Newsletter 13
Thursday 7th September 2017

Hello all and welcome to the inner workings of your mind...
I've tried to explain scientifically in this recent radio interview how you connect with spirits all the time, and how they can appear so fast, and also why we sometimes feel fear.
If the source of all fear is the unknown, then hopefully my explanation will assist you in removing any fears you have with speaking with spirits.

In this newsletter the tarot training continues, there's more information for those interested in learning about oils, and I show you where you can get a reading done by me on my page...

May blessings indwell,
surround you, and make you feel
all fluffy and excitable on the inside..
may you constantly
feel like something good
is going to happen and is
waiting for you around the next bend
of your journey.

Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Thirteen

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The Threes

Threes are power cards; reflecting our activity and business. Threes can indicate three people involved in a relationship situation. The Holy Trilogy, the Three Musketeers, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Another example of three energy is the mother, father and a new baby. Threes are where spirit works in mysterious ways and it reflects how friends and family support us and surprise us through their actions.

Three of Cups: Surprises of the Heart

Three of Cups can indicate a surprise is underway, or solace and rescue of the heart is available to you now. The type of surprise in store for you may be divined by looking at the other cards that are drawn in the reading. Some surprises are wonderful, like an engagement or an invitation. This card may also imply that you need to give gifts and surprise people. When the Three of Cups shows up you might be getting good news which can take any form, for example, a wedding invitation.

Three of Staves: Success

The Three of Staves is the success card. This card shows that people are being successful in their own right. This card can mean that people don’t need to work as a team, as they’re now capable of achieving their own goals. The advice of this card is to be successful, regardless of what’s happening around you now. It doesn’t matter what other people think, do, or say, it’s time to shine! Proceed through life with a big smile and a winning attitude!

Three of Swords: Division and Separation

The Three of Swords can indicate division, separation and heartbreak. Every change in life comes with a form of loss. People have to leave a job in order to get a better job. Some relationships dissolve in order for a better relationship to come about. Sometimes it can be heartbreaking to leave a place, however leaving has to take place in order to move to a better place. This card may mean that mediation is required and that you are speaking a different love language to your partner. Are three people involved in your relationship? This card may indicate that a well-meaning friend or family member is actually making a relationship situation worse rather than better. Sometimes advice needs to come from specialists! Generally “three is a crowd” is the statement now for all relationships. The mind has come before the heart in this situation, and sometimes that’s a good thing.

Three of Pentacles: Perfectionism

This strong and stable earth card shows people want to do the very best. As this card is a doing card in the earth element, it may indicate people wanting to purchase property. The Three of Pentacles implies perfectionism. If you are a perfectionist, then you may get wonderful things done each day and feel very proud of yourself, or you may never start anything as it won’t be perfect, so why bother? The message if you’ve received the Three of Pentacles is near enough is sometimes good enough and just get the job done. This card can mean that everything is perfect, or that people are being too harsh on themselves and everyone around them now. People need to remember that nothing is ever going to be the way I want it to be, so I will aim to do it the best I can, rather than make it perfect. Life will be easier if people try not to judge things around themselves too harshly.

For those who've paid for the training certification, please fill this out and submit your responses back to me at, for those that have not paid for the certification, feel free to do the below exercises for your own learning, and enjoy, with my blessings.

Exercise: The Three of Cups

Look at your Three of Water/Cups/Heart card again and this time think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Three of Cups energy in your life. 

I've done a couple of examples to kick it off for you:

Example: the day I sent out wedding invitations to people I love, so that they could come to my wedding. The day I sent a bunch of flowers to a friend. The day that I found out that the person I was in a relationship with, is a different person than who I thought they were.

Exercise: The Three of Staves

Look at your Three of Fire/Staves/Wands/Clubs card and this time think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Three of Staves energy in your life. 

My examples, to get the ball rolling; when I started singing, or dancing classes and did well at them. When I opened my business.

Exercise: The Three of Swords

Look at your Three of Air/Swords/Spades card and this time think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Three of Swords energy in your life. 

You get it, do something like this; when we moved house. When we divorced. When we went to mediation to assist our marriage. The day we got back together again.

Exercise: The Three of Pentacles

Look at your Three of Earth/Pentacles/Diamonds/Coins card and think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Three of Pentacles energy in your life. 

My examples: when we signed the contract on our home. When I decided to put into practice all of those things that make me feel better physically, e.g., exercise.

Helen King

It never ceases to amaze me how many amazing properties and uses Essential Oils have,

Thyme is no exception. The plant Thyme is a perennial that can grow into a bush or creep along the ground, it contains Thymol, Gamma-Terpine and Cyme.

These chemical constituents give it antimicrobial, anti-depressant, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and balancing properties. Thymol may assist in white blood cell stimulation, may assist the immune system and may help support the neurotransmitters associated with depression. With its anti-bacterial benefits it is a great Essential Oil to add to your home made, chemical free kitchen bench cleaner. I love making a blend of Thyme, Peppermint and Lemon, smells amazing.

This blend is also great in the diffuser for a pick me up with the added benefits of assisting to ward off air borne nasties. Besides all the amazing properties this EO is also great to add to any meal that you would add the dried herb too. Just remember that because it is an Essential Oil it is concentrated, so you do not need a lot. I love to add it, along with Oregano EO to my pasta sauce it just takes the taste to another level!

I have designed the course so that people who cannot afford certification can still participate and learn all they want too, however only paid students get one-on-one time with me to discuss course content in further detail.

The two options available for the Tarot Training Course: 

Participate  (non-certification) - FREE
The non-certification option gives you free access to all the training videos. Students are welcome to watch and complete the activities in the video if they feel moved to do so. Once the course ends, in about six months, the student can notify me of their completion by emailing me at  Eleanor's email  and they will receive an Attendance Certificate. The links for each video will appear in the email for those who have registered for the course.

Non-certification students can upgrade to the certification option within the first five months provided they have completed the course material and demonstrated a solid understanding of the course content.

If a student wishes to upgrade, they will have to pay the Certification fee of $350.

Certification - $350
The Certification option is $350. I am charging for this option as it requires a higher level of contact between myself and the student. Once students have watched the weekly video and completed the exercises, they will need to  email  me their responses. This will demonstrate their understanding of the lesson content and if a student hasn't understood a particular concept, I will be able to provide clarification. Upon the completion of the course, students will receive a Certification Certificate and be listed on my website as a trained tarot professional. 

If a registered student does not submit their documentation, they will not be eligible for the Certification Certificate. (I need to know that you understand the course content before I can certify you).

If you wish to purchase the certification then it's at this link;  Purchase Certification Training

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