חדשות נועם
February 23, 2017
27 Shevat 5777

Parshat Mishpatim
Shabbat Shekalim
Shabbat begins: 
5:23 pm
In This Issue
Important Dates

February 25
5th Grade Shabbaton

February 26
Rosh Chodesh Adar
9:15 am-1 Gimmel & 11:15 am- 1 Daled Chagigat HaSiddur
4:00 pm- Evening of the Arts

February 28
9:30 am- Parent Shiur

March 4
8th Grade Yachad Shabbaton

March 5
9:30-11:30 am- Childrens Pre-Purim Party

March 6
8:00 pm- Raising Healthy Children in a Digital World

March 8

March 9
Taanit Esther
Noah Seidenfeld Memorial Day
Middle School 2:00 pm dismissal

March 10
Costume Day

March 12

March 13
Shushan Purim

March 15
Yeshivat Noam 15th Annual Dinner

March 19
Elementary School Parent Teacher Conferences

March 20
Pre-Pesach Food Drive Begins
Early Childhood and Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences

March 21
No Sessions
Professional Development

March 27
Middle School Dynamic Earth Expo

March 29
Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences 
  In the Media

The Jewish Link of Bergen County:

Yeshivat Noam First Graders Study Symbiosis

Whom to Call?

Please contact the administrative assistant for the department your child is in with any questions.

Early Childhood Office
Amme Gardner x110

Elementary School Office
Mazi Ehrenfeld x100
Lili Bensadigh x102

Middle School
Dahlia Goldbrenner x113

Business Office
Aliza Frankel x138

Emergency Number
The school office phone is manned from 7:30 am-6:00 pm. If you cannot reach the school and you need to be in touch, please call the emergency number: (201) 914-3228.

Yeshivat Noam
70 West Century Road
Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone (201) 261-1919
Fax (201) 261-1949
Business Office Fax (201) 261-1918

Upcoming Events
YNPA Presents Evening of the Arts
Sunday, February 26th
4:00-6:00 pm
Middle School Building

Program will include:
Student Group Performances
Student Art Gallery
Chinese Auction with art-themed prizes
(including: Paint Nite Party, Pottery, Paint Party, Custom Painted Family Portrait, etc.)

Sparkling juice, cheese and
crackers will be served.

If you would like to be involved in this program,
please contact ynp@yeshivatnoam.org.
Please Fill Out Transportation Forms

Dear Parents residing in  Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Ft. Lee, 
Fair Lawn, New Milford, Teaneck and Tenafly,
The Boards of Education of your communities have requested that every family fill out a separate transportation form (Form B6T)  for each student  who will be attending Yeshivat Noam for the school year 2017-2018. Please note that there are  THREE different forms, based on arrival and dismissal times of your child's grade for next year:  Kindergarten - Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade and Sixth - Eighth Grade.
  Click here for the transportation forms.
Please be sure to sign the form(s), insert the name of your district (i.e. Teaneck, New Milford, Fair Lawn, etc.), and all of the other spaces marked with an   *asterisk*.  The rest of the information will be completed by the school and the Boards of Education.  Any student who will be turning five by October 1, 2017, is eligible for transportation or for "Aid in Lieu" payments.
Please return the signed and completed form(s) in an envelope marked "Transportation/ Amme Gardner" to the school office by February 28, 2017, in order to ensure your child's place on a bus.
Thank you.
Enid Anziska
Executive Director
8th Grade Raffle...Win Great Prizes!

The Yeshivat Noam 8th Graders have volunteered and received donations for prizes, exclusively for Yeshivat Noam families!

All proceeds will go towards helping the students with their graduation trip and events at the end of the year.

Drawing will be held on February 26th so buy your tickets soon!

To enter the raffle, you may buy tickets for as many prizes as you wish. To fill out the form to enter the raffle click here.
Winter Semester Lecture Series

March 6th: Raising Healthy Children in a Digital World

Noam Nachat
Nurse Visits 1st and 4th Grades for Career Week

As part of Career Week, Mr. Roth, a nurse at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, visited the 1st and 4th Graders to teach them about nursing. Students experimented with syringes, examined bandages, explored medical supplies, and learned about how a nurse calms down patients. Mr. Roth even distributed syringes and the students had a chance to draw up some "medicine" (colored water) like a nurse.

4th Grade Scientists Focus on Renewable Energy

Our 4th Grade scientists have been learning about electricity and energy. Lately, they have been focusing on renewable energy and ways in which  we can protect our planet. Today, students used a lot of team work to created big vegetable circuits which convert the chemical energy from food into electrical energy to power up clocks, light bulbs and alarms without using any batteries at all! 

7th Graders Explore Inequalities

7th Graders in Mrs. Sheinfeld's math class are exploring relationships between integer operations and inequalities. They observed whether inequalities were preserved or reversed when operations with integers were applied to the values.

Middle School Prepares for Earth Expo

Preparations for the Middle School Earth Expo are officially underway! 8th Graders are working hard, researching different forms of energy, and trying to generate electricity by harnessing the power of the wind, sun, micro-organisms and much more. Their models, experiments, and inventions are in their early phases, but are already impressive.

Mazal Tov

Mazal tov to Morah Batya (3rd Grade Judaic Studies Support) and Ron Kloor on the birth of a baby boy.
Art Collection is Ongoing

The Third Grade is running a collection for NEW and UNUSED art supplies to fill an "Art Cart" that is used by hospitalized child ren  during their hospital stay.   You can learn more about this wonderful organization at  www.artworksfoundation.org.
We are hoping to fill a cart and bring some joy to children who need a lift during difficult times.
Collection bins are in the lobby of the elementary school !
The following items would be most helpful:
Paint / color by number kits
How to draw books
Coloring books
Colored pencils
Glitter glue
Water colors
Model Magic
Play Doh
Craft kits for boys
Jewelry making kits
Scrap booking kits
Please do not send sand art.
Thank you so much for you participation!

Brought to you by the Chessed Committee of the Pa rent  School Partnership.

For more information please contact  Rona Rubin at  rona_rubin@yahoo.com   or  Loretta Paley at thepaleys@optonline.net.
Parnes Hayom

Friday, February 17 / 21 Shevat was sponsored by Rena and Josh Zelig, Benny (5A), and Rebecca (1B) in honor of Joey's (7B) Bar Mitzvah. Special Hakarat Hatov to all the teachers, administrators, and other members of the Yeshivat Noam family who have had such an important impact on his growth and development.

Tuesday, February 21 / 25 Shevat was sponsored by Renee and Lane Benoff in commemoration of the recent yahrtzeit of
Hodyah (Helene) bat Mordechai, beloved wife of Abraham Friedman, mother of Renee Benoff, mother in law of Lane Benoff, and grandmother of Marcus ('12), Joshua ('14), Meir (6 B1) and Aaron (5B) Benoff. May her neshama have an aliyah.

Thursday, February 23 / 27 Shevat is sponsored by Helen Zegerman Schwimmer in commemoration of the 25th yahrtzeit of her father, David ben Yerachmiel, great grandfather of Azariah Avraham Schwimmer (KB). May today's learning be a zechut for
the aliyah of his neshama.

Parnes Hayom is an opportunity to dedicate a day, week or month of Torah study at Yeshivat Noam. Sponsorships may be in honor of a special individual or occasion, in memory of a dear friend or loved one, a birth, annniversary, birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, graduation, wedding, or yahrtzeit. Parnes Hayom is also a meaningful way to pray for a refuah sheleimah, or mark any other significant milestone.

For future sponsorship opportunities please contact Amy Vogel, Director of Development at avogel@yeshivatnoam.org or (201) 261-1919 x126 or click here to submit your sponsorship.
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Host Our B'not Shlichut

Welcome to our B'not Shlichut, Ofek and Sapir from Israel. If you would like to host them for Shabbat or Yom Tov meals, please contact Shoshana Dresdner at sdresdner1@gmail.com to make arrangements.
Community Events