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What would Jesus think if he visited firstChristian church? What is he looking for? What does Jesus want to see in a local church?

Thankfully, we are not left to wonder. In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John records seven letters from Jesus to seven first-century local churches in the western part of modern-day Turkey. Jesus has a message for each church struggling with persecution and the temptation to compromise their faith. Though 2,000 years and 6,000 miles separate us from them, we still face similar challenges. Join us for our summer series on Revelation 1-3 which begins next week. As we visit these churches through the messages of the seven letters, we will see ourselves and our church more clearly.

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Missions Blog - Tatum Hausmann

This week has flown by SO fast! 

Our first team got here on Tuesday. Our team consists of seven people — four people who have been to Haiti and three people who hadn’t been. 

My favorite experience of this whole week so far has been watching the team grow and learn while here. For those who have been here before, it’s watching them fall more and more in love with the country, the people and the experience of Haiti. And for the people who had never been here, it’s watching them grow and become more and more comfortable each day. It’s watching them take leaps of faith and try something they would’ve never done — or something they wouldn’t have tried if they were in the states. I also have loved getting to know each team member and being able to connect with a few on a deeper level! 

This week was filled with so many adventures as I helped lead this team through the streets of St. Louis. On Tuesday, we had a very relaxing day, the team arrived and they got to unpack their bags and go on the campus tour and just hang out. On Wednesday morning, we hit the town and did grocery ministry. Grocery ministry is where the teams give money (up to them how much they give) and they get to go to the market and buy food for a family.

They put the groceries in a bag and then walk around the streets and up the mountainside and wait for God to tug at their hearts to lead them to a house that needs the food the most. Each bag is about $10 American and will feed the family for a few weeks. The team split up into two groups so it would be easier to walk in the market and we could reach more people. We ended up blessing 12 families that day. 

On Thursday, some of the team went to the prison in a neighboring city. I stayed back with three of the women on the team and hung out at the vaccination program (for babies up to 2 years old) and got to love on the babies and pour into the mothers. We also spent some time in the birthing center. We got to hold a baby that was just shy of 4 pounds! Also on Thursday, some of the team went to the trade school and helped teach an English class! On Friday, there was a campus-wide dance, so I spent my morning with two of the team members baking. We ended up making 256 cupcakes! They were a hit! Yesterday, Saturday, the team hosted a soccer tournament for any of the kids in the community, that was so much fun! The kids in the community loved it and it was a great time. 

This week has been crazy to say the least. There have been times where I have wanted to be grumpy, or sad or even mad, but I am constantly reminded to choose joy. The times where I have wanted to choose a bad attitude, are times I had the most fun because I chose joy. This is something I am continually working on, so please pray for that! 

A few more prayer requests: one of the interns is on an iv from dehydration so please pray for her health and healing! We also have close to 70 people coming in tonight to stay and do ministry, which is amazing! Please pray for them and what they are about to do and experience. Please also just continue to pray for safety and health for teams and all staff! 

Thank you all for loving on me and messaging me throughout the week to keep me accountable and feeling so loved! 
loves and hugs 


To learn more about Tatum's mission visit her blog here.

Ministry Highlight - Adult Bible Fellowship

Each Sunday we have two Adult Bible Fellowship meetings both at 8:00 am in the Small Group meeting rooms at firstChristian Church. 

Adult Bible Fellowship is for 18+ year-old adults to explore the Bible verse-by-verse. We are currently studying the Prison Epistles of the New Testament with one class being led by Jim Hopkins and the other led by Randall Coffin. 

For more information please contact the firstChristian Church office at 402-371-5734.

The Parent Cue App!
Hey Parents,

Have you downloaded The Parent Cue App? The Parent Cue App is designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future. The most important decision your child will ever make is to put their faith and trust in their heavenly Father.  The best person to influence your child’s faith is you. As parents, you will play a significant role in the faith and journey of your child through the way you love God, love your family and love others. The Parent Cue App is a practical, fun and easy resource for any parent or grandparent with kids ages birth to 18 years.  The content is age specific, based on the current phase of each child and - it's FREE! Download it from your app store today! 

Download the Parent Cue App  here .
Get the Parent Cue emailed to you here.

30 Days of Prayer
30 Days of Prayer for the Peoples of Southeast Asia 
May 27- June 25th 

FirstChristian supports missionaries in Southeast Asia. For the next 30 days, during Ramadan, we invite you to pray through parts of Southeast Asia with us. We will pray over 10 people groups. All 10 are Unreached People Groups (UPGs), meaning less than 2% of the people are followers of Jesus. IN this area of Southeast Asia, though, there is not even one people group with over .1% of the people that follows Jesus.   

According to tradition, it was during Ramadan that the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad. Muslims mark this event by fasting each day from sunrise to sunset. The fast is a strict one—no food or drink, not even water. It is a time to cleanse body and soul, to pray more earnestly, to read the Qur’an and to reflect on God. It is our prayer that God will provide ways for them to hear about Jesus, draw them to himself and into a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Prayer guides are available at the Connection Center. These prayer guides introduce you to all 10 people groups. This guide is an invitation to pray and to join in what God is doing throughout the Muslim world. We ask that God will transform Southeast Asia as well! That thousands of Muslims from all 10 unreached people groups would come to know Jesus and that God would transform this land. For every single movement of Muslims becoming followers of Jesus, a prayer movement preceded it. Thank you for joining the prayer movement for Southeast Asia. 

Upcoming Events
Click here to see a complete list of happenings.
New Way Singers - Journey Christian Church
  Sponsored by Nebraska Christian College

New Way Singers, from Nebraska Christian College in Omaha, is in its 45th year. This group is an auditioned worship band and choir, comprised of high school students from all over the United States. New Way Singers travels around the Midwest during the summer, presenting concerts to various churches and church organizations. Many of these participants have gone on to be Church leaders as God has used this experience to call them to ministry. There is a tremendous response every year to not only the music but the ministry of New Way Singers. 

Journey Christian Church is privileged to have two high school students accepted to travel and perform with the New Way Singers, Morgan Barner and Sara Duncan. 

Journey Christian Church in Wayne, NE
Wednesday | June 14th | 7 pm

Serve Somewhere Sunday
Each month we set aside one Sunday to highlight the amazing things our volunteers do and the many opportunities we have. With the anticipated completion of the Thrive Building Expansion only a couple months away, there are more opportunities and more need for volunteers – immediately!

Whatever your interests, gifts, and skills are, we need you! From Children’s Ministry to Worship Technology and everything in between, we currently have openings for someone just like you! If you are interested in volunteering, stop by the Serve Somewhere Booth in the Lobby to check out all the available opportunities and grab a volunteer application

Sunday | June 18th 
Troy & Roma Jean Backhuus Dessert
Troy and Roma Jean Backhuus would like to invite you to join them for a dessert and to hear about their new missions endeavor. They will be providing care to missionaries near and abroad through counseling, mentoring, coaching, support workshops and retreats. You can find out more at:  The Backhuuses  or contact Troy at:

Saturday | June 24th | 6:30 pm | FCC Lobby
Night JAM

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
Cost: $5
Register online here.

Join us for a fun-filled night created just for incoming kindergarten and 1st-grade students. We’ll be “JAM’n” with music, food and fun while learning to focus on things above.

Thursday | June 29th | 6-8:45 pm

Evening at the Lake
Join us at Willow Creek SRA for food, boating, swimming, devotion and family fun. Kids under 16 years need to be accompanied by an adult. Meat, water and chips will be provided. Please bring cookies or bars to share with everyone. Boats and drivers are also needed.

Everyone is welcome!

Register online here.

Wednesday | July 5th | 5 pm

Youth Ministry Activity Schedule

Our Student Ministry exists to challenge students to actively pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, through various worship experiences, biblical teachings, service opportunities and opportunities to fellowship with other believers. This ultimately results in growth toward spiritual maturity. 

Day at the Lake

Friday | June 23 | 2-8 pm
Cost: $10
Incoming 5th – 8th
Online registration link


July 9 – 14
Cost: $275
Incoming 9th – Graduated 12th
Promo video
Online registration link

Summer Fusion

July 30 – August 2
Cost: $110
Incoming 6th – 8th
Promo video
Online registration link

Faith In Action

Thursday, June 15
Thursday, June 29
Thursday, July 20

Watch Facebook for details, locations, supplies needed and times.

Wednesday Evening FUEL

June 21st 6-8 pm
Ultimate Frisbee Tourney

July 5th 5-9 pm
Evening at the Lake
Willow Creek SRA
Boats/drivers/supervision needed

July 26th 6-8 pm
Mini Golf Tourney

Watch Facebook for details, locations, supplies needed and times.

The Thrive Vision
The Thrive Vision is about helping northeast Nebraska Thrive through Jesus. Your giving and God’s faithfulness are making it a reality.

The Thrive Vision provides space to share Jesus with children, to connect with each other and to communicate and celebrate the good news of Jesus. The expansion will be complete in just over two months. Remodeling our current space will begin this summer with completion in the fall. While under construction, God continues to draw more people to himself and firstChristian Church.

What does that mean for firstChristian
  • More Volunteers: There is more opportunity and more need for volunteers – immediately! The greatest needs are in Worship Technology (video, audio, lighting), Guest Services (coffee, greeting, ushering) and Children’s (check-in, nursery, teachers, small-group leaders).  
  • More Flexibility: Sometimes the sidewalk, parking, lobby and other spaces will be construction zones. Some spaces will not be available this summer. We will need to be flexible, adapt and press on!
Thank you to all who are making the Thrive Vision a reality. It is exciting to see how God continues to use firstChristian (and our facilities) to help the people of northeast Nebraska Thrive.

Onward and Upward,


PS For more information on the Thrive Vision, visit our  website . Click on the image below to view the latest time lapse video of the expansion construction.
firstChristian partners with our Core Missions through giving, special projects and trips. Please consider connecting you and your family with one of these missions listed below:
If you are interested in learning more about our core missions, check out our missions page at

T o give to these missions, please designate it on your check memo and giving envelope, or give online
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On the website, you also have the opportunity to keep the conversation going with our sermon discussion guides.  Parents can do the same with their kiddos using the Parent Cue. No matter where you travel, you can always take firstChristian with you. 
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