PEACEwater: No Thirsty Child!
Happy New Year! 

36,000 more Rwandans will get clean water next year 
from 53 churches

13 rainwater harvesting systems with underground tanks 
40 rainwater harvesting systems with aboveground tanks
1,325 new W.A.S.H. trainers

2016 Project Budget $158,500
Thanks to you!
Water Filters Improve Health
Larry McBride shows pastors in the East the water filter that PEACEwater will  provide for their churches and homes. 

Pastors in the West report that the filters have 
significantly reduced the number of times they need to 
seek healthcare for  sick children. 
W.A.S.H. Training Launched in North

Volunteers from Saddleback Church, McKenzie Hirz, Tiffany Tingirides, Jennifer Brooks, and Elaine Eddow worked with Pastor Manuel Mugira teaching PEACEwater's W.A.S.H. health and hygiene education program at churches in the North. When foreigners take the time and make the effort to come teach in rural Rwandan churches, the community recognizes that the training is important and valuable.
Drive for Water

Thanks to Stephen (left) and Kourtney (3rd from left) Magliocco for another successful fundraiser 
at Pelican Hills Golf Club. 

  Stephen says, "Growing up with a father who was involved in a variety of charities, I was provided with a role model who instilled a desire within me to help those in need. Losing my dad to cancer when I was only twenty-one years old left me searching for a greater purpose in this life at a very young age."   Read more...
Take the Trip of a Lifetime

Everyone who comes to Rwanda returns with a bigger worldview and more compassion for others. Gregg Lafayette, Phil DeRose, and Chuck Boyd hiked all the way down a big hill and back up with local children to experience firsthand the challenge of hauling 40 pound containers of water. The team field tested PEACEwater's new mission trip experience and gave it a big thumbs up.   Read more...
Kigali Life

Larry recently had the pleasure of showing Scott Butts around Rwanda. Scott volunteered to help with PEACEwater's work to better understand our family's passion for Rwanda.     

Scott, thank you for bravely traveling to Rwanda with your future father-in-law. We can't wait to welcome you to the family when you marry our daughter Kelsey next August! Any chance that you'll opt for a Rwanda wedding? 
January 2016
Water and 
the Word

PEACEwater completed 2015's goal to bring clean water and W.A.S.H. training to 50 churches in Rwanda's driest district.

Churches in the Eastern Province gathered 
for a celebration 
on  December 5th.

Pastor Mark said, "We often went without water because of the long walk to fetch it . Nobody can spend 3 days without taking a shower and still feel good. Nobody can spend 3 days without drinking water and still feel good. 
Also, it was difficult to find wood to boil the water to clean it. 

With the new tanks, we even had enough water to make cement to pave the church floor. Dust and insects are no longer a big problem." 

Pastor Alphonse 
"We thank God for sending good people to us that came to give us clean water. We thank you and we pray for you. Thank you very much and God bless you."

   Making Each Year Count
Mary Hendrickson told her family about PEACEwater's work in Rwanda. When her family gathered recently to celebrate Mary's birthday, Mary's children honored her by donating money for  rainwater harvesting systems at two Rwandan churches. 

Read Larry's latest Blog...

"I am happy.  God has filled my life with meaning and purpose and blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.  Tears fill my eyes as I write this."   Read more...

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