Volume 5, Issue 34
May 5, 2017
eNewsletter  May 6 - May 19
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Rector's Message

Each week on Wednesday, we gather at 9:00 am as a Staff to pray, and discuss the week past as well as our plans for the weeks ahead. This past week we were blessed to have with us, back from surgery, Dan Ivey. 

Dan has served as Sexton for the past few years at Saint Ann's and has a deep and abiding commitment to the Episcopal Church. Dan has worked tirelessly for St. James, Episcopal Church, New London, an with San Pedro Episcopal Church in El Pariso, Ecuador . Dan has been on medical leave for the last couple of weeks. We are grateful to have him re-join us around the table and to begin light work at Saint Ann's.

Madhu Maheshwari, Nearly New Shop Manager, spent time discussing the much anticipated automation of the computer scanning system for the Nearly New Shop, as well as the flurry of Spring activity at the shop. Please join the volunteers this Sunday after both Church services as they provide coffee for us at the Shop. 

We also spent time in our weekly Staff meeting thanking Dick Lamourine for his extra work in Dan's absence. 

Kathy Rowe shared a number of items, as did I about the upcoming all parish cleanup on Saturday, the 13th of May followed by a luncheon 
(please sign up on the counter outside of the Griswold Room or call the parish office 860-434-1621). The grounds look so pretty and I will be including some photographs later on in the E blast for your perusal. 

Stephen Gamboa-Diaz announced to us that he has been offered a full-time job at The Yale Institute of Sacred Music, serving on the  communications side of the ISM, working with both internal and extra communications. Stephen will do this concurrently while continuing to serve as Organist and Choir Master for Saint Ann's. Steven will be working remotely on Wednesdays and be with us at Saint Ann's on Thursday's. We will continue to have his good musical guidance on Sunday's.

The sanctuary has been active in the last few weeks with our Sunday services as well as a Baptism, Burial, the service of weekly Morning Prayer and our Wednesday Eucharist at 11:30 am. Our new Morning Prayer services are offered each Tuesday at 10:30 am. If you are inclined to join us, please do...or if you are just driving down Shore Road, please stop in.

Last Sunday afternoon, Live@Saint Ann's was proud to present the LOL High School Select Singers along with The Lost Keys A Cappella group form NYC.  This musical group includes our own Sarah Peck, daughter of Nina and David Peck, who was baptized at Saint Ann's over 20 years ago. 

I was very impressed with this collaborative effort and thank so many from our community for your participation. We all need mentors in our lives and clearly some of the high school students will continue to look up to these professional a cappella singers in the years to come.

After a very full Saturday and Sunday, I jumped on my bicycle, having not been on a road bike for over a year. It was exhilarating to be out on a beautiful spring evening as the sun was setting, moving my body and bike around the roads of Old Lyme. I began reflecting on the gift of life as I saw it coming about with each blink of my eyes. We are blessed to be occupants with so many other creatures and plants living together on this 'fragile earth, our island home' (BCP Eucharist Prayer C). It was so apparent to me in that very moment. 

It is a great blessing to be among the people of Saint Ann's, in our community of Lyme-Old-Lyme, surrounded by the converging waters of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound, and to have eyes to see and ears to hear the abundance and fullness of our God given lives. 

Thank you for my breath oh creator. Breathe on me breath of God, I am thankful.


Parish News

Special Coffee Hours at 
the Nearly New Shop this Sunday, May 7!
(after each service)

Be sure to join Manager Madhu at the Shop after each service this Sunday.  Have some coffee and a goodie and take a look at our beautiful consignment shop.  You won't believe the treasures you will find!

Live@Saint Ann's is an outreach program of Saint Ann's Episcopal Church created to cultivate fellowship opportunities, encourage creativity and enrich the cultural life of our Shoreline community through the presentation of a broad array of musical programs. 

Full House at Saint Ann's for 
The Lost Keys and Select Singers! 

Saint Ann's was swinging on Sunday  with the joyful voices of a cappella!   The Lost Keys from NYC and our  own Lyme Old Lyme High School's  Select Singers (first row, right picture) were a big hit attracting  local parents, community friends and Saint Ann's  Parishioners.   Sarah Peck (last row, left picture), daughter of Nina and David Peck, is a member of The Lost Keys.  She was baptized here and happy to be back in our midst!

All hands on deck!!!
Spring Clean-up scheduled for May 13th ~ 9:30-11:30 am

Lunch will be served at 11:30.  Bring your energy, some tools and a friend!  Please sign up on the counter outside the Griswold Room so we know your lunch preference and how much to cook!

Question for Saint Ann's Parish: 
Should We Move to One Worship Service for July & August?

The Vestry and I are considering the decision of offering one service at 9:30 am at Saint Ann's this Summer during July and August and need your input.

This decision is one that I share with you as it is important that we agree on how to best accomplish our purpose for worship at Saint Ann's during the Summer months.

Here is how one Saint Ann's Parishioner recently described their feelings about our worship and fellowship: 

"For years we have had two Sunday morning services. However, increasingly on special occasions, we have come together for our worship services into one service. The energy and purpose felt as we worship together, and see the other members of the parish, leads us to consider the option of more frequent combined services."

Therefore, we are considering combining our services for July and August and working with the Fellowship! Committee to offer planned events from September through June when we will gather together between services for fellowship, meals, and service. 

As I look at this topic I do so with a sincere concern for how we are accomplishing our mission.  Let me raise a couple of leadership considerations as we discuss and explore the number of services at Saint Ann's for July and August and our future calendar for worship. 
Mission and Service
As Rector, my task is to help us think about the worship schedule from a perspective of fulfilling God's mission for us as an Episcopal community of faith. We gather for worship each week so that parish members and visitors can glorify God, give thanks, grow into deeper discipleship and service in fulfilling God's mission. My hope is that no matter when or in what manner we worship, we become inspired for action and service in serving our Risen Lord in a new way. While at the same time, we draw new disciples into service as they begin to follow Christ.

The question of offering one service at Saint Ann's is not a personal preference, but rather, can one service accomplish our purpose for worship effectively. Therefore, if we determine to go from two services to one for July and August, then we must do so believing in a renewed commitment. 

"Have one combined worship service for July and August, so that members can glorify God, give thanks, and grow as disciples, and be inspired for action and mission in a way that could draw new disciples to follow Christ more fully than having multiple services." 

This should be the only basis for making the change.

There are many reasons why one or both of the Saint Ann's worship services are not well attended in July and August.  The Summer months bring vacation plans and other activities that have nothing to do with the time of the service or the number of services.

If we do determine to change our worship schedule in July and August, then we all have the responsibility to make it work to our collective advantage. Any change in our schedule will be an opportunity to communicate and connect with everyone in the parish to inform them of our Summer schedule. In addition, the larger Community will be informed of the change in worship times as well.

The number of worship services and their times are not sacred. We just need to be sure any change at Saint Ann's Parish is made for the right reasons.

We want to hear from you!  Please be in touch with the Rector or a Vestry person if you have thoughts on this.

Saint Ann's Parish members have chosen to ride in the Tour de Lyme since its inception. The first 'Tour de Lyme' ride was held on a Saturday which did not interfere with our worship services for any of the churches of Lyme-Old-Lyme. As your rector likes to ride, as well as a number of our parish members, Mark Robinson spoke to the tour organizers (as well as to our brother/sister churches, FCCOL, Christ The King) and the 'Tour de Lyme' developed a church goers ride! Will and Diana Fiske will be headed off from Church joining in with the riders who will join us from the Congregational and Roman Catholic churches at 11:45 on Sunday 21 May. Please consider joining them by signing up for the Church Goers Ride.

The Church Goers Ride  - 7.5 to 8.7 miles - After services, approximately 11:45am riders leave Old Lyme Congregational and Christ the King and meet up with other riders at Saint Ann's and then ride to Ashlawn Farm. Follow  purple  arrows.  Detailed Church Goers Cue Sheet  available here.

Join us for the fifth annual Tour de Lyme on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  For competitive riders this is a chance to warm up for the cycling season ahead. For others, it provides a wonderful occasion to pedal with friends and family through Lyme and the surrounding countryside.  If you are a mountain biker, this is an opportunity to ride through private lands open only for this event.  Look at the cycle routes to decide which ride is right for you.

Everyone- riders, sponsors, supporters, and volunteers-will enjoy a fabulous post ride picnic at Ashlawn Farm with popular food trucks, local vendors and live music.  Every year the picnic just keeps getting better, be sure to visit the physical therapists or have a massage on site if you need a little extra help after your ride.
Tour de Lyme is a charitable cycling event that benefits the Lyme Land Conservation Trust a 501(c)3 organization proudly serving the Lyme community and surrounding areas.

Ever thought about leading a Morning Prayer Service?

If so, please be in contact with Seymour Smith ( or Charlie Potts ( to learn about this Daily Office.   Morning Prayer is offered every Tuesday morning at 10:30.

Feeding the Funnel

If you have an announcement or event that you would like to have mentioned in the service sheet, newsletter and website, please provide all necessary information in writing to Kathy Rowe with a copy to Mark Robinson.  Kathy will review the event details, check for conflicts, and will get final approval for the announcement at the weekly Wednesday staff meetings. Once approved, the announcement will be scheduled and inserted into the Saint Ann's communication vehicles.  

Please allow enough time for your announcement requests to be processed and remember that the deadlines are as follows: 
- Weekly service sheet -- end of business on Tuesdays
- Bi-weekly newsletter -- end of business on alternate Tuesdays
- Website news -- end of business on Tuesdays

In addition, any request for an outside Church Event Banner should be sent to Parish Administrator, Kathy Rowe by email with all pertinent information - date, time, event name etc.  Kathy will get the Rector's approval for the Banner, and, assuming budget funds are available, will order the Banner.

Saint Ann's Monthly Book Discussion

The Book Discussion Group recently held its planning meeting for 2016-17.  We meet the second Tuesday of the month from 2:30-4:00 pm at Saint Ann's.

May 9                The Rainbow Comes and Goes by  Anderson Cooper &
                            Gloria Vanderbilt
                     led by  Maryann Clancy

June 13              Nightgale by Kristen Hannah
                     led by  Liz Zeman

Please join us and give the group a try, you would be most welcome!!   
Nearly New Shop News  
Please join us at the Shop for special coffee hours after each service this coming Sunday, May 7! One at 9:30 and one at about 11:45.  Take this opportunity to stroll through the Shop and see all of the wonderful treasures you will find there!

Shop Hours:    
                      Tuesday - Saturday:  10 am to 5 pm

Intake Hours for Consignments:   
                      Wednesday - Friday:  10am to Noon
                      Saturday:  10am to 5 pm

Donations are accepted whenever the Shop is open. 

Vestry Meetings Open to Parish
Did you know Vestry Meetings are open to the Parish? They are and you should come. See how and what we discuss and do. If you have something you would like to bring to our attention or suggest to the Vestry, you are more than welcome to be in touch with the Senior or Junior Warden to get on the agenda.
The Vestry meets once a month, usually on the 3rd Thursday. All meetings are at 7:00 pm in the Griswold Room. Here are the scheduled meeting dates for the next two months. 

   May 11, 2017 ~ in the Griswold Room 7pm (second Tuesday)
   June 15, 2017 ~ in the Griswold Room 7pm 
Event Pictures! 

Please know that there are two Church-owned cameras in the office that are available for anyone to use during any events so that we will have photos to share! Thank you for stepping up and taking pictures whenever you can!  Phone photos also work, so if you have taken photos with your phone, please send them in.

Giving Thanks....
. .  for successful spine surgery for Dan Ivey. 

. . . for the beautiful property Saint Ann's is privileged to stand on.

Last of the apple trees from the orchard that once stood where the church now stands!
Walkway into our beautiful 
Memorial Garden.

Engaging in God's Mission

Successful Blood Drive at Saint Ann's!

At the beginning of April a call came into the office from a manager at The Red Cross stating that they had organized a blood drive at a church in Niantic, had appointments set up and everything ready to go.  Then they were told that the location was no longer available.  Saint Ann's was asked if we could host the blood drive on April 21, knowing that it was very last minute.  Fortunately, we were able to host them and they held the drive here from 1 pm to 6 pm.   They were thrilled to collect 28 units of blood, which was 5 over their goal!  This will be able to save up to 84 patients' lives.
They said that donors loved coming here and will be requesting a date later this fall to hold another one!

Volunteers needed for May 20 for 
Shoreline Soup Kitchen Meal 

Thanks to the 8 people who have signed up to prepare and serve breakfast for about 100 people at the First Congregational Church in Old Lyme from 7:45 to about 10:30. There will be an experienced supervisor to help. We are asked to do this about 4 times per year; please consider volunteering next time Saint Ann's is asked to serve in this rewarding ministry--we will let you know well ahead of time!  Call or email Tia Smith ( with questions.  

The River of Life: Connecticut River Pilgrimage
will be held May 31 - July 9, 2017
This is a 40-day trip on the Connecticut River from its source in northern New Hampshire to the Atlantic Ocean in Connecticut.

The Episcopal Churches of New England, the New England Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Kairos Earth, in partnership with local, statewide, and regional organizations along the Connecticut River, are organizing the first-ever pilgrimage along the length of the river.

The pilgrimage is open to anyone; people of all backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs are welcome.  Learn more here .

Bishop Ian Douglas has convened a working group, primarily from churches near or on the Connecticut River to help organize stops in CT. If you are interested in helping the ECCT planning team, reach out to Jo Brooks: 

USA and Russia : Is TRUST Ever Possible?
Local Author, Dick Shriver, To Speak on Sunday,
June 11th at 5 pm

Dick Shriver, local resident, author, and former U.S. Department of Defense Official, will share remarks and recollections, "USA and Russia: Is TRUST Ever Possible?" based on his global work experience captured in his recently published book, Glimpses of an Uncharted Life (iUniverse Editor's Choice), on Sunday, June 11th at 5 pm.

A book of reminiscences and reflections, "Glimpses of an Uncharted Life", shares what Mr. Shriver and his wife, Barbara, gleaned from living overseas for fifteen years and what they learned about the life and the people under communism and among countries recovering from the collapse of tyranny.  Mr. Shriver will discuss the current relationship between the United States and Russia by drawing reference to his own compelling experiences during the end of The Cold War.
Dick Shriver's many accomplishments during his time abroad included the creation of a new legal system for Estonia and creating thousands of private sector jobs in an independent Ukraine. There will be a Question-and-Answer session after the lecture.
A Reception for the Author and a Book Signing Event will follow the presentation in the Griswold Room. Shriver's new book, "Glimpses of an Uncharted Life" (SRP $23.95) will be offered for sale during the Reception; The Shrivers will generously donate $5 per book sold to Saint Ann's Church.
To reserve a seat for this timely and relevant discussion of the past, present and future relationship of the United States and Russia please contact Kathy Rowe at 860-434-1621.  Or register on-line with Eventbrite: ttps://

Mr. Shriver lives in Old Lyme, CT with his wife Barbara. They are active in the community as members of Saint Ann's Parish.  Dick is a founder and board member of the Mentoring Corps for Community Development and coach of Ticks Girls Lacrosse. He is former Warden of Saint Ann's Vestry and Executive-in-Residence at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Barbara is engaged in pastoral care at Saint Ann's and sings with the Valley Shore A Cappella.

For information, contact Kathy Rowe at 860-434-1621, via email at, or visit Saint Ann's online at

Looking For More Than Bible Study?

Education for Ministry ("EfM") may be something you might want to consider.  EfM is a program for adults who desire to grow deeper into scripture, church history and theology in a small group. Definitely not your grandmother's Bible study program, EfM understands that adults are responsible for their own learning and that Bible study is more than reading scripture and being "taught" what it means.  
EfM is a safe place to explore and develop a personal theology. Groups of six to twelve members meet with trained mentors who guide and administer the group. The group covenants to meet in person weekly during the year for 2.5 -3 hours for prayer, discussion and reflection in an atmosphere where a person's experience and point of view is valuable. As one of our readings this year put it, "Hearing the Word of God, in the past and in the present, is related to hearing each other."
The EFM group at Church of the Epiphany, Durham has openings for Fall 2017. We meet Monday nights, from 6:30-9 at the church, beginning in September.
Are you curious?  
For more information please contact me: Charlie Potts at or 617-429-6648 or Karen Otte at 860-349-3631 or    

ECCT News - Stay Informed! 

Be sure to get all the latest news from the ECCT (Episcopal Church in Connecticut, formerly the Diocese of Connecticut) by signing up for their email newsletters.  Click here to sign up

Raising Healthy Boys

LYSB is launching a year-long initiative for our community regarding "Raising Healthy Boys" with several programs and speakers.    Click here for a draft list of related programs.

Research shows that compared to girls, boys in the U.S. are more likely to be diagnosed with a behavior disorder, prescribed stimulant medications, fail out of school, binge drink, commit a violent crime, and/or take their own lives. 

Calling Collectors of Old Photos!

We are looking for old pictures of Saint Ann's!  If you can dig through old photos and find any of Saint Ann's when the parish was on Lyme Street in the late 1800s, or at what is now the Nearly New Shop, we would be delighted to see them!

Office Hours and Contact Information 
Email is best for all non-emergency situations

The Rev. Cn. Mark K. J. Robinson, Rector
Cell:  860-460-6822
If you would like to schedule a time to come in and see the Rector, please contact the office 860.434.1621 to schedule a time with the Parish Administrator or the Rector directly. Please don't hesitate to contact the office or the rector for an alternative time if none of the below work for you.

Open meeting times:
Tuesday:  10-12; Thursday:  10-11:30 or Friday:  10-12
or at other times by request

The parish office is open Monday - Friday, 9 am to 4 pm.

Calendar of Events 
Saturday, May 6
  • Men's Group - 8:30 am
  • Building & Grounds Committee Meeting - 10:00 am
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics - 12:00 pm

Sunday, May 7
  • Holy Eucharist Rite I - 8:30 am 
  • Godly Play - 10:00 am
  • Holy Eucharist Rite II - 10:30 am
  • Al-Anon Meeting - 7:00 pm 
Monday, May 8     
  • Lymes' Village Voices - 7:00 pm

Tuesday, May 9                             
  • Ministry Workshop - 9:00 am
  • Morning Prayer - 10:30 am
  • Living Sober - 7:00 pm
Wednesday, May 10
  • Staff Meeting - 9:00 am
  • Chair Yoga - 10:00 am (NO CHAIR YOGA THIS WEEK)
  • Holy Eucharist - 11:30 am
Thursday, May 11
  • Interplay - 9:00 am
  • Executive Committee - 11:00 am
  • Vestry Meeting - 7:00 pm
  • Choir Rehearsal - 7:30 pm (in the choir loft)
Friday, May 12
  • Mentoring Corps for Community Development (MCCD) - 8:30 am
  • Alcoholics Anonymous - 8:00 pm

Saturday, May 13
  • Men's Group - 8:30 am
  • Spring Clean-Up - 9:30 am
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics - 12:00 pm
Sunday, May 14
  • Holy Eucharist Rite I - 8:30 am
  • Godly Play - 10:00 am
  • Holy Eucharist Rite II - 10:30 am
  • Al-Anon Meeting- 7:00 pm 

Monday, May 15
  • Lymes' Village Voices - 7:00 pm

Tuesday, May 16
  • Sewing Ministry - 9:00 am 
  • Morning  Prayer - 10:30 am
  • Living Sober - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, May 17
  • Staff Meeting - 9:00 am
  • Chair Yoga - 10:00 am
  • Holy Eucharist -11:30 am
Thursday, May 18
  • Interplay - 9:00 am 
  • Executive Committee Meeting - 11:30 am
  • Choir Rehearsal - 7:30 pm (in the choir loft)

Next eblast due out
Friday, May 19

  • Mentoring Corps for Community Development (MCCD) - 8:30 am
  • Alcoholics Anonymous - 8:00 pm

Saint Ann's Parish, 82 Shore Road, Old Lyme, CT 06371
(860) 434-1621
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