Newsletter 14
Thursday 5th of October 2017
Barkly Women's Day 21st Oct 2017

I've been asked to be keynote speaker at the Barkly Women's Day; a remote women's event that takes place in the middle of Australia.

This event is for those women that work on stations and are quite possibly driven mad by lack of company, and is run annually. I'll do the trek across on Friday the 20th of October and the trek back on Sunday the 22nd; just to be involved in this beautiful day for these women on the Saturday. If you're wanting to see what that's all about, the link to the Barkly Women's Day Facebook event is HERE .

I'm going to be telling some funny stories about how I became a psychic and a medium and enjoy a wine or two with wonderful women whilst we while away the wafternoon..

ok so I ran out of w's..

I'm also considering offering some weadings ;) or maybe just readings and be more conventional.. it depends on how much wine they thrust upon me.. I can't drink and do divination people!

I'd be like "so .. um.. who had the drinking problem in shpirit? um woman, brown eyes, can't shpeak propry wight now... where's my booosh?"
Richmond Opening Psychic Awareness Workshop (Friday night) and Readings (Saturday and Sunday) 3rd-5th November 201 7

On Friday the 3rd of November I'll be doing a workshop at the CWA Hall in Richmond, Queensland, on opening psychic awareness. This will be a fun event that I've done a few times here in Mount Isa and will start with seeing auras. Opening the mind to allow in auric fields. Usually 90% of people see auras by the end of this fun two and a half hour workshop.

I'm looking at hall hire and the cost of the event will probably only be about $20pp to ensure that it's open to everybody that wants to go.

Saturday and Sunday there's an opportunity for a private reading with me and I'm looking at making these half hour sessions.

Please contact Connie to book in on 0439035031 or respond to this email.
The pic above; I'm going to try wearing doTERRA Hope Touch Essential Oil tonight. The full purchase price of every bottle sold is donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation which supports O.U.R Rescue, an organisation dedicated to rescuing children from slavery worldwide! Just amazing! Smells amazing too! With Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Vanilla Bean and Bergamot 💜 uplifting gorgeous aroma! 

Buy one from me and support others!

Helen King- More Than Scents

As you may have guessed from my blogs, I am a bit of an essential oil junkie and the more I use them the more I learn. Did you know they have therapeutic properties for both physical and emotional healing?

Pretty cool, right?

Natural plant extracts are highly effective ‘medicine’ when taken internally, applied topically or inhaled via diffusion. Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years and there are 188 references to in the bible. This amazing liquid is essentially aromatic compounds extracted from trees, roots, seeds, shrubs and plants. These compounds work in astounding ways as they contain trillions of tiny molecules that can nourish the body’s cells.

There are approx. 40 million trillion molecules in ONE drop of Essential Oil! That is approx. 40 thousand molecules for EVERY cell in the human body! Essential Oils are Lipotropic or fat soluble so they can pass through the skin into your blood stream in minutes! When these molecules enter your body they can go to every cell! Pretty important to make sure you choose an EO that is 1005 pure and excellent quality, that’s why I use doTERRA. Amazing gifts from Mother Nature, Essential Oils are about More Than Scents (excuse the pun). 

Tarot Training Course continued - Lesson Fourteen

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The Fours

Four of Cups: A Healing Timeout from Relationships

You may need a rest from a relationship, or a short time out is on the way for you. Relationships are confusing now. A short break in relating to others may be required to clear the air before a feeling of calm can come once again. The Four of Cups can indicate some frustration in relating to others, but little steps that can be taken which can bring healing into relationships. This card asks that you relax and don’t make rash decisions regarding relationships now. Also, maybe take some time out alone to decide what you need to do about your relationships. When this card appears, people are confused and unsure of which direction to take. This is the card of mixed emotions. If this card was pulled out for a question around someone’s career, then they may be unhappy in one job, preferring to volunteer, or contract, to fulfil their need to move and change.

Four of Staves: Peace and Romance

The Four of Staves is the card of peace, harmony and romance. Romance doesn’t have to be between two lovers. Romantic feelings can be stirred when we’re reviewing our history, the romance of the years. This card can indicate a period of peace and it can also indicate that people are warm and loving. This card always reflects calm, or a short break away with a loved one, a romantic weekend perhaps. Emotions are joyful and peace and contentment are available when this card appears. This is a doing (fire) card, so it does indicate that you may have to do something in order to create peace, for instance you might have to move house, or change jobs, in order to feel happier.

Four of Swords: Rest and Recover

The Four of Swords always means rest, retreat and recover. This card usually indicates a period of respite for everyone involved, a nurturing time of calm, but the calm may be short lived! This may indicate actual rest that needs to be taken if people are tired, or recovering from illness. It should also mean that battle swords need to be put away for a while as everyone needs to take a breath and come back later when everything has calmed down a bit. This card implies that people need time out to recover; this may mean that people need to take a short trip away by themselves. Take a break, go on retreat, you deserve it! This could mean a short hospital stay.

Four of Pentacles: Slow and Steady

The Four of Pentacles implies that everything is coming together slowly. You are advancing every day steadily and calmly. This card may also indicate an emotional blockage related to finances. This card can mean that you are experiencing poverty consciousness at this time. For example, if someone has four coins and they hold onto them too tightly, then they may have poverty consciousness and be miserly. Conversely they may have very little money and can’t help but spend it all and then feel guilty about it later. This can apply to relationships as well. Are the relationships in your life steady and comfortable, or do you feel like you don’t have enough of everything? Take every day as it comes. Be practical and pragmatic. Try not to be a spendthrift and also try not to overspend. Maybe a little bit of savings each week is required right now. In relationships everything is coming together and there is slow and steady improvement if you want the relationship to improve.

For those who've paid for the training certification, please fill this out and submit your responses back to me at, for those that have not paid for the certification, feel free to do the below exercises for your own learning, and enjoy, with my blessings.

Exercise: The Four of Cups

Look at your Four of Water/Cups/Heart card again and this time think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Four of Cups energy in your life. 

I've done a couple of examples to kick it off for you:

Exam ple: when I decided to take a break from my relationship, or we had a short break away together on a little holiday. When I realized that I needed to be a better friend. When I decided to mix up my life a bit and do contract work.

Exercise: The Four of Staves

Look at your Four of Fire/Staves/Wands/Clubs card and this time think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Four of Staves energy in your life. 

My examples, to get the ball rolling; when I moved and felt so much happier. When my partner and I went away for a short romantic holiday.

Exercise: The Four of Swords

Look at your Four of Air/Swords/Spades card and this time think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Four of Swords energy in your life. 

You get it, do something like this; when I went on a healing retreat. When I went into hospital for that small operation for a day. When I decided to let time and distance heal a relationship.

Exercise: The Four of Pentacles

Look at your Four of Earth/Pentacles/Diamonds/Coins card and think of your own life. Write down ten examples where you have had the Four of Pentacles energy in your life. 

My examples: when I realized that I was too focused on money and that I could have a business that was more balanced; more about bartering.   


I have designed the course so that people who cannot afford certification can still participate and learn all they want too, however only paid students get one-on-one time with me to discuss course content in further detail.

The two options available for the Tarot Training Course: 

Participate  (non-certification) - FREE
The non-certification option gives you free access to all the training videos. Students are welcome to watch and complete the activities in the video if they feel moved to do so. Once the course ends, in about six months, the student can notify me of their completion by emailing me at  Eleanor's email  and they will receive an Attendance Certificate. The links for each video will appear in the email for those who have registered for the course.

Non-certification students can upgrade to the certification option within the first five months provided they have completed the course material and demonstrated a solid understanding of the course content.

If a student wishes to upgrade, they will have to pay the Certification fee of $350.

Certification - $350
The Certification option is $350. I am charging for this option as it requires a higher level of contact between myself and the student. Once students have watched the weekly video and completed the exercises, they will need to  email  me their responses. This will demonstrate their understanding of the lesson content and if a student hasn't understood a particular concept, I will be able to provide clarification. Upon the completion of the course, students will receive a Certification Certificate and be listed on my website as a trained tarot professional. 

If a registered student does not submit their documentation, they will not be eligible for the Certification Certificate. (I need to know that you understand the course content before I can certify you).

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