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Issue 2
October 6, 2016

Principal's Message
Dear Noddin Community,
  The first month and a half of school is over and we are now entering many students’ favorite time of the year.  I’ve already had several students tell me what they are going to be for Halloween and we’re all enjoying the cooler weather after some sweltering days on the playground.
  On a daily or near daily basis, I walk into the classrooms, STEAM lab, and library and see amazing, interactive, 21st century learning taking place.  Each grade level shared with me the exciting happenings in their classrooms.  In Kindergarten, our littlest ones just wrapped up their unit on apples.  They conducted experiments and engineered with apples and studied Johnny Appleseed!  They also learned about September, numbers, letters & sounds, and 2D & 3D shapes. 
  1st graders recently began the San Jose Sharks “Reading is Cool” program, which encourages students to read and track the number of pages they’ve read.  Students also recently completed a “Nature Hunt”.  They found nature items outside and created a math number sentence and poster, which they then shared with the class.  1st grade students and teachers have also been enjoying P.E. with Coach Ernesto and the Recess 101 program!
  2nd grade is preparing and looking forward to their upcoming field trip to the Tech. Museum October 14.  They have been reading lots of books and teachers have been encouraging their students to take AR quizzes for points.  In math, students have been learning about measurement using the metric system, while in social studies, they’ve been learning about different communities and our place in the world.
  The 3rd grade students are busy working on multiplication and division strategies from Eureka Math. They have learned new vocabulary and how to model and represent the communicative and distributive properties. In reading, they are working on defining character traits and learning the steps to respond to texts. In science, they are focusing on plant and animal adaptations. Students recently used Crayfish to have hands-on experiences with animal adaptations. In Social Studies, 3rd graders are discussing communities and how different types of people live and work together. Using Art Vistas, Clay, PE and trips to the STEAM lab, 3rd grade is learning and developing new skills every day.
  The 4th grade has been doing a lot of exciting, technology driven lessons. In Science, students are learning about minerals and the rock cycle. They are designing innovative solutions to California’s erosion problems using stream tables and the engineering design process. Over the course of the unit the students will learn how to identify, design, revise, implement and evaluate their design. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn to collaborate with real world implications.  In math, 4th graders are excited to be continuing our exploration of Eureka math.  The 4th grade teachers have found that the curriculum deepens students understanding of number sense and the way in which mathematics work. They are moving out of our first unit on Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and next is the Multiplication and Division unit.
  Westward Ho! 5th grade visited the wonderful History Park in San Jose to learn about Westward Expansion. Students had to make food for their wagon train, decide what to bring with them on the trail along with packing an actual wagon, investigate animals they would find along the way, and experience what pioneer children did for fun.  5th grade has also been integrating technology into their classrooms on a daily basis.  Students learn interactively with their teacher and each other using Google Classroom, participating in Global Read Alouds, and more!

  The students and teachers at Noddin never cease to amaze me with their instructional practices and dedication!  The Noddin community continues to impress me with their commitment to the school and the children.  Together, we make Noddin a wonderful place to be!
~ Eric Scharer
STEAM Lab Update
The Noddin STEAM lab is bustling with activity on a daily basis.  Students have been working collaboratively to solve engineering design challenges that require them to ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, and communicate their solutions.  We are also incorporating more STEAM elements across curriculum areas.  Students in 4th grade to applied their mineral knowledge to solve a crime with only mineral property evidence as clues.  They are also beginning an engineering design challenge related to erosion.  Students in 3rd grade spent a day in the STEAM lab conducting experiments on crayfish for their animal adaptations unit.  Students in 5th grade have been working on a multi-day unit to create musical superhero badges to display their collaborative super-powers.  Once the badge was completed, copper tape was added and students figured out how to attach a Makey Makey circuit board to the badges to create a theme song.  Students in the after-school coding club are halfway through their game design program using Scratch programming.  Volunteers are always welcome, so please let Mrs. Koleszar know if you are interested in helping out in the lab!

October Superintendent's Message
The first month of the school year has come and gone quickly.  Our dedicated teachers and hard-working students have already accomplished a great deal in that short amount of time.  Building on the great work and preparation during the summer, teachers hit the ground running, implementing innovative lessons and ideas in their classrooms and students have demonstrated their creativity in a variety of ways.

Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program (with a renewed emphasis in all our elementary schools) started the school year strong with students enthusiastically exploring topics like robotics, design, programming and collaborative challenges. Our elementary STEAM teacher leaders not only conduct STEAM activities with students from kindergarten to fifth grade, but also augment the core curriculum with interesting lessons, connecting engineering and technology with other subject areas. These outstanding teacher leaders collaborate with classroom teachers at their school sites, as well as with each other, promoting a culture of innovation and excitement for learning.

We are excited to see students so engaged and thinking critically. Inside and outside the classroom, students and teachers are discovering and learning together. I recently attended a STEM Speaker Series presentation at Dartmouth Middle School which invites industry and academic leaders to speak to the importance of STEM education. The presenter, Dr. Kenneth Wesson, an expert in Neuroscience and Education, truly inspired his audience of students, parents and teachers.  I also visited Project Lead The Way classes at Union Middle where over 25% of our UMS students will experience an introduction to Electrical Engineering or hands-on Robotics in their classes this year with even more students attending the UMS STEAM after school club.

The innovation occurring at every school in the district is a testament to the dedication of our teachers. Through the STEAM programs and activities, students are developing an invaluable skill set, and we cannot wait to see what our Future-Ready students build, invent, code, and design this school year.
AM Crossing Guard Needed!

The safety of Noddin students as they arrive, are in, and depart from school is of upmost importance to the staff and I.  There are three intersections that immediately surround Noddin, yet in the AM, we currently have two only crossing guards.  If you are interested in being a Noddin crossing guard, please contact Mrs. Goleb in the front office or Mr. Scharer directly.  The shift is ½ hour, from 7:40 a.m. – 8:10 a.m. and is paid at $16 per shift.  Please see the advertisement and the link for the USD Crossing Guard application.  Thank you!
Eureka Math Parent Web Site
I'd like to introduce to you the new, Union School District Eureka Math parent website!

This site has great parent resources including videos, HW tip sheets and HW pages, by grade level, for each module and lesson.

It also contains a parent feedback survey where parents can give feedback on how Eureka Math is going.

Throughout the year, the district will host Eureka Math parent education nights.  Videos and slides of past sessions will be posted on this web site as well.  A past session is currently posted and it is fantastic! 

Noddin Movie Night - Tomorrow!  Friday, October 7

Noddin's first movie night is tomorrow!  Join us Friday, October 7 for a screening of Zootopia!  Please see the flyer below.
My Digital TAT2 Parent Education Session

Our kids are "digital natives" — they have grown up in a world of online access and ever changing media devices. Do you wonder how to teach your child responsibility and ethics online, how to ensure they are aware of their actions, and how to best parent them in the digital age? 

Come join My Digital TAT2 for a highly engaging and informative discussion on Thursday, November 17th from 6:30 pm –  8:00 pm at the Dartmouth Middle School gymnasium. This session is recommended for anyone interested in an overview of the digital landscape and learning about thoughtful ways to navigate media with your children. You will come away with strategies that support both you and your child. It is an event you will not want to miss!  Sign up here at My Digital TAT2 USD.
Accelerated Reader Achievements

Noddin has been using this program for several years.  We recently ran our first Accelerated Reader, or AR, report for the months of August & September.  The points system for level achievement was re-structured this year to encourage higher participation and promote equity throughout different grades and skill levels.  The point levels are on the bottom of this message.  On Tuesday, October 4, over  students received certificates and book prizes!  Congratulations to:

LEVEL 1: Aaron Oshidari, Alisa Do, Anna Feland, Arianna Dowlatshahi, Asher Laughlin, Berat Ercevik, Borna Bahrampour, Cassondra Page, Daniel Bernard, Daniel Hansen, David Zeng, Dylan Lim, Emil Bowadt, Emma Little, Erin Osman, Faith Park, Gahyeon Yoon, Gautam Cherukuri, Jacob Kessel, Jessica Zhou, Joyce Lee, Julia Weber, Kaitlyn Paik, Kayla Park, Kyle Lim, Lilian McAuley, Liliian Chang, Louis Shen, Lucas Lin, Lydia Bierly, Matteis Jahde, Noah Roh, Owen Osako, Ryan Ezaz, Shawn Lucero, Siddharth Satalkar, Sophie Yang, Tate Duncan, Zachary Petrovich, Zachary Poirer, Caleb Asante

LEVEL II: Agam Singh, Amy Koski, Anuj Acharya, Brendan Koleszar, Claire Lee, Halina Khodayari, Hannah Park, Joshua Lin, Kelly Choi, Kennon Oshidari, Kousthubh Veturi, Kyle Choi, Lia Choi, Liam Piccotto, Lucas Xu, Marc Van de Waal, Michael Zhu, Nicholas Saban, Rade Vignovic, Samuel Della-Maggiore, Sihyeon Yoo, Tiffany Shin, Zoe Osako

LEVEL III: Aanya Sethi, Cheng-Hsing Chiang, Ellen Jun, Sarah Siu, Vishnu Parthasarathy, Yash Bhatia

LEVEL IV: Jefferey Clowser, Matthias Kim

Grades 1 & 2

Level 1: 15  points
Level 2: 30  points
Level 3: 50  points
Level 4: 75  points
Level 5: 100  points
Level 6:  150  points
Level 7: 300  points  or more

Grades 3-5

Level 1: 20  points
Level 2: 50  points
Level 3: 150  points
Level 4: 300  points
Level 5: 500  points
Level 6: 750  points
Level 7: 1000  points  or more
Blue Card Winners

At Noddin Elementary, students receive Blue Cards when they display good and positive behavior at school.  We have aligned our Blue Cards with the Noddin READ Positive Behavior Plan. READ stands for Responsible, Engaged, Adaptable, and Dependable.  The students at Noddin have earner over 1,000 Blue Cards so far this school year!  Every week, Mr. Scharer picks 5 Blue Cards and announces those students during morning announcements.  These students receive a small prize and a pizza lunch with Mr. Scharer at the end of the month!

The Blue Card winners for September were:

Owen Cantore
Precious Gonzales
Nina Jackson
Branden Kessel
Josh Taradalsky
Rowan Laughlin
Sophie Yang
Jayden Wu
Paul Laurel
Emmersyn Wright
Gianna  Dini
Natalie Villanueva
Meliana Elizondo
Ethan Suker
Sarah John
Rastin Rayany 
Michael De Castro 
Hayden Lee 
Ava Fernandez 
Aiden Angelo-Norman

International Walk and Bike to School Day

Yesterday, Noddin participated in the International Walk and Bike to School Day!  Over 250 Noddin students participated by walking, biking, or scooting to school!  Students received stickers and pencils and parents were encouraged to check-in to our Walk and Roll table for more information and to provide information about the routes they take to school.  This year, Noddin joined the City of San Jose’s Walk and Roll program to encourage walking or rolling to school in a safe and healthy way!  Thank you Jennifer Wickland, Stacey Kalynij, and the entire Traffic and Safety team for organizing and implementing this day, as well as the bike and pedestrian safety assemblies and the Bike Rodeo on Saturday, September 24!

Every first Wednesday of the month will be a dedicated Walk and Roll to School day at Noddin!  It is the hope that this will increase to a weekly event and encourage walking and rolling to school every day!
Movie Night - Tomorrow, October 7  
  Walk - A - Thon - Saturday, November 5
Upcoming Dates

Monday, Oct. 10 - SSC Meeting @ 3pm
Friday, Oct. 21 - Fall Photo Re-takes
Monday, Oct. 31 - Staff Development Day (No School)

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