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What would Jesus think if he visited firstChristian? What is he looking for? What does Jesus want to see in a local church?

Thankfully, we are not left to wonder. In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John records seven letters from Jesus to seven first-century local churches in the western part of modern-day Turkey. Jesus has a message for each church struggling with persecution and the temptation to compromise their faith. Though 2,000 years and 6,000 miles separate us from them, we still face similar challenges. Join us for our summer series on Revelation 1-3, as we visit these churches through the messages of the seven letters and see ourselves and our church more clearly.

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Getting the What (and Why) Out of FCC

Significant updates are coming to a Bulletin and E-Newsletter near you!

In July, the updated Bulletin will include more information about available ministries, ongoing weekly programs, upcoming events and highlighted opportunities for you to get connected. To provide space for this added information, we will include a handy sermon note insert with questions to help us keep the conversation going as we group small.

The updated E-Newsletter will move from every week to once a month, ensuring that it will be much more than a repeat of Bulletin information. The E-Newsletter will include an extended look at events for the upcoming months, big announcements, the teaching themes for children, youth, and adults, church celebrations, statistics and information connected with the Big 4, Thrive Updates, firstChristian family highlights and much much more. The Newsletter will feature the "What" as well as the "Why" of FCC’s mission.

Watch for the updated Bulletin and Newsletter in July!

Core Missions Update

Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bible-less peoples around the world. Our team is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelists, church planters and a variety of support personnel working to see transformed lives through God’s Word in every language. We are serving 32 million people in 66 language projects in 16 countries. God is calling us to expand. With His help, we will strive to start 19 new projects by the end of 2018.

We are seeking new missionaries who will step up and meet the need for international ministry among Bibleless peoples. Pioneer Bible Translators currently sends missionaries from Canada and the United States. Our International Service Center, located in Dallas, TX, is crucial in attaining our global ministry goals. From here, missionaries train and prepare for cross-cultural ministry.

In the future, Pioneer Bible Translators will follow the Spirit’s lead to fill the gaps in the Bible translation movement so that we, and our partners, will see churches with Scripture transforming every language group on earth by 2050.
We have set the audacious goal of starting and finishing 250 projects by 2050, bringing our total number of projects to 300. We estimate that if we can complete 300 translation projects total, our 30 Forum of Bible Agencies partners will have enough momentum to handle the rest of the needs.
Because we are a Bible translation agency that also does church planting, we are uniquely suited to send teams of translators, church planters, literacy workers and community development workers to cross language barriers among 200 of the remaining language groups for whom there is still no church and no Scripture. These least-reached, Scriptureless language groups suffer the greatest spiritual poverty remaining on earth. We are focusing most of our energy on this strategic gap to help eliminate the tragedy of extreme spiritual poverty.

We plan to help fill a second critical gap in areas of extreme linguistic diversity where the sheer number of languages currently overwhelms the resources of the Bible Translation movement. We plan to start 50 translation projects to help our partners overcome the challenge of extreme linguistic diversity.
Some language communities scattered over the earth have received a finished New Testament but have not yet started to use it to transform their context. To fill this third gap, we intend to send 100 Scripture Impact workers who will find innovative ways to ensure that every language community that has Scripture begins to use it.
By intentionally filling these three strategic gaps, we believe we will lighten the burden on our partners, making it possible for the Church to cross every remaining language barrier with the church, Scripture and life transformation. Never before has it been imaginable, but we believe we are now training and sending out the generation of missionaries that can leave behind Churches using Scripture to transform every language community on earth.

Ministry Highlight - Prayer Team
The Prayer Team consists of volunteers who are willing to pray for the people of firstChristian and their needs. Prayer provides an immediate support and great comfort to individuals during their time of need. The Prayer Team is an email based prayer chain that is available to anyone that would like to participate. 

You can submit a prayer request by completing the connection card attached to your Sunday bulletin or email the firstChristian at .
Thrive Vision - Volunteers Opportunities
The anticipated completion of the Thrive Building Expansion is fast approaching and that means there are more opportunities and more need for volunteers – immediately! Whatever your interests, gifts, and skills are, we need you! From Children’s Ministry to Worship Technology and everything in between, we currently have openings for someone just like you!

If you are interested in volunteering, stop by the Connection Center in the Lobby on Sunday or fill out a volunteer application today!
Parent Resource - Parent Cue App
Hey Parents!!!

Have you downloaded The Parent Cue App? The Parent Cue App is designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future. The most important decision your child will ever make is to put their faith and trust in their heavenly Father. The best person to influence your child’s faith is you. As parents, you will play a significant role in the faith and journey of your child through the way you love God, love your family and love others. The Parent Cue App is a practical, fun and easy resource for any parent or grandparent with kids ages birth to 18 years. The content is age specific, based on the current phase of each child and - it's FREE! Download it from your app store today!  

Download the Parent Cue App here  .
Get the Parent Cue emailed to you here.

Missions Highlight - 30 Days of Prayer
30 Days of Prayer for the Peoples of Southeast Asia 
May 27- June 25th 

FirstChristian supports missionaries in Southeast Asia. For the next 30 days, during Ramadan, we invite you to pray through parts of Southeast Asia with us. We will pray over 10 people groups. All 10 are Unreached People Groups (UPGs), meaning less than 2% of the people are followers of Jesus. In this area of Southeast Asia, though, there is not even one people group with over .1% of the people that follows Jesus.   

According to tradition, it was during Ramadan that the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad. Muslims mark this event by fasting each day from sunrise to sunset. The fast is a strict one—no food or drink, not even water. It is a time to cleanse body and soul, to pray more earnestly, to read the Qur’an and to reflect on God. It is our prayer that God will provide ways for them to hear about Jesus, draw them to himself and into a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Prayer guides are available at the Connection Center. These prayer guides introduce you to all 10 people groups. This guide is an invitation to pray and to join in what God is doing throughout the Muslim world. We ask that God will transform Southeast Asia as well! That thousands of Muslims from all 10 unreached people groups would come to know Jesus and that God would transform this land. For every single movement of Muslims becoming followers of Jesus, a prayer movement preceded it. Thank you for joining the prayer movement for Southeast Asia.  

Upcoming Events
Click here to see a complete list of happenings.
Evening at the Lake
Looking for some summertime fun?

Mark your calendar for FCC’s Evening at the Lake on July 5th at 5:00 pm . Join us at Willow Creek State Recreation Area for food, boating, swimming, devotion and fun for everyone. Kids under 16 years need to be accompanied by an adult. Meat, water and chips will be provided. Please bring cookies or bars to share with everyone. Boats and drivers are also needed.

Visit our website, for more information or to register! Everyone is welcome! 
Register online here.

Wednesday | July 5th | 5 pm

Night JAM (K-1st Grade)

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
Cost: $5
Register online here.

Join us for a fun-filled night created just for incoming Kindergarten and 1st grade students. We’ll be “JAM’n” with music, food and fun while learning to focus on things above.

Thursday | June 29th | 6 – 8:45 pm

Troy & Roma Jean Backhuus Dessert
Troy and Roma Jean Backhuus would like to invite you to join them for a dessert and to hear about their new missions endeavor. They will be providing care to missionaries near and abroad through counseling, mentoring, coaching, support workshops and retreats. You can find out more about the Backhuuses or contact Troy at

Saturday | June 24th | 6:30 pm | FCC Lobby

Children's Ministry Activities

(Kindergarten Promotion)

Incoming Kindergartners
Register online here.

Thursday | July 27th | 7 pm

(5th Grade Promotion)

Incoming 5th Graders
Register online here.

Thursday | August 3rd | 7 pm

Youth Ministry Summer Schedule
Faith In Action

Thursday, June 29
Thursday, July 20

Watch Facebook for details, locations, supplies needed and times.

Wednesday Evening FUEL

June 21st 6:00-8:00
Ultimate Frisbee Tourney

July 5th 5:00-9:00
Evening at the Lake
Willow Creek SRA
Boats/drivers/supervision needed

July 26th 6:00-8:00
Mini Golf Tourney

Watch Facebook for details, locations, supplies needed and times.


July 9 – 14
Cost: $275
Incoming 9th – Graduated 12th
Promo video
Online registration link

Summer Fusion

July 30 – August 2
Cost: $110
Incoming 6th – 8th
Promo video
Online registration link

FCC Core Missions
firstChristian partners with our Core Missions through giving, special projects and trips. Please consider connecting you and your family with one of these missions listed below:
If you are interested in learning more about our core missions, check out our missions page at

T o give to these missions, please designate it on your check memo and giving envelope, or give online
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