ask the question properly and this may not be what the answer was.
  3. If nothing changes, the relationship will probably last, however remember you both have free will and can change this in the future.

Question for course

If you received a 'no' answer for Alyson's relationship lasting, what would you do next?  There is more than one right answer below, please select all answers that are correct.

  1. Tell her the relationship probably won't last.
  2. Tell her the first answer is a no, however the future is still unknown, you have the power in your life right now, and getting a no for today is a warning that if you keep going the way you are, then it's likely you'll part.
  3. Tell her the first answer is a no, however the future is still unknown, you have the power in your life right now, and getting a no for today in the reading doesn't mean that the relationship will end, but it does mean that you need to work at maintaining the relationship.
  4. Tell her the first answer is a no, however the future is still unknown, you have the power in your life right now to change where you're heading, then explain what the card means in detail so Alyson gets the full message that came through.
  5. Draw more cards and see what the messages might be to ensure the relationship heads in the right direction.
  6. Draw more cards to get further advice and guidance for Alyson.

If you've paid for the course, then please email responses to me; click  {Email Address} and send me the answers to the questions.

Blessings until next week,

I have designed the course so that people who cannot afford certification can still participate and learn all they want too, however only paid students get one-on-one time with me to discuss course content in further detail.

The two options available for the Tarot Training Course: 

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The non-certification option gives you free access to all the training videos. Students are welcome to watch and complete the activities in the video if they feel moved to do so. Once the course ends, in about six months, the student can notify me of their completion by emailing me at  and they will receive an Attendance Certificate. The links for each video will appear in the email for those who have registered for the course.

Non-certification students can upgrade to the certification option within the first five months provided they have completed the course material and demonstrated a solid understanding of the course content.

If a student wishes to upgrade, they will have to pay the Certification fee of $350.

Certification - $350
The Certification option is $350. I am charging for this option as it requires a higher level of contact between myself and the student. Once students have watched the weekly video and completed the exercises, they will need to email me their responses. This will demonstrate their understanding of the lesson content and if a student hasn't understood a particular concept, I will be able to provide clarification. Upon the completion of the course, students will receive a Certification Certificate and be listed on my website as a trained tarot professional. 

If a registered student does not submit their documentation, they will not be eligible for the Certification Certificate. (I need to know that you understand the course content before I can certify you).

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