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In Case You Missed Sunday...
 We know life gets busy, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on Sunday Mornings at first Christian . All of our sermons are available online on our website, On the website you are also able to keep the conversation going with our sermon discussion guides. Parents can also keep the conversation going with their kiddos with the parent cue here. No matter where you are on Sundays, you can always take firstChristian with you. 
Family JAM- Parent Cue Live TONIGHT
We hope to see you for Family JAM TONIGHT, the first Wednesday in January. The Parent Cue Live will focus on technology safety and sexual integrity throughout the phases. Kids programming will be provided for kids up through 6th grade. Childcare will be provided for infants and toddlers.

Wednesday  |  January 4  |  6 PM
The Taylor Collective:
Big Four

I must admit that I have never been big into New Years Resolutions. Instead of viewing each year with a start and stop date, I found myself seeing it all as one big continuation. A string of years, months, and days that all tied together to form my own little timeline here on this planet. Because of this, the New Year was not a time to start, but a time of assessment and evaluation for moving forward. It is the idea of continual progress and never truly reaching an endpoint in that progression. Sure, there may be goals that are obtained and tasks that are completed, but the finish line is always changing and reshaping. I think that too often, we see our resolutions as finish lines, which can either be accomplished too easily or they are so difficult that frustration takes over and we quit.

This is especially true within the church. We have a habit of naming our finish line based on where we are now and not adjusting that finish line to the progress we make. And the result of that is we finish too early and miss out on so much movement and development that could happen in our lives. We end the race while the best parts of the journey still lie before us. (I eliminated "before" in the previous sentence). Whether you are in your 20’s or 70’s; just had your first child or sent the last one off to college; work overtime or from home – there is more ahead of you and the journey is far from over!

Last Fall, we introduced you to the Big Four of firstChristian: Gather Big, Group Small, Serve Somewhere, and Give Something. Although it is a New Year, these four practices are still essential in forging a faith that goes beyond the everyday and into the extraordinary. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity. Each of these practices are bursting with limitless options and next steps, but never a final step. Below you will find a list of each of the Big Four with a starting point for each of the practices and some initial checkpoints as next steps. Remember, just because you reach the final checkpoint on this list does not mean that you have reached the finish line. There are always further to go in this journey!

Gather Big

    Starting Point: Attend a Sunday Service

    Checkpoint 1 – Fill out a Connection Card

    Checkpoint 2 – Attend Services Weekly 

    Checkpoint 3 – Sign up for a “Closer Look” Class

Group Small

    Starting Point: Sign up for information about a Small Group

    Checkpoint 1 – Join a Small Group

    Checkpoint 2 – Attend your Small Group weekly

    Checkpoint 3 – Volunteer to provide the snack for the group

Serve Somewhere

    Starting Point: Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment

    Checkpoint 1 – Sign up to serve at a special/one-time event

    Checkpoint 2 – Talk to one of the ministers about different serving options

    Checkpoint 3 – Fill out a volunteer application

Give Something

    Starting Point: Give to Drop in the Bucket

    Checkpoint 1 – Make a one-time gift to a specific area

    Checkpoint 2 – Set aside time to discuss giving with your family 

    Checkpoint 3 – Begin giving regularly with the amount you decided on


Stay Salty, My Friends (Mt. 5:13),

Taylor Hiatt

You can view this and other blog posts on our website here. 

Click here to see a complete list of happenings.
FamilyD is for families wishing to commit to raising their child(ren) in a Christ-centered home. We want to inspire parents to invest in the things that will matter most to their child’s faith and surround themselves and their children with people who will support their faith journey. Parents participating in our family dedication (FamilyD) will attend a class and invite family and friends to join them for the FamilyD Celebration event.

1.9 | FamilyD Class | 6:30 PM 
1.28 | FamilyD Celebration | 10 AM 
To register for FamilyD, click  here or call the office.
Small groups are one of the Big Four of firstChristian. We want everyone to be a part of a small group to:
  • Keep the Conversation Going– small groups are a great way to talk about what you heard on Sunday morning and apply it to your life

  • Build Community– small groups are a place to develop meaningful connections with other people and care for each other 

  • Impact our Communities– small groups provide opportunities to serve others, invite new faces, and transform lives

    In fact, small groups are so important to us that each of the staff ministers is in a small group. We believe small groups are one vital ingredient to spiritual growth, but a small group won’t help you grow unless you join and participate in it.  Small groups start up again January 29. 
    Look for signups on 1.8 and 1.15.

    Women's Bible Study
    Rejection often finds its way into our hearts at an early age. In Uninvited , Lysa TerKeurst gives concrete truths to combat the Enemy’s lies; you are handpicked by God. Study begins on Monday, January 23rd at 9 a.m. and Tuesday, January 24th at 6:30 p.m. 

    Study book cost is $9. 

    Contact Chris McKibbon at 379-4596 (evenings) or to register.
    Join TNT (ages 55+) for a showing of the movie God’s Not Dead at firstChristian.

    January 15 | 1:30 pm

    For more information, contact Jean Hopkins at 402-371-1466.
    Dates to Know
    1.8 FUEL Resumes
    1.9 Family D Class
    1.15 Serve Somewhere Sunday
    1.15 TNT (55+) Movie Night
    1.29-2.4 Small Groups Kick-Off
    Stay Connected
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    January Song of the Month
    This We Know by Vertical Church Band

    I love Ephesians 6:10-20. It’s entitled “The Whole Armor of God” in the NIV. You might have heard it before (I would encourage you to take a moment right now and read it). Paul writes that we need to remember our battle is “not against flesh and blood”, but against the “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places”. In light of this, Paul says we need a different set of weapons, not earthly ones like swords and shields, but spiritual ones: truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, the word of God. If we forget who we are fighting (the Devil himself, not people), we resort to human ways, which often lead to destruction instead of advancing God’s Kingdom.  It’s important for us to remember what God told us through Isaiah, “God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways God’s ways.” (Isaiah 55:8) This We Know is a song of declaration, giving us an opportunity to remind ourselves of God’s role in our lives and providing us an opportunity to renew and declare our trust and obedience to Him and His ways.

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