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Joshua Mills' much anticipated new single "No Limits" is now available for download on iTunes today!!!  It is an iTunes exclusive... so that is the only place you will be able to find it... it is not available in any Christian bookstore, through our website or for purchase at a live event.  Start the year 2011 right, and download your copy of this prophetic song today!
This is an international song!  Over the past few months Joshua Mills has had this song stirring inside of him... portions of it came as he was ministering in Hong Kong, a few weeks later he received another spontaneous verse while worshiping in Fresno, California... then when he was preaching in Big Bear, California he felt led to praise the Lord and even more of the words began developing for this song.  Finally when Joshua Mills was recording these tracks in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada he received the final version that you will hear today!  This final mix has been amazingly produced by Shoc, an internationally recognized producer in Nashville, Tennessee and features stunning vocals by Christian recording artist Beckah Shae (we recommend checking out her music too!  She is an amazing woman of God!). 
As a prophetic psalmist, Joshua Mills is a forerunner in the things of the Spirit, and he believes that this song is meant to be a declaration for the year of 2011... this is the year when the limits are coming off of you... this is the year when you will receive miracle breakthroughs... this is the year when religion will die in your life, and relationship with Jesus Christ will flourish... this is the year when poverty and lack are abandoned for the prosperity of heaven!!!  This is your year and there are NO LIMITS!!!!!!

Download the song by clicking here. (only 99 cents!)

Be blessed as you capture this revelation in your spirit and soar!!