Newsletter 12 Monday 28th August 2017
Helen King - More Than Scents

Today I thought I would touch on a subject that not everyone likes to talk about, but something that actually led me to the amazing world of Essential Oils and doTERRA. 

Menses , (insert ominous sounding music, but please, not too loud) monthly, periods- whatever name you have for them AND the moods etc that go along with them. Since I am into alternate health I searched for something to support me when my mood swings were kind of taking over my life! There a few essential oils to help support this and Clary Sage is a BIG one.

Clary Sage is a biennial or perennial herb that can grow up to 6ft tall, it has a floral woody aroma and a calming effect when diffused. It is also has anticonvulsive, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiseptic, aphrodisiac and astringent qualities! During your cycle it can help ease pain, mental irritation, cramps, bloating and mood swings! On an emotional level. Clary Sage also helps to provide a brighter version of self. It will shed light on your highest gifts as well as your divine purpose.

Every women’s best friend! Love Mother Nature!


p.s. side note from Eleanor - if you haven't seen this youtube video showing the entire month for us ladies, I highly recommend it Click This - YouTube two minute menstruation cycle described perfectly!

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Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Twelve

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The Twos - continued...

Now I've given those undergoing the training ample time to do the exercise that was in the last newsletter and send it back to me.. now I just have two questions for you to answer... if you haven't done it yet - don't panic - the training doesn't have an expiry date.

Sample Question for Course 

Luke wants to figure out the best career that he could possibly do right now and you ask him to draw out a card and it’s the Two of Swords. What do you tell him?

  1. The Two of Swords is a mentoring card, so you would make an excellent mentor right now.
  2. The Two of Swords can indicate learning on the job: you learn you teach, you get you give. Maybe try and apprenticeship where you can learn as you go.
  3. The Two of Swords can indicate that you’re good with being in two minds. Perhaps try something like psychology.
  4. All of the above are correct, when joined together in one big conversation.

Sample Question for Course

Luke wants to know if a relationship will work out and you ask him to draw a card and he draws the Two of Cups. What do you tell him?
  1. Two’s mean decisions, so it’s undecided whether or not the relationship will work.
  2. The Two of Cups means two hearts joined together in loving union, so it looks like the relationship has real potential. You both have free will and therefore a choice of what happens next, however it looks great.
  3. The Two of Cups means two people travelling together, so it can indicate that you’re going to travel together for a while, but probably not forever.
  4. Both B and C are right.

As usual, if you've paid for certification, please send your responses back to me at

Till next time, 
Dear students of life,

Spirit wants you to know that you are loved, supported, and guided, whatever you choose to do here on the planet.

People often ask me for their 'life purpose' and they're expecting me to say something like "be a doctor" or "be a teacher" but the answer is usually a lot more simple and a whole lot more profound.

My soul path here this lifetime is to 'empower.' That's it. Just empower. No matter what job I do, or where I am, help others to become empowered so they can do their own thing. When I look back over my life it's been the constant and underlying motivation behind most of the things I've ever done. Empower others to look after themselves. Empower others with knowledge.

What's your life path?

Here's a clue - grab your tarot deck (or 52 card playing deck) and ask 'what is my soul path here this lifetime?

Then draw one card... if it's a soul card, then draw another, as I'm making the below work for both 52 card decks and tarot decks.

Now.. these messages below may seem simple.. but when it’s your life path.. it is. Definitely. Not. Easy. Trust me on that.

(cups=hearts suit)
Ace of Cups - practice unconditional love.
Two of Cups - support and love others.
Three of Cups - give gifts of time and support.
Four of Cups - work with many people.
Five of Cups - help people go through transitions.
Six of Cups - help people remember.
Seven of Cups - help others see positive in upset.
Eight of Cups - surrender and let spirit guide you.
Nine of Cups - show joyfulness.
Ten of Cups - nurture long term relationships.
Page of Cups (Jack of Hearts) - see the world with child-like wonder.
Prince of Cups - be the rainbow bridge of love to the world.
Queen of Cups - by the kind-hearted support to many (don’t martyr yourself!)
Kind of Cups - be the soul of kindness and compassion.

(staves/wands=clubs suit)
Ace of Staves - create!
Two of Staves - make happy long term plans.
Three of Staves - walk and sing your truth.
Four of Staves - be happy with change.
Five of Staves - learn to work with others.
Six of Staves - show kind competitiveness.
Seven of Staves - be the leader.
Eight of Staves - travel and be passionate.
Nine of Staves - reclaim your power, don’t give it away.
Ten of Staves - become fit, work through issues.
Page of Staves (Jack of Clubs) - have itchy feet, dance, move, travel.
Prince of Staves - allow your feet to move you across borders of all kinds.
Queen of Staves - be powerful, creative, learn and teach.
Kind of Staves - attain knowledge.

(swords=spades suit)
Ace of Swords - help others think clearly.
Two of Swords - help others with shifts and transitions.
Three of Swords - help others with heart break.
Four of Swords - help others to be at peace.
Five of Swords - live anywhere, do anything. Don’t block yourself this lifetime.
Six of Swords - think scientifically.
Seven of Swords - make hopeful plans and demonstrate carrying them out.
Eight of Swords - do your inner healing work this lifetime.
Nine of Swords - help others that can’t think straight.
Ten of Swords - help others that are in mental chaos and pain.
Page of Swords (Jack of Spades) - be the holder of secrets.
Prince of Swords - Plan ahead and help others to as well.
Queen of Swords - help people through your smart forward thinking.
King of Swords - be in control and support others scientifically.

(pentacles=diamonds suit)
Ace of Pentacles - sew seeds for the future.
Two of Pentacles - budget in all ways; emotionally, financially etc.
Three of Pentacles - do the best you can; don’t be a perfectionist.
Four of Pentacles - take care of your body, mind, soul, and others.
Five of Pentacles - help others move steadily forward; slow and careful progress.
Six of Pentacles - be supportive of others; stand up for them.
Seven of Pentacles - help those that can’t help themselves.
Eight of Pentacles - be the mentor.
Nine of Pentacles - be a safe place for people.
Ten of Pentacles - create long term stability.
Page of Pentacles (Jack of Diamonds) - sew seeds for long term change.
Prince of Pentacles - plan ahead, build upon everything you’ve learnt.
Queen of Pentacles - be the wise woman, be grounded.
King of Pentacles - be the master of your own abundance.

Blessings for your personal healing,

I have designed the course so that people who cannot afford certification can still participate and learn all they want too, however only paid students get one-on-one time with me to discuss course content in further detail.

The two options available for the Tarot Training Course: 

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The non-certification option gives you free access to all the training videos. Students are welcome to watch and complete the activities in the video if they feel moved to do so. Once the course ends, in about six months, the student can notify me of their completion by emailing me at  Eleanor's email  and they will receive an Attendance Certificate. The links for each video will appear in the email for those who have registered for the course.

Non-certification students can upgrade to the certification option within the first five months provided they have completed the course material and demonstrated a solid understanding of the course content.

If a student wishes to upgrade, they will have to pay the Certification fee of $350.

Certification - $350
The Certification option is $350. I am charging for this option as it requires a higher level of contact between myself and the student. Once students have watched the weekly video and completed the exercises, they will need to  email  me their responses. This will demonstrate their understanding of the lesson content and if a student hasn't understood a particular concept, I will be able to provide clarification. Upon the completion of the course, students will receive a Certification Certificate and be listed on my website as a trained tarot professional. 

If a registered student does not submit their documentation, they will not be eligible for the Certification Certificate. (I need to know that you understand the course content before I can certify you).

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