September 14, 2017

Volume 46 Issue 10

2018 Stewardship
You Pledge a Gift and then...
Lights continue to shine.  And not just the 28 bulbs that grace the Sanctuary chandelier or the eight ornate light fixtures that are a mainstay of Lane Chapel, or even the variety of lighting attached to the light board in the Worship Center.  These do shine, and they are a vital part of our day to day operations, they are important, they are critical, but so are the other lights...
The light of hope when someone finds a place of rest and a cold bottle of water on a hot summer day; a day when they are lost in one way or another.
The light of a smile, when encouragement in learning a new skill is given generously, when their accomplishments are shared and shared again, until they begin to believe.
The light of a lifted burden when help comes in the form of food, a listening ear, a smile.
The light of Christ shining so brightly that worship visitors return to find out about the love they felt when they first arrived, a light they don't want to let go.
It costs nothing for the light of a smile; for a prayer, for an uplifting word.  But it does cost to keep up a building sheltering all these miracles.  It is necessary for the day to day to be funded, so that the work of this church, this Noel family, can continue to shine. 
If you haven't had a chance to pledge, please do so.  Sunday September 17, is the final day of our Stewardship Campaign, please consider a pledge of your financial means, just as you have of your heart, talents and time.  And if you have already pledged, thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Sunday Nights at Noel -- Register Now!

Join us for five weeks of  Food for the Mind, Body and Spirit.
We'll begin with dinner for all on the Youth Floor 
in the Youth Cafe,  followed by something for everyone! 
For adults, choose between two studies,
A Bible study - The Sermon on the Mount  led by Rev. Leah Gaughan or
An Enneagram Study - The Road Back to You  led by Sarah Duet.
Youth will participate in activities in the Treehouse
Children ages 2yrs.-5 th grade will enjoy Bible Buddies, videos, kid's choir and more.
A nursery will be available for infants-1yr. olds.   
2017 Charge Conference Roster
Listed below are inactive members of Noel Church for whom we do not have a current address. If you have any helpful information, please call the Church Office, 221-5207.  Otherwise, these names will be presented at a future Charge Conference for removal from our rolls, according to The Book of Discipline.
Third Year Report:  Names to be considered for removal at the 2017 Charge Conference.
Sandra Ballard, Jane Ellen Cummings, Marcus Gagnard, Reg Gaskins, John Kelly, Zach Nelms, Betsy Pate, Melanie Shaver, Don Wubker, Teresa Wubker.

Second Year Report:  Names to be considered for removal at the 2018 Charge Conference.
Howard Armstrong, Rabb Baker, Brystal Bashaw, Horace Bayonne, Tom Bourland, David Brook, Donna Brook, Jason Brook, Meredith Brown, Matthew Causey, K. B. Chase, Mrs. K. B. Chase, Benjamin Collier, Kip Y. Collins, Jr., Janet  Donley, Norman Drummond, William Graves, Mike Hoffeditz, Lavonda Johnson, Randy Keen, Louise Laiche, Helen Lightfoot, Rebecca McMinn, Michael Meredith, Bill Middleton, John C. Nelson, Betty Potter, Harry Risor, Lilliana Risor, Sharon Roberts, William Roberts, Letty Shows, Tommie Smith, Wiley Smith, Sarah Stephens, Patricia Ann Strickland,  Matthew Wilbanks, Martha Williams, Sarah Williams, Carmen Wynn
First Year Report:  Names to be considered for removal at the 2019 Charge Conference
George A. Burton, III, Faye B. Ellis, Amanda Haacker, Rick Haxton, Suzanne Haxton, Amy Elizabeth Henley, Janie     Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Barbara Lee, Phillip Mooring, Mary Shelton, William P. Shelton, Nancy Shillcutt, Casey Sims, Cassie Werfal, Jeff Werfal
Noel's Food Pantry News

On Sunday, September 10, Grace UMC Youth joined Noel's Youth for mission night! Youth were split into 3 groups. One group learned how to crochet homeless mats, one group cut recycled plastic bags for the mats, and the third group cleaned the food pantry top to bottom. It's great to see what the body of Christ can do together even though we worship in different buildings.

We Always Need Volunteers!
Pictured above are several of the regular, wonderful volunteers who come to help unload the truck from the Food Bank.  With new regulations, the Food Pantry has even more truck deliveries.  So if you aren't busy on a Wednesday morning, please check with us about signing up.

More Missions in September 

Be blessed by serving a meal at Highland Blessing Dinner September 21, 5:30pm,
Highland Center Gym. 520 Olive St.   
Contact Veda Westby at
for more information.
Serve up soup and smiles at Souper Saturday
September 30, 9:15am, Noel's Kitchen. 
Make and/or help deliver soup, muffins, cake.

Happening on the Youth Floor

Joyeux Noel Youth Choir begins this Sunday, September 17, from 4-5pm, on the Youth Floor.  Inviting all 6-12 graders
To join us on Sundays for practice.  All are welcome.
On the Youth Floor!  We are building a community of believers in our Middle Schools and High Schools by teaching youth how to show Christ's love to others. Sunday Nights UMYF 5-7pm, Dinner, Games, & Devotion. Also join us for
MidWeek MeetUP (MWMU) Study Hall 4-5:30pm, join us on the 3 rd floor for homework help, free WIFI access &     printing!
Each Wednesday offers a different area of interest, 5:30-6:30pm 1st-Literary Arts Club-discuss books and fun writing prompts. 2 nd -Life Lessons-learn how to adult before you have to.  3 rd - Art Journaling-express your thoughts and feelings by creating art. 4 th - Game Night-enjoy playing games with friends.      Family Ministries  Director, Kalena Hanke
Thank You for Giving

Hospital Tanya Harville, Sally Montgomery
Concerns Dorothy Battle, Cam Bottelberghe, Muriel Bundrick, Hattie Burton, Marlene Cefolia, John Clary, Erick Coleman, Juanita Everett, Emilie Gibson, Georgia Griffie, Carol Hall, John Hall, Bryan Jennings, Karen Jennings, Larry Knighton, Claire Kramer, Janis Latham, Madison Locke, Bob Maniero, Charlotte Maniero, Mike McLallen, Paulette Norman, Mary Reagan, Diane Tabler, Dawn Whittington, Don Whittington, and Juan Zuniga, along with Noel's homebound members & those in the Military.  


Noel Memorial United

Methodist Church

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Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Friday 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Closed daily during lunch 12:00-1:00 p.m.  



Senior Pastor  Rev. Elaine Burleigh

 Associates  Rev. Leah Gaughan, Rev. Mimi McDowell , Rachel Scott