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Volume 21, Issue 2              

February 2017 
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Short & Sweet Mission Project

Everyone is invited to help the Children & Family Ministry Team fill cookie bags and write notes to police officers as part of our quarterly mission project series. The cookies will be freshly baked that morning. We'll wrap them in cellophane sleeves, tie with ribbons and write notes of appreciation for their service. Come help with this fun project! We will set up in the Golden Beacon room right after worship on Feb. 26.  

Evidence of Journey Concert!
Circle February 19 on your calendar
. . . and prepare to be blessed!
"Evidence of Journey"
in concert at Lowman
Sunday, February 19
6:00 pm
More information to come in weekly bulletins and Sunday announcements--you really won't want to miss this opportunity to be inspired! Plan now to be here and
invite your family and friends!
Time to Get Your Photo Taken

Sign up in the narthex or make your appointment online for your picture to be taken Feb. 8 - 11 for our new church directory. Here's the address:
Families will have an opportunity to purchase portraits at a discount. The directory will also be available in print and in a secure digital format.
Baskets & Baked Potatoes 

It's time for our annual basket auction for camp scholarships. Design and fill a basket for others to bid on. See baskets you like? Place your bids on the narthex table. Baskets will be awarded at our baked potato bar on March 5

VBS Revamped! 

Lowman! You can be an EVERYDAY HERO to our kids and others who will join us this August for our Back to School Bible Bash. Our traditional VBS is being revamped into a weekend of Bible learning and fun just as school is starting.   Our theme is Hero Central and we will all be learning about how we can be an EVERYDAY HERO! There will be groups for preschool through junior high.

The BTSBB (Back to School Bible Bash) will be held August 18, 19, and 20th:  Friday evening from 6-8 pm and Saturday 9 am - 3 pm. We will celebrate our EVERYDAY HEROES Sunday morning at worship.

If you would like to help, please come to our planning meeting on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 12:45 pm. We have a way for everyone to be an EVERYDAY HERO!
Topeka District Youth Event at Lowman

On Sunday, February 26, the Topeka District Youth are invited to gather at Lowman UMC from 2:00-5:00 pm for a STOP HUNGER NOW event. Plans are for youth to get an opportunity to meet others and help with the meal packaging program.  The youth will work in groups of four or five to fill 1,000 bags with meals that are sent to places where food is scarce. We encourage Methodist youth and their friends, grades 6 through 12, to participate. If possible, bring $10 to donate towards the food. We will also have a short worship service and snacks. Let the office know by Feb. 17 if you plan to attend.
February Soup Events at Doorstep
February is a busy month for Doorstep. We have Souper Bowl Sunday, February 5th where we ask our member congregations to collect soup and crackers to help stock our food pantry. Our goal for 2017 is 4 tons-8,000 pounds! Watch for sales and bring donations to your congregation or to Doorstep directly. You exceeded last year's goal of 4,000 pounds by donating 8,663 pounds! Let's do it again.
The month of February brings cold weather and what is better on a cold day than hot soup and chili? Doorstep's major fundraiser, Operation Soup Line, is in its 14th year. Mark your calendars on Wednesday, February 22. Food will be available from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm at the Expo Center's Ag Hall on 17th Street just north of the Expo Center.

As always, we offer delivery on orders of 10 or more during lunchtime (11am - 1:30pm.) Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. You will receive your choice of soup or chili, dessert and a drink. Take-out is available.
We will have celebrity servers, entertainment (school groups perform) and a theme basket auction during lunch and dinner. The funds raised at this event are used to help our neighbors in need with rent and utility assistance throughout the year.
Susan Venis will have tickets for sale before and after church services a couple weeks before Feb. 22nd. Cakes will be needed for the dinner. If you would like to donate a cake, please call Susan at 272-1785.  
A Word from the Pastor 
Dear Friends,

What follows is a condensed version of the sermon I prepared for January 14th and 15th. I was able to share this at the Saturday evening worship, but because of the impending weather, Sunday's worship was canceled.
In John 1:35 - 42, John the Baptist sees Jesus and several things happen; he identifies Jesus to a couple of his followers as the Son of God. As they follow him, Jesus asks, "What are you looking for?" and Simon gets a new name, Peter.
But there's also a statement that seems to have little meaning: "It was about four o'clock in the afternoon." I've read it many times but never gave it much thought. There has to be something important here--something more than just the time of day, but what?  
"It was about four o'clock in the afternoon." Well, does it have something to do with a time in the person's life that was difficult; or is it about a time later in life for these followers, and in both cases, life changed because of their new relationship with Jesus?
Well, I guess my conclusion is this: it was the time that a new life began for these followers, and this is a time to remember and hold dear. When did you meet Jesus? Well, "it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon."
I was born at a certain time, married at a certain time, our daughter was born at about 1:41 pm, our grandson was born in the wee hours of the morning, my father died at a certain time in my life - these are important parts of my life, and the times are important.
It's important to remember these moments of time. When did you first meet Jesus? Well, "it was about four o'clock in the afternoon...."
Time matters in this scripture story, not just to mark time, but to remind us that not only is this an important time for us, but also that when we meet Jesus is important to God.
For these first disciples, about four o'clock in the afternoon was their time, by invitation from Jesus, to be part of his life and work, not just to come and see, but to come and be.
This is the time of the invitation to join Jesus and belong to him, to begin that journey of salvation, to understand and feel the assurance of his love, and God's desire for a relationship with you.
No wonder "about four o'clock in the afternoon" was recorded; the first time of abiding in the Word of God cannot be left to some generic memory.
I found this to be so encouraging and enriching for us to know that God sees our time as so important; and the time that we begin our life's journey with his son, Christ Jesus, is a time that matters deeply to God.

Pastor Tony
Thank You Notes

Thank you to my Lowman friends for the birthday cards. It was special that you helped me celebrate number 90!
Forrest Cowell
On  behalf of Great Plains United Methodist Men leadership team, please accept our thanks for the use of your church for our financial planning meeting last Saturday, January 21. Not only did the meeting and discussion go very well, but your hospitality was much appreciated. I hope we left the meeting room in at least as good a condition as you provided.
Yours in Christ,
Craig Nordaker
Doorstep Christmas adoptions went well this year; they adopted 259 households with 811 individuals. That is a lot of people, and it was made possible by Topeka churches and their members, so Doorstep says a big THANK YOU!
Thank you to Barbara McLain and Dianna Massie of our congregation for volunteering to work at Doorstep on Fridays in January and to Jan Walker who works 9-2 every Friday all year at Doorstep in the clothing room.
Susan Venis
Doorstep Coordinator

Craftin', Quiltin' & Scrappin'

Hey, scrapbookers, "Scrappin' at Lowman" meets the second Saturday of each month in Wesley North at 12:00 noon.
Or are you interested in quilting or UFO's? "Quiltin' at Lowman" meets at 12:00 pm on the fourth Saturday of each month.
Our latest group, "Lowman Crafters", meets in the art room on the lower level at 1:00 pm the third Thursday of each month.
Visitors and newcomers are welcome in all groups. Call the church office at 272-8921 for more details.
United Methodist Women's News
UMW Calendar
Feb. 1   UMW Executive                         10:30 am
Feb. 12/13    Legislative Event for Advocacy
                        in Faith at First UMC, Topeka
Feb. 21   Circle at Arbor Court                2:00 pm
                Circle at Los Charros                 7:00 pm

UMW Weekend Worship
Lowman UMW will lead the Saturday service in the chapel at 4:00 pm on February 11. They will also lead the Sunday service the next morning at 10:15. Amanda Conrade will be the speaker.
Women, wear our colors of black, red, and/or white when you come to worship.
Lowman JUMP 

The Justice Unity & Ministry Project (JUMP) network is open to anyone interested. Contact Carol Babcock for more information. Lowman's network has the following members:
Megan Bond-Toney  
  Jan Walker                          
Angela Hartness
Kathy Molander
Johne Green
Kay Farley
Janet Schalansky
Chris Linsner
Eileen Davis
Rosie Cooper
Becky Lindbloom
Jeanne Wright
Shirley Fouse
Kevin Garner
Robet Maxwell
Laurel Johnson
Jan Craig
Anne Abbo
Sharon McGuire
Susan Vargas
Carol Babcock
Liz Gragg

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Money Matters

            Received        Budget        Actual Expenses

   $  29,829        $ 25,337          $ 28,269

YTD      $ 266,172      $304,085         $266 ,172

Prayer Concerns

Helen Miller is recovering from pneumonia. 


Reaona Hemmingway--health concern 


Elaine Bryant--health concern 


Carol Scheibe--health concern 



Prayer List Policy


Our policy is to list names on the prayer list for 3 weeks. If you let the office know, your name can be listed for an additional 3 weeks.  


Lowman's February calendar is posted on our website under

events at 


February Volunteers 

Opening the church:     Robert Maxwell

:                         Randy & Liz Gragg

     At the visitors' desk:        Nadine Chandler     


                   Feb.  5                         Mike Tryon

                 Feb. 12                         UMW

                 Feb. 19                         Margaret Jantzen

                 Feb. 26                         Patty Bottorff 

Children's Message by

                 Feb.   5                    Jackie Howard

                 Feb. 12                    UMW

                 Feb. 19                    Susan Vargas

                 Feb. 26                   Carla Hazen

Stephen Ministry Visitation

           Jan. 30 - Feb. 5               Argell Jantzen

           Feb. 6 - Feb. 12              Kay Farley

           Feb. 13 - Feb. 19            Argell Jantzen

           Feb. 20 - Feb. 26            Carol Babcock

Beautiful Location 


 Mount Hope Cemetery 

17th & Fairlawn in Topeka    

1 cemetery plot   $1,000.00   



Please Contact Debbie

at Lowman United Methodist Church



Lowman Ministry Teams Meeting Schedule
 Second Sunday of each month
11:45 am        Trustees-odd #'d months
                         Worship Team-even #'d months
12:45 pm         SPRC
                          Children & Family Ministry Team
1:45 pm           Finance Team
                          Evangelism -Mission Team
                          odd #'d  
2:45 pm           Stewardship Team
3:45 pm           Church Council
Third Sunday of odd #'d months
11:45 a m     Technology /Communication Team

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