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Hello All,


I just wanted to let you know about my experience with Nextdoor, the new email platform I invited you all onto about a week or so ago.  I have been blocked from posting on there due to what they call "controversial" subject matter that was "disturbing the peace".  What happened in actuality is I was attacked by some cell tower lovers after I posted about our win against LA RICS and LA County Board of Sups. in that they will have to file for permits and hold a public hearing, etc.  I actually don't mind so much being attacked and am sort of used to it by now when dealing with this issue, as long as I am allowed to defend myself.  Apparently I am not, as I was suspended from posting and my attackers were not, directly due to their POV being more popular than mine.  Although my suspension will be lifted in a couple of weeks, I will not be posting on this platform again due to the undemocratic process of suspending people, lack of freedom of speech, extreme bias shown by Nextdoor "leads" - one of whom is on a major ego trip about his ability to suspend people, and because I am not in favor of being silenced in general.  I no longer recommend this as a communication vehicle as it sensors free speech, but if you do post on there about this issue, you must be very careful not to "disrupt the harmony" amongst your neighbors, or you too may be silenced.  Just wanted to let you know.


I hope you are enjoying this beautiful rainy Sunday - even if it is chemtrail/geoengineered rain  



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