February 7, 2018

Volume 47 Issue 1

Noel by the Numbers -- The Statistics Issue

Every January, Noel reports numbers to the District office of the United Methodist Church for the prior year; things such as Bible study attendees, worship attendance, finances, Food Pantry bags distributed, etc.  This is a monumental task involving a good part of Noel's staff in one way or another.  For most people, numbers are not extremely exciting, statistics in particular may draw only a glance before moving on, especially in this age of so many distractions.
But for this issue and the numbers it contains regarding Noel's mission work and NCAP's outreach in the community around us,  you are invited to pause and think beyond the numbers. 
Think instead about apples and side dishes purchased and donated by members of this very congregation.  Think about them being packed into a bag by a host of volunteers who are so very faithful to this mission.  Then think about the person receiving this bag, taking it home and being nourished by it, body and soul.  Then multiply this act of love by  3,859, because that is the number of families who received  6,717 bags of food or start-up kits or pet food in 2017.  Then let the miracle of that sink in.
Noel Community Arts Program statistics also found their way into this issue, and they are no less miraculous.  There are 323 individuals a month on average, who engage in NCAP programs or events-323 a month!  That's astounding!  For some of those participants, this may be the first time they have entered a church or re-entered a church after a long period for whatever reason, and they chose us.  How precious and great a responsibility and privilege that is.  And while they may or may not ever attend worship at Noel, they are here in our presence every day, 323 times a month, and we make sure they feel welcomed and loved.
Finally, take a look at the three new members in this issue who joined in January!  They will join the 26 new members and 3 associate members who joined in 2017, and the 6 babies and 2 adults who were baptized in 2017.  What a  blessing-a blessing of people we are charged with loving into our family.  This year's new members will become new numbers in next year's audit, but never let us forget the souls that make up these numbers; for they are after all, what we are all about.
Seems numbers can be pretty amazing after all.  Thank you Noel for accumulating them with every act of kindness and every giving of spirit you share.

Memorials & Gifts

Boy Scout Fund:  in honor of Dr. Jeffery G. Penfield and James K. Avant by Tom Keith.
Chancel Choir Fund:  in honor of Ann Holland, Don and Betty Whittington, Elaine Burleigh, Flower Power Team,  Juan and Bonnie Watkins, Patricia Schwab, Martha Bordelon, Skip and Donna Buford, and the Upper Room Class by Mickey and Gay Shirley; in honor of Barbara Monk, Juan and Bonnie Watkins, and Mitzi Perry by Patricia Schwab; in memory of Chrystine Reeves by Mary Haupt and the Rasmussen and Men's Bible Class; and in memory of John Hall by Mike and Karen McLallen. 
Children's Center Memorial Fund: in memory of Brenda Cunningham Malone by Ellis and Bobra Brown and James and Jean Goins.
Food Pantry:  in memory of Betty Hoppe by Warren and Carol Grafton; in honor of Charles Ellis Brown and Don and Renee Webb by Patricia Schwab; in memory of Claire Kramer, Johnnie Schulman and Margaret Toland by Mike and Karen McLallen; in memory of John Willis by UMW Circle #1; and in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Smith by Shelby Smith, Jr.
Honorarium Fund:  in memory of Martha Keith by Tom Keith.
Hugo Holland Scholarship Fund:   in memory of Betty Hoppe and Ruth Fowler Belcher by Ann Holland; in memory of Hugo Holland by Dana Bain and Patricia Schwab; in memory of John Willis by Clyde and Mary Gorum; and in memory of Martha Keith by Tom Keith.
Memorial Fund:  in memory of Brenda Cunningham Malone, Claire Kramer, Henry Bierbaum, Hilton Bordelon, and Johnnie Schulman by Billy Jean Reasor; in memory of Claire Kramer by Gary and Linda Taylor and Tim and Debra Osburne; in memory of John Willis by Frank and Kay Eastman, Helen Robinson and Robert and Ruby Houston; and in memory of Ruth Fowler Belcher by Peggy Newell.
Neighborhood Ministries Fund:  in memory of John Willis by James and Jean Goins.
Noel Community Arts Program: in memory of Ruth Fowler Belcher by the A. C. Black Family.
Operating Fund:  in honor of Charles Ellis Brown by Sally Richardson; and in honor of Gloria Sartor , and in memory of Lane Sartor and Mr. and Mrs. Alton Sartor by Stacy and Cynthia Williams.
Scholarship Fund:  in memory of Hilton Bordelon by Mike and Karen McLallen.
Upper Room Seminary Fund: in memory of Hilton Bordelon and John Hall by Chandler and Sandy Bounds.
If you would like to make a memorial or honorarium in someone's name, please contact Noel's Office Manager, Melissa Sloan, at 221-5207 or  msloan@noelumc.org.
2017 Noel Mission Statistics

Mark Your Calendars!  

NCAP Pottery Classes Sign up Now!
All Classes are 5:30-8:30pm
Hand Building - Mondays, February 12-April 30
Wheel Throwing - Wednesdays, February 14-May 2
Intermediate - Thursdays, February 15-April 26
Classes are $165 plus clay and a glazing Saturday
Britney Lee, 221-5207 or noelarts.org

Highland Mardi Gras Parade, Sunday, February 11. Parade begins at 2pm by Johnny's Pizza on Gilbert Ave. eventually passing in front of Noel.   Noel's Youth will join other district youth to sell hotdogs, cokes, and chips, as a fundraiser for future youth events. NCAP will offer a drum circle and art activities.  Bring a lawn chair/blanket and stay after worship!

Noel Neighborhood Ministries Spring Flower Sale   Order forms will be around the church mid-February or online  to purchase spring flowers supporting Noel's Food Pantry. 


The Lenten Season at Noel, Ash Wednesday, February 14- Easter Sunday, April 1.   Lent recalls times of wilderness and  wandering and stories of God calling people out of safety and  into uncomfortable places, revealing paths they might never have    chosen.  We too are called to walk a new path-one of humility, justice, and peace.  This Lent we are invited to consider the     challenging, beautiful life that comes with walking in Jesus' way of grace.  Noel's sermon series is based on the book, "A Way Other Than our Own" by Walter Brueggeman.  Order a copy through the church office $12. Lent information: noelumc.org/lent.  

NCAP 2017 Statistics

 Our Life in Christ

Hospital: Mary Lou Graves, Kathy Kamm
Condolences:  to Dora Sour and family upon the death of her mother, Anne Murphy, on January 27; and to Gene and Lynda Land and family upon the death of Gene's mother,   Anna Marie Land, on  January 30.
Concerns: Abby Brobston, Muriel Bundrick, Hattie     Burton, Robert Joe Camp, Robert Cangelose, Sulia Castillo, Paul Coleman Jr., Katy Covey, Carol Elliott, Juanita Everett, 1st UMC Slidell, Christine Holland, Vance Iles, Clyde James, Bryan Jennings, Karen Jennings, Naomi Kanallakan, Tia King, James Lacour, Joel Lightfoot, Charlotte Maniero, Paulette Norman, Doris O'Daniel, Mary Reagan, Larry Rice, Bob Rowland, Doug Schlatter, Paula Sour,   Bonnie Watkins, Jane Wehlander, Dawn Whittington, Don Whittington, and David Zuber, along with Noel's homebound members & those in the Military.  
2018 Mexico Mission Trip, March 10-14! 
Sign up Now!

The mission trip this year to Juarez, Mexico will be Saturday, March 10 to Wednesday, March 14.  We build cinder block houses for those in poverty in Juarez and will also be leading a VBS for children.  The cost of the trip is $250 for adults and $125 for students.  Come and have the experience of a lifetime while building a new beginning for a family in      Mexico. You will work with and meet some great new people from other churches too!  To learn more, pick up a brochure around the church or online,  or contact Rachel Scott at scottrl@bellsouth.net .

Welcome Noel's Newest Members!

 Support our Food Pantry

P urple bags are in each worship area or shop online at noelumc.org/foodpantry.  For February: bagged apples, canned vegetables/soup (15-16oz.), pancake/baking mix  (20-32oz), pancake syrup, side dishes (mac & cheese, Rice-a-Roni, etc.). P lease pick up items as able and bring them to mission boxes around the church.

For all your giving opportunities, click below.  Questions?  Call Melissa Sloan: 221-5207 or email below.  Thank you for your generosity to Noel throughout the year!.
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