Oct. 2, 2017
Tomorrow night the City will discuss important topics of interest to Orinda businesses: the future of food trucks and the next steps of downtown planning, including a parking plan. Your participation is very important. Link to tomorrow's city council agenda HERE

The city has also started discussing ways to get a comprehensive picture of the business community, an important step if downtown planning and revitalization manifests. One option is to require that businesses register with the city. The fee associated with registration would be minimal.

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Public Affairs: Food Trucks - Downtown Development - Business registration

Food trucks: The pilot program for food trucks in Orinda is close to an end. It is time to review its impact and make decisions regarding its continuation. The city has asked residents and businesses to fill up a survey about the food trucks. The residents that responded overwhelmingly support the trucks, while the reality businesses describe is more complex.   
Based on the direct and survey feedback, Orindans need to understand that some restaurants are being seriously impacted by the trucks. The discussion will be: what can be done to reinvigorate downtown's vibrancy without sacrificing the existing businesses that contribute to the city's bottom line, to the schools, and to many service groups? Would a different food truck evening be better for them? Is there realistic ways to include existing businesses in the revitalization?  
It is important that your voice is heard! Come to the meeting Tuesday evening, send a letter to the city or to your chamber so we can relay your suggestions and concerns: info@orindachamber.org. Click HERE to read the staff report.  The chamber is working with the restaurants community to strengthen a "Dine Out Orinda" marketing program.
The city has conducted a series of studies with external consultants regarding the development of the downtown area. During the council meeting the members will discuss priority projects, this will include working on a parking plan and trade-offs;possibility for creating three distinct downtown areas and one subarea (Areas: Village, Crossroads, Civic and Subarea: Gateway), and much more.

Same link as above to access the staff report.


The Planning commission met last week to study the possibility of asking businesses to register with the city. The purpose, as economic development becomes a real objective in Orinda, is the planning staff to get an complete picture of the business community, as well as being able to consistently communicate with it.  

One business owner came to the meeting and declared its opposition as what he suspects is a slippery slope to taxation, while two others recommended the measure, as long as the associated fee be kept at a minimum.  
The city would charge only what is necessary to cover its processing cost. Other cities charge an average of $50. The chamber supports the idea of economic development in Orinda and also asked that the fee be kept to a minimum. The organization could assist the city in the business registration process and make it pain-free for its members.   
Contact us if you have any question: info@orindachamber.org 
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