Tips, hints, and information for owners of Nolting longarm quilting machines and Quiltmagine computer guided quilting system from Nolting.
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We have so much to be thankful for here in America and are blessed in so many ways with freedoms and the opportunity to make choices.  Educational opportunities lead to occupational choices.  Agricultural and industrial development have provided affluence in our nation that gives us opportunities to enjoy much beyond work and gives us leisure time.  As quilters we can spend that time on a "craft" that brings us enjoyment in the making and giving and joy to those who receive. 

As we close in on the biggest giving time of year, I am sure you are working on a few hand crafted gifts to round out your giving list.  I will be finishing up quilts for the younger two grandchildren that each started with a panel.  The panels were purchased by their parents at a quilt show this past summer, Little Mermaid for Mercedes and Cars for Isaiah.  Finding good companion fabrics has been a bit of a challenge, but the hunt is part of the enjoyment of the process.

I wish each of you a blessed time with your loved ones as you celebrate and reflect on all that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Batting - What the Pros Know 
Batting is that "stuffing" in the middle of the quilt. It is the stuff that makes a quilt a quilt and give it the comfy feel we associate with a quilt. It can, however, be a positive asset, or it can actually cause issues for the Longarm quilter.
Batting not only comes in many sizes, but is available made in different fiber content and various thicknesses. Batting can be very inexpensive or, depending on the content, rather expensive. What factors are important in selecting batting?                                                                                           

Because we use the center mark for loading our backing and top (unless we float the top), it is important to make sure the center marks are the same distance from the end of the rollers.  Have you actually measured to make sure the center mark on your leaders is in the same place on each of the rollers?

Use a metal measuring rule and measure from one end of the roller (not the frame) to the center mark on your canvas or zipper.  Measure each roller in the same way from the same end.  If all of the measurements are the same, you are good to go.  If the measurements are not the same, choose one of the measurements and mark the other rollers with the same measurement.

Having the same measurement to the center point on each of the rollers will help assure that the backing will roll evenly and the top advance squarely, especially if using a zero center tape.
quilt top
Floating A Quilt Top

When a quilt top is floated, it is not wound on the top roller at the front of the frame allowing it to drape off the front of the frame. 

To float or not float is a personal decision.  Some like to have the top up off the floor, or may feel the need to keep the top more secure, especially if the top has all on-point blocks.

Others prefer to float the top and remove the top roller completely from the frame so that they have more access when free motion quilting and are not quilting "in the well."  Also with the top floated, there is one less roller to manage when advancing the quilt.

Whether floating or not, always carefully place the quilt top using the basting row made with the horizontal channel lock engaged.  Use a zero center tape to keep the sides of the quilt running square.  Little things like these result in quilts that look their best.
Quiltmagine - Playing Is OK 
Play is a very important part of how children learn.  Play can be a very important part of learning how to use Quiltmagine, too.  As adults we want to know how to do it all now, but without spending time "playing," that is not possible.

Use Quiltmagine's simulation mode to play and learn how to use QM.  Here are some things to try.
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For more information on using Quiltmagine, check out the links on our Quiltmagine Resources page.

If you would like more information on Quiltmagine or want to see it in person, give us a call to schedule a demonstration.  585-226-2577  Quiltmagine is still very competitively priced at $7900.  Your purchase includes the QM carriage with drive motors, belts, and software.  You provide the Windows 7, 8, or 10 tablet (click for tablet requirements).  Quiltmagine works with any stitch regulated Nolting machine on the Nolting commercial (steel) frame. 

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