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An Exciting Addition to Plaza de Anaya 

Indigo StudioBamboo Studio


Indigo Studio rents of $15 an hour         Bamboo Studio  rents for $15 an hour  


     Main Studio rental begins at $35,  

or ask us about our Troupe Practice rental special


We are excited to introduce our new Bamboo Studio!  

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!           




Plaza de Anaya ~ World Fusion Music & Dance Studio 


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September 2011

New Fall Session!
Classes at Plaza de Anaya
August 29th-October 22nd

We have an exciting 

Fall Session for you!


From Dance Conditioning, Sword, Cabaret/Burlesque, Cabaret Bellydance, Tribal Bellydance, Fusion, Zumba, Poi/Staff, Drum Solo Dance for all Styles, Shimmy n' Shake, Drills, American Tribal Style, Anaya Tribal Style, Divine Chaos Skirt Style.


start at 5:00pm!   



6:15pm, 7:20pm, 8:20pm  


6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm   


11:30am, 12:45pm 




April Rose
April Rose September 8th, Thursday
September 8th,

Thursday 6pm-9pm

Making Choreography Workshop    

This workshop brings you into a detailed, step-by-step, example of one way to make dances from the inception of your idea to completion. Beginning students and teachers alike will come away with chunks of choreography, and inspiration to take home. $65

  Making Choreography beginning, middle and end

  •  Dynamics. Repetition, stacking, deconstructing
  •  Mapping movement across the floor
  •  Charting energetic flow
  •  When to incorporate music into the process

How to tell an audience  

"this is important!" 


Fall Goddess Groove
Fall Goddess Groove
                September 18th,

Sunday 1:30pm-3:30pm    

Dance techniques that develop skills in lyrical & whimsical dance movement. Connect with the element of Air to inspire light, lyrical dance steps & turns with beautifully polished arm frames/gestures & elegant veil dancing technique. Experience light & spacious meditative dance explorations in 3/4 & 6/8 rhythms that activate the heart chakra & bring us into heightened states of being


Click here for more info! 

Fall Plaza Intensive!
Fall Plaza Intensive 2011
Fall Plaza Intensive 2011
Silvia Salamanca
Elizabeth Strong

Two amazing performers & Teachers!


6 workshops:


Upper Egyptian Fusion 


Zambra Mora: Spanish Gypsy Dance 


Hands, Fan & Skirt Spanish Gypsy Flair 



Move Like a Snake 


Turkish Roman 


Turkish Roman Fusion 



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Silvia Salamanca
Silvia Salamanca at Plaza de Anaya
Silvia discovered tribal fusion in the USA and combined it with a deep research into her own cultural roots: spanish gypsy and arabic. Hence with her work in the field of Zambra Mora (spanish gypsy-oriental dance fusion) Silvia gained international recognition.  Realizing the enormous benefits that this art-form brings to women in both body and soul, she continues to observe how women can get closer to their self identity and discover oneself in a new level, increase self-esteem, and getting deeper in touch with the feminine essence in their soul through bellydance.So pick up your skirt and dance with this Gypsy in this fabulous weekend perfect for the Tribal or Cabaret stage!  Ole! 


Zambra Mora: Spanish Gypsy Dance


Hands, Fan & Skirt Spanish Gypsy Flair


Move Like a Snake


Elizabeth Strong
Elizabeth Strong
Elizabeth's teaching specialties include Turkish Roman, Bellydance, floorwork, isolation, balancing with props, and strengthening. Elizabeth's education as a dancer has been unique in that she has been trained through both Western, formal technique, and in the Old World style of following by simply watching and imitating. She tries to use both methods in her teaching, allowing the feel of the form to become familiar to her students, while guiding with explainations about important details, from muscle control to cultural background. Most of all, Elizabeth strives to create a learning environment that is joyful, nurturing, and fun, as well as educational.



PdA mandala 2011 racer front
PdA racer back 2011 mandala


PdA 2011 Classic front


Plaza de Anaya T-shirt!



We have in the

"Dancer Word" series



Scoop neck,  

Thermal & Mens


We have in the  

"Mandala" Series




Cami (short & long)  



Sizes: small to XXXL


Price: $20 

Plaza Loyalty Members:$18

tshirt mandala cami dancerword racerPdA tshirt 2011 cami racer


Plaza de Anaya Tshirts

Tshirt dancer words scoop neck

Tshirt 2010 Dancer word

Plaza de Anaya Mens Tshirt

  Recycled Silk Sari Dress/Skirts
sari pink dress sari coral skirtsari blue dresssari earth tone skirt

 This fabulous Dress / Skirts are make of Reycled Silk Saris and can be worn either as a dress or a skirt. Use it to layer, add color, or just throw it over a bathing suit as a cover!  

One Week ONLY! 


(Regularly Priced $40)


Plaza Loyalty Members $20


(On Sale August 29th - September 4th, 2011)