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Please help us distribute this information to your neighbors.


Due to extensive damage to the public sewer lines, Upper Thompson Sanitation District has established two "DO NOT FLUSH" zones for many neighborhoods south of U.S. 36 in the Fish Creek Drainage, as well as some areas along Fall River. Check the maps above and if you have a home or business in these areas, DO NOT FLUSH  -- you will only delay repairs to the system. The order has changed from "limit flushing" to "ABSOLUTELY NO FLUSHING."  If you're still not sure if your property is included, call...




Sewer lines in this area are currently draining directly into the watershed until they can be repaired. Use toilets elsewhere or create a temporary toilet using a bucket. This human waste can be dumped at Upper Thompson Sanitation at 2196 Mall Road during normal business hours -- RVs too. You must handle this yourself. 


Sending gray water down the drain from showers, sinks and laundry is more acceptable in the NO FLUSH ZONES, but please limit this to what is absolutely necessary.


Port-A-Johns have been delivered to areas along the Fish Creek drainage for those in in the NO FLUSH ZONES. Additional units are on order to be added to those neighborhoods as well as to the Fall River area. We do not have a map for those Port-A-Johns at this time. Please talk with your neighbors to find the facility near you.


The Schools and Fairgrounds have been hooked up with temporary sewer service. The Fairgrounds at Stanley Park is now providing public showers and restrooms available 24/7. Enter through the Park-n-Ride off Manford Avenue and look for signs to guide you.


Residents in all other areas in Estes Park on public sewer lines are able to resume normal use of the toilets and other drains.   Please help friends who live in NO FLUSH ZONES.


Please contact Waste Management to order a Port-A-John for private property at 970-586-6478.  Be aware that supplies are extremely limited.