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This Month's Featured Jobsite

  KEI is the design/build contractor for a new project in Columbus, WI for Fromm Family Foods. Check out the project on our website and check back to see future photos as the project progresses.
New Solar Division!

Knobelsdorff Electric is proud to announce their entrance into the industrial and commercial solar power market!  Our decision to move into this business sector was prompted by two basic factors - a rapidly growing client interest in "green" energy and our deep background in electrical and controls systems, which gives KEI an impressive technical advantage over our competitors in this field.  Think about these benefits:
  • Hedge against the risk of rising electricity prices
  • Low risk, secure investment with an estimated ROI of over 15%
  • Increases property value
  • Creates visible statement supporting your sustainability commitment
  • Federal government tax credits available
  • Low maintenance
  • Systems are custom designed for YOUR facility and installed by the KEI team.

Our most recent project completed in July was the Minneapolis Parade Ice Garden, where we installed a 153.34kW DC rated roof mounted photovoltaic array in accordance with Xcel Energy's Renewable Development Fund.


From start to finish, Knobelsdorff Electric will handle every detail of your solar project and deliver the highest quality results in the industry.  Call us today to schedule a free on-site consultation, or click here to learn more about the benefits of investing in solar power.

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