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 Healthy Portland is a coalition of health care organizations, nonprofit agencies, schools, law enforcement, and community members. The coalition's purpose is to create lasting changes in our community that reduce tobacco use, increase physical activity, promote healthy eating, and prevent underage drinking and substance abuse through implementation of policy, systems and environmental changes.  
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July 2013

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The Butt Stops Here
City launches campaign to end tobacco litter

"We all need to do our part to keep Portland clean," stated Mayor Brennan. "The Butt Stops Here is designed to inform the public of why it is important to properly throw away tobacco trash. Not only is this litter costly to pick up, but as it breaks down it can pollute our streets, parks, beaches and water."

The Butt Stops Here campaign includes posters on city trash collection vehicles as well as window decals available to local businesses reminding the public to properly dispose of tobacco liter (graphic attached). In conjunction with this effort, Portland Police Cadets and Park Rangers will disseminate information regarding both smoke-free and tobacco litter ordinances to members of the public or in combination with issuing a warning for violations. Last year, the Portland City Council enacted a city ordinance that clearly identifies tobacco litter, such as cigarette butts, as trash that needs to be disposed of properly. Failure to comply with the anti-littering ordinance could result in a fine of at least $100.  Click here for more

You Don't Have to Travel Far to Fill Your Passport to Play
Travel Portland parks this summer


PORTLAND, Maine - This week, the City of Portland announced the return of its popular Passport to Play program, which is designed to educate and encourage the public to explore Portland parks and open spaces. The passport includes ten different park pages featuring fun facts and hints designed to help park travelers locate each park's Passport Post. Once the traveler finds the Passport Post, they can take an etching of the plaque atop the post by rubbing a pencil or crayon on the corresponding page in their passport. Click here for more on Passport to Play


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