This is a story about the Nassau Shul, an artist and past member of the Nassau Shul, a trip to New Mexico, a souvenir shop owner, a flea market held at Temple Beth Emeth in Albany, and a painting. The name of the artist is Pearl E. Roistracher. 
I knew Pearl back in the late-1950s and 1960s, when she and other local Jewish women, including my mother, played Mah-Jongg at one another’s homes.
Fast forward to 1992. I took a trip to Albu-querque, NM, where the friends I was visiting toured me through the Santa Fe area’s Native American museums, cultural centers, ancient ruins, and mining towns. In the quaint town of Madress (population +/- 20), I met a souvenir shop owner named Charlotte Irons. Charlotte asked where I was from. I told her that I was from a small village called Nassau, NY, outside of the state capital. She told me that she knew of Nassau because her cousin, Pearl Roistracher, used to live there. My eyes opened wide, and when I told her that my mother used to play Mah-Jongg with Pearl 30+ years ago, Charlotte’s eyes, likewise, opened wide in surprise. We conversed for quite some time, both of us amazed at this random, exciting connection, made despite 2,500 miles’ distance.