Newsletter 10 Tuesday 11th July 2017
Hello all,

It's been almost a month since the last newsletter. Time has flown by. School holidays, travel, and life changes have all squeezed into the last few weeks and I'm glad to be back in the comfort of my own home writing to you all. I just heard my dog growl a bit, which is wonderful to tell you as Rosie-Belle passed a couple of days ago. I've been feeling her around and hearing her footsteps behind me. I've been sad but I think I'm lucky in that I have had the spirit world proven to me. I don't need faith. I truly know that spirit continues even though we change form. 

There is never a final goodbye. Not if you don't want there to be one. You can choose to leave people behind, but if it's not chosen, then simply by thinking of people (or your pet-babies) with love, brings them close to you again, even if they're living and far away.

Thank you to everyone who's out and about helping to sell my tarot decks, you're very much appreciated.

Special mention to Noelene and Naomi for taking my tarot decks to the Cloncurry and Mount Isa Shows. Thank you for supporting me and others in the local community. It takes us all to create community and you're leading the way ladies.

A shout out to Kate Denning at the Spiritual Realm in Brisbane for doing a demo of my cards; My First Tarot cards live on psychic radio. 

The  Rated R Tarot was done on the  19th of June  at  13:00 Queensland Australia time and I'm so glad I did it.. it was awkward, of course, and at the beginning I was working out technical issues, BUT it was wonderful. We are all connected and I'm glad I was able to do readings for people that filled my heart and soul with love... and just a little bit of spicy fun was had! It's on my Facebook page if you'd like to check it out. The link is at the bottom of the email.

Psychic Q&As are in this newsletter, also I'm doing a draw for a book, deck, and a half hour reading. Read below to find out details. 

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Blessings and thank you,

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Thank you and good luck!
Helen King - More Than Scents

As you would know by now I am an Essential Oil freak and love to use them every day and everywhere!

I have replaced toxic products around my house by using Essential Oils and I am happy to say I have also replaced commercial perfumes as well.

Did you ever stop to think what is in your perfume? And that you absorb that into your system? The toxins in commercial perfumes can interrupt your hormones receptors and contribute to allergies! Crazy right and women use them by the bucket load! I have stopped wearing them all together and now use Essential Oils! I have a couple of doTERRA fav’s that I use on a regular basis Whisper, Passion and Citrus Bliss.

Whisper has a warm and musky aroma which combines with each individuals chemistry.

Passion has a spicy aroma and as its namesake says evokes passion and counteracts negative emotions.

Citrus Bliss is just that blissful! Citrus, sweet and helps uplift the mood.

You can wear your fav oil on its own or go all out and mix it with your moisturiser for full aromatic dressing.  I love too that not only do these EO’s smell amazing but they give me therapeutic benefits at the same time!

Love Mother Nature!

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I've kicked off the popular $15 email questions again, however I'm specifying that the email questions will be tarot, not medium work. There's a lot more detail in the paid email readings than there are in the Dear Eleanor questions below and the email questions are scheduled for Mondays. The details for these are  HERE
Dear Eleanor
For those that sent in questions for this week's newsletter, thank you. I'm unable to do them all as mentioned previously, however I've put in as many as I can for the time I have available to me. Also, if you've given me a name, then I'll change it to an initial, and if requested I'll put it down as 'anon.'

I've received confirmation from people that I've read for in the newsletter, but I'm not sure if it's right to share the emails with everyone, I assume it is but haven't felt into it yet.

Blessings to you all,

Sorry this is a bit of a strange question but anyway theres is lots of drama happening back home with my family in nz at the moment and has been worrying me greatly making me feel helpless not being there to help,  The other night I woke with a jolt and felt a weird precense in my room the hairs stood up on my arms so i got up to check on my children and house all was ok so i went back to bed n tried to watch tv to calm myself then all of a sudden the power went out and freaked me out more Is this connected? I want to know if i should go home to see of all is ok with my family i hate for this to be a sign to get home asap and I've ignored it.

I understand completely and have had to learn lessons myself about understanding, and listening to, spiritual guidance. A family situation is actually improving for you and people are coming back together again after a period of being tried and tested. I do believe spirit is visiting but that it wasn't meant to frighten you. There is a visit to happen within the next twelve months and it could be sooner. You are connected to family in the etheric realms and don't actually need to be physically present to be, and feel close to, them all.

Hi Eleanor.  I feel lost. I don't feel my lost love one around as much. Does he not pop in as much so that I can move on? I just don't know what to do any more. I move through life lately like a weight is weighing me down. I can't see past today.   Thanks D x

You can't ever get rid of loved ones, there is never a real goodbye, they're around us even when we don't think they are. Often we are so used to feeling them close to us that they're like the 'fridge noise'.. so commonly heard that you don't hear it any more. I asked if love from spirit is still close by and I saw the Magician and the Two of Swords.. the means that when you ask for someone to come in, they do. The magician in tarot means; as it is in heaven so it is on earth, and often means that when you ask for something it can come about. The two of swords indicates that someone is living between two worlds. This often shows up in a reading when someone is moving house and as you're asking a question about a spirit and I'm seeing the card in my head, I think it's a pretty clear message that they're there and gone all the time. Always visiting. 

Hi Eleanor, My son is not making very good decisions of late and it causing me a lot of grief. I feel our relationship is falling apart. Will he be ok?

Some people are supposed to travel through life and burn themselves a little bit to learn their lessons. Those people are the ones that we talk about like "they're learning the hard way, through trial and error" and unfortunately for mum.. I'm seeing this with your boy. He will be ok, and will journey successfully through life, but has had to learn the hard way.

What future do you see for our present business?

I keep seeing money coming in from two separate directions and a need to transform the business and breathe positivity into it. Like it's been difficult and needs some kind of happiness thrown into it. If it was a teenager I'd throw chocolate at it, if you know what I mean? I'm not sure what it means for you but am passing it on as that what I got. Blessings and good luck.

What do you see for my immediate future?

I keep seeing a visitor coming from a distance, or you travelling a distance. I know that's a bit "psychic bingo," but that's what I'm seeing. I'm seeing a harder time coming to an end and the need to enjoy new people coming in around you. I wouldn't be surprised if you're getting a nudge from spirit to seek out old friends and new. To spend time expanding your circle and revisiting loved ones that have fallen away over the years.  Also... and I came back to write down this bit because I thought I was just seeing a metaphor for your life, but I'm seeing a reincarnation and a pregnant woman. It could be a metaphor, like you're reborn again.. but it felt like a solid to me.. 

Many blessings,
Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Ten

The Life's Path

Each of the seventy-eight tarot cards has a separate meaning, but there is a logical flow to learning what number means what event/situation.

  • The ace (one) to the ten of the tarot cards are Numbers cards and usually denote events.
  • The Court cards usually denote people.
  • The Spirit cards show the soul’s journey from beginning to end.

Just as an example, consider the following made up reading with a forty year old man. 

A man asked if he’s in the right financial position to become a father now and you draw the Ten of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles.

If an ace (one) is the beginning of any journey, and the ten is considered the end. Likewise the page is the beginning of a learning journey and the king is the mastery of a skill.

If the man has been successful in his financial journey, then he might have the Ten or King of Pentacles. The ten being the successful completion of a long-term journey in the creation of wealth and abundance. The king always being the master is able to continue to create abundance rather than waste good fortune. 

Therefore the Ten of Pentacles is describing someone who has created a strong foundation and has the ability to give food, shelter and clothing to a child. The King of Pentacles is the master of material and earthly matters, and is often called the provider. A person who is able to manage food, shelter, and clothing. Someone that’s mastered wealth and abundance to the point where they may have their own business.

If this man has all his own food, shelter and clothing needs taken care of to the point where he can give food, shelter and clothing to others, then you can certainly be a parent.

Therefore the ultimate answer to the man would of course be: “Yes, you can have children now, what are you waiting for? You have enough to share.”

If I was doing the reading for this man, I might then caution him to make sure he shows love (water,) and also spends a bit of money on things like fun (fire) and plans (air) for holidays (fire again,) as both cards drawn are earth cards, which can suggest that the man is all about work or money. Yes, he’d be able to provide for his family, but his family also need his time and his love. “The family that plays together stays together” might be something that he needs to hear.The Numbers Cards.

Let’s look at the Numbers cards first. The ace (one) is obviously the beginning of a journey and the ten is obviously the end.

One is the number of beginnings, we have already created our ace cards. You might like to take a moment now to consider the ace cards that you created towards the beginning of this book.

I think of the numbers from ace to ten of the tarot cards in the same way that numerologists see our year cycles. 

The one is where we have an idea. The two is where we learn how to implement the idea. The three is where we put the idea into action.

The four, five and six is the same as the one, two and three only there if there are more people involved. We are trying to work with others and struggling to succeed as a group. Therefore the four is where we have an idea that includes other people. The five is where we learn how to implement the idea with the group. The six is where we put the idea into motion, all working together.

The seven, eight and nine is the same as the four, five, and six however we are mastering working with others and helping those around us to work together. We are better at doing everything now. We are more responsible for others. Therefore the seven is where we have an idea that includes either family, friends or a wider group of people, which can mean more competition and friction. The eight is where we teach others and help others around us travel calmly through change. The nine is where we lead major projects to completion.

The ten is the completion of the cycle.The table below shows the flow of energy from the one through to the ten of our journeys:


Therefore, the ace, four, seven and ten cards are related to new ideas.

An ace (one) indicates that we are working on our own, or came up with an idea on our own, or need to have a fresh start within rather than looking to others to fix anything. With an ace (one) we might have met one new person. Started a new job. Had a baby. An ace is a significant new beginning. Most new transitions start with a time out first. You may remember a time in your life where you left work and then felt that you were living in state of limbo before another opportunity presented itself. A relationship may have ended unexpectedly and you felt like you were living in limbo whilst you sorted out what to do with yourself next.

There is a saying that the universe abhors a vacuum and this means that the universe will always line something up for you to do if you’re currently not doing anything. Sometimes you have to end what you are currently doing in order to progress.

The two, five and eight cards are all about learning and teaching. With two we are undergoing training ourselves; we are learning something new. Either a new skill, or how to be in a relationship. With five we are trying to learn how to get along with others. In a relationship, we may be trying to understand a new partner and not get upset about little differences. The eight card is where we’re very knowledgeable at what we do and can now teach others.

The three, six and nine cards are all about doing! Full steam ahead! The three is us doing things for ourselves. Maybe starting our business, or cementing our relationship. Threes can indicate surprises as this is where we are busy going about our lives and other people can impact us unexpectedly. The six cards are about doing very well, usually leading the way for others, and we rarely get surprised by others. The nine is where you are the captain of projects which may be coming to a critical juncture. You have to be working and making sure everyone else is too. If a nine shows up in a reading it doesn't have to mean a career, it can mean that you have a role to play with making sure your family get on around the Christmas dinner table.

The ten indicates projects undertaken, completing or tidying up. A ten is where we consider what has been achieved and hopefully be proud of ourselves. It’s where we drop that enormous burden we’ve been carrying so long, and it’s where we take a good time out and consider the next stage of our lives. Often we put down a major project, take a break, and then, lo and behold, we start something new.

Exercises for the course 

If you've paid for the course, then please email responses to me; click  HEREand send me the answers to the questions.

There are no wrong answers to the following questions, simply look at the question, then look at the number o the table, then send through your interpretation.

A If you wanted to start a new job, and you drew a card from the deck and it was an Ace, then reading from the table above, what do you think your chances of getting a new job may be?

B If you wanted to start a new job, and you drew a card from the deck and it was a Ten,  then reading from the table above, what do you think your chances of getting a new job may be?

C If you were asking about your current relationship; regardless of your relationship status; single or with someone, and you drew an Eight, a Five, and a Two, then what could you interpret from this?

D Ask your own question and draw three cards, don't worry about the suit, let me know what the question was if you feel comfortable with that and your interpretation of the cards you drew. 

Blessings until next week,

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