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Episcopal Home

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Thank You, St. John's!
Women At The Well  Bring Goods & Goodies
They arrived like a bright ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, bearing gifts and everything needed to throw  a party. The Women at the Well group from St. John's Episcopal Church, Carlisle,  are some of our good friends here at the Home. They come a couple of times  a year to visit  with  our residents and to treat them to snacks in  a festive  atmosphere.  They also bring items from our Wish List,  donated by the generous  parishioners at St. John's.

Debbie Kendrick, speaking on behalf of their organization,  affirms that her fellow members are a wonderful group of women who are enthusiastic about involving our residents in future activities. We also owe Debbie special thanks because she donates all of the copier and printer paper for our  offices.  We're so grateful to our friends at St. John's who  see a need and fill a need.
"Women At The Well" Members pictured above (left to right): Pat Simms, Debbie Kendrick, Linda Myers, Connie Middleton, Doreen Maisano (back), Wendy Tibbetts, Patti Leggett, Ann Whitesel (back), Janet Thrasher, and Robin Fidler.
"Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of loving kindness." - Dalai Lama XIV

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness!
Notable Dates
In 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month. A special Presidential Proclamation is issued every year, honoring the extraordinary achievements of American women.
Upcoming Events
B I R T H D A Y S !

This month, we wish our following residents
the happiest of birthdays! 

March 3 - Winnie
March 23 - Mary B.
March 28 - Bertha

Around the House
Cooking Club
We're Off To A Great Start!
Kitchen Manager Effie Hershey and her crew of resident bakers, assisted by staff members Anita and Alyssa, launched our first official Cooking Club activity last month. Judging from the smiles, conversation,  and laughter, it was quite a success.  Effie has plenty of delicious ideas  for future projects.
Some of the finished creations
Making Music
When Barbie joined us at The Episcopal Home, her address may have changed but
not her love of music.  She took piano lessons when she was younger, and she enjoys playing our piano  during her spare time. 

Creative Crafters
The Home was awash in red, pink, and white hearts and flowers during the month of February.

Thanks to the creative efforts of Vivian Carbaugh, our Activities Director, resident crafters provided pops of bright color by creating tissue paper flowers,
and  placements for their Valentine's Day dinner.
Cheery February centerpieces graced our dining tables, 
thanks to the combined efforts of Effie Hershey and Jan Rose.
Celebrating 90 Years!
The Episcopal Home opened its doors for the first time 90 years ago.
Look for fun facts and photos throughout the coming months, as we celebrate this milestone.
In this photo, dated August 15, 1959, work has begun on the first addition to the back of the existing home.

Did You Know.....?

* Established in 1927, the Home is  
    the oldest personal care facility  
    in the Shippensburg area.
* The Home was originally occupied  
    by three women.
*  During the mid-50’s, the Home  
     expanded  to six women in  
     residence .
*  In 1959, an addition was  built,  
     allowing space for up to 22  
     residents and, for the first time,  
The latest  addition was built in  
    1999, bringing the capacity to 32.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church,  Shippensburg

Our next door neighbor is a small church with a big heart. 
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Mission Statement
The mission of the Episcopal Home of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania is to enhance personal care to residents, their families and the community that enhance physical, intellectual, social,
and spiritual wellbeing.