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Dr. Andrew V. Schally Joins Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation
Scientific Advisory Board

The Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation (NSCFF) is honored to
announce the addition of Nobel Laureate Dr. Andrew V. Schally to their Scientific Advisory Board. With an illustrious career as a medical researcher begun at Tulane University, Dr. Schally brings his enormous background, knowledge, and expertise to NSCFF. 

Dr. Schally received the Nobel Prize in Medicine/ Physiology in 1977 for his
research and discovery of the existence of hypothalamic hormones including the neurohormone GnRH. His work was responsible for great advances in the field of endocrinology while addressing birth control methods and growth hormones for which he was awarded with this highest honor.

Currently, Dr. Schally continues his research in endocrinology at the Miami
Veteran's Administration Center. In addition to his expansive career, Dr. Schally received an honorary doctoral degree from Jagellonian University in Krakow, was named an Inaugural Fellow of the American Association for Cancer Research, and was named a "Legend in Urology" by the Canadian Urological Association and the Canadian Journal of Urology. He is a welcome addition to NSCFF's Scientific Advisory Board, and the Foundation is proud to have his support and advisement moving forward. 


About Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation: The Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation, Inc. (NSCFF) is an IRS designated, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, established to improve healthcare delivery and address the unmet needs of patients afflicted with chronic neurological degenerative diseases concentrating on Alzheimer's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Stroke. NSCFF aims to provide diagnosis, treatment, disease management, support services, and education to patients and their caregivers to keep patients at home, at work, and out of the hospital.

Through our network of stakeholders and supporters, our focus on collaboration has enhanced access to already proven methods of treatment while we implement innovative concepts to patient centered, disease specific, comprehensive, and coordinated healthcare delivery in our community.

NSCFF's vision for the future of healthcare positions it as a "for-benefit" healthcare organization in South Florida; carrying out a public purpose through self-sustaining business means. As a for-benefit institution, NSCFF is working with major academic institutions in our community like Miami Dade College and FIU to support their missions; while advancing our own.

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