Newsletter Fall 2015

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Horse Heroes On The Hill
We'd like to thank everyone who was able to make it to the Anti Horse Slaughter March in Washington, DC on September 29th, 2015

HR 1942 now has 170 cosponsors: 135 Democrats and 35 Republicans

S 1214 now has 27 cosponsors: 23 Democrats, 3 Republicans & 1 Independent.
 Please stand with us and continue to contact your legislators

Big Lick -still no Enforcement
Saved with your help:
Salina - Thoroughbred yearling

Salina came to us never having had much interactions with humans. Growing up outside, she had never been in a stall. Still a little leery, she is learning her new routines. Our trainer Moriah, is gently teaching her about being haltered and led; about getting brushed and picking up her feet.  This noble filly will be up for adoption to the right home soon.

Saved with your help:
Salina's dam Love Notion

This 23 old mare looked awful. Her mane all tangled, her body condition under par and she was not inclined to let anyone near her. Once at our farm however, she quickly realized that she was safe and we could be trusted. Our vet examined her, we treated her for rain rot and started her on nourishing feed and lots of good quality hay.

What a mess: Tangled mane, ribs                   Our vet Dr. Glaza is giving her an
showing and rain rot. Not very                        extensive exam. This precious mare
interested in human contact.                           is so relaxed now.                              



   Nothing more wonderful than to see the changes we make in a horse's life


        Saved with your help:
            Honor, 2008 Thoroughbred

 Arriving at our farm as a skinny stallion, we quickly discovered that he was suffering badly from an abscessed tooth which made it extremely hard for him to eat. 
With an aggressive treatment and several follow-up visits from our vet, we could see great improvements. 
Once in better condition, Dr. Glaza gelded this handsome guy and Honor has been nothing but a Gentleman; loving the attention and care we are able to provide for him.
We will decide on his training program in the near future. This horse will be a head turner! Donations to his training would be very much appreciated.



Speak Up For Horses Updates 
Paint has been adopted

We are thrilled for Paint to have found the perfect home. He will be a trusted steed on the trails, a friend to his new owner's other horses and a pet for the kids who come visit.


Thank You to all the supporters who helped with his training bills! 





  Thank You For Attending
    The annual Paws & More Adoption Day
We met great people, horse lovers, animal welfare supporters and made new friends.
A beautiful day and a perfect setting at Mike Linnig's Restaurant on the Ohio River drew a huge crowd.
We hope to see you there again next year!

Winter Is On The Way
And we need hay, hay and more hay.
We always have to look ahead, keep the hay barn full, to assure  our horses will be provided for now and in the coming months of bare pastures.
You can help secure the deliveries of quality hay by simply giving via our

easy links to PayPal. Choose an amount below and click.


                                 All donations are tax deductible           


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Thank You
For Your Support

         We are ever so grateful to all of our friends, volunteers and supporters!
You are the ones who help our rescued horses and you keep us going forward in our mission to Speak Up For Horses.

Speak Up For Horses