Tips, hints, and information for owners of Nolting longarm quilting machines and Quiltmagine.
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Candlelight Quilt Guild Quilt Show
Baldwinsville, NY
October 24-25

Kenan Quilters' Guild 2015 Quilt Show
Lockport, NY
November 6-8



How quickly our summer slipped away.  Enjoyable warm weather, even hot and humid.  No complaints this year after the brutally cold winter we had.

As school starts, children return to school, and summer events and vacation wind down, I know my thoughts return to quilting.  Often set aside during the summer for lack of time, the wheels are turning as I begin thinking of new projects.

My new hip (replaced in June) is doing very well.  Rehab continues to keep it flexible and I am able to both walk distances and ride the recumbent bike.  I am feeling excellent with more energy than I have had in several years.

We still have two quilt shows yet this fall, Baldwinsville and Lockport.  Check out the coupon below for a discount at the shows.  Besides templates, we are now carrying leader grips, both for the leaders and the side leader grips.  Another addition is the Hang It Dang It quilt hanger which I love.  Learn more below.

After the disastrous crash of my quilting blog last fall, I now have it back up with a few posts.  Take a look and subscribe if you are interested.  There will be 2-3 posts a month.  Delightful Quilting Blog

Fall is my favorite season with bright blue skies, vibrant fall colors, and time to start a new project.  I hope that you enjoy this season and have time to start a new project, too.  Happy Quilting.


hangitdangitMy Favorite Quilt Hanger

Over a year ago I came across a unique quilt hanger at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I had never seen anything like it and asked to see how it worked.  Very impressed, I came home with one.  Even more impressed, I now have every hanging quilt in the studio and house  on a Hang It Dang It Quilt Hanger, and also carry them online, in our studio, and at shows.

The quilt hanger is an adjustable rod with a clip in the center to hang it with. 
quilt hanger
Hang It Dang It Quilt Hanger
Quilts are self leveling as long as the clip is in the center.  You only need one hole in the wall for a hook.  It is so easy to hang a quilt, you don't need help and even those that are tool challenged can hammer one hook into the wall.   The real beauty of these adjustable quilt hangers is that the quilt looks like it is floating on the wall as the rod is not seen.  It is easy to swap hanger sizes when changing quilt sizes, or simply adjust the ends of the rod to the new width.  If one size rod is too small, use the next size larger.  Quilts display beautifully on Hang It Dang It Quilt Hangers.

In the photo, Hang It Dang It is displayed in the tabs of the quilt.  The rod comes in three sizes, Small 21' - 35", Medium 35" - 63" and Large 63" - 104".

Available on line, at our quilt shows and in our studio.
Pointers for Perfect Longarm Quilting Results 
There are times when we just feel like "winging-it."  Other times we are afraid the "quilt police" will put us in jail for not following the rules.  Quilting is not either/or.  There is room for unbridled creativity as well as following some guidelines that will assure that our quilt is not a disappointment.  And, if you quilt for others, you know that your customers have certain expectations when their quilt is returned to them.
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zero center tape
Zero Center Tape

The Zero Center Tape is a 14' long tape that has the zero point in the center of the tape rather than at the end.  It measures up in both directions from the center (zero) point and is attached to the quilt frame close to the belly bar (front roller) with the zero point at the center point of your leaders. 

If the center of the quilt is loaded at the center of the leader, the tape will read the same measurement on each side.  Because quilts have a tendency to shift during quilting, even when basted, the zero center tape is valuable to assure that the quilt advances evenly every time.   Keeping the quilt running true and square with the rollers will prevent dog ears and floppy corners.

After learning about zero center tapes several years ago, I always use one, even with small quilts.

Zero center tapes are available on line, at our shows, and in our studio.

If your longarm has been hibernating during the summer, it is a good idea to give it a little tune up before starting to quilt. 

Sitting idle, lint/dust has a tendency to absorb the oil, especially in the hook.   Dust the hook area thoroughly or blow out with canned air.  The air will blow away the dust you can see as well as the lint and dust you can't see.  After cleaning well, put the needle in the down position, drop 1-2 good drops of oil in the hook (correct position in photo).  Turn the machine on and warm it up before using.

If the top four red dots (oil wicks) were not oiled before the idle time, they should also be oiled with one drop each.  Let the machine warm up before using.
Quiltmagine - Computer Guided Quilting from Nolting Longarm  
Quiltmagine has been out for a little over a year.  During this time QM owners have been learning how to use the many features to stitch precision computer guided designs. If you are interested in learning more about Quiltmagine or have a friend that is curious, there is a Quiltmagine promotional video on YouTube.  The short video shows some of what Quiltmagine can do along with some of QM's features.  Click QM Video  to learn more about Quiltmagine.

If you own Quiltmagine and are are looking for more resources, there are a number of pdf files located on our website along with a link to this series of step by step teaching videos.  With these resources you learn how to plan and stitch pantos, place blocks accurately, learn to use the "repair" feature, and so much more.  More videos and pdf resources are in the works and will be posted on the website when available.

Quiltmagine is still very competitively priced at $7900.  This includes the new QM carriage with drive motors, belts, and software.  You provide the Windows 7, 8, or 10 tablet (click for tablet requirements).  Quiltmagine works with any stitch regulated Nolting machine on the commercial (steel) frame.  Want to see Quiltmagine in person?  Call and schedule an appointment for a demonstration, 585-226-2577, or visit our booth at one of the fall quilt shows.

Quiltmagine Flier
Delightful Quilting & Sewing 
Celebrating our 6th Anniversary green-blue-balloons.jpg

We wish to thank our many customers who have made Delightful Quilting & Sewing successful.  It has been our goal to help quilters have a delightful time quilting.  In reality, it has been delightful working with you, seeing your joy as you realize your dream of longarm ownership and seeing you grow as a longarm quilter. 

We are blessed to be able to represent the best companies - Nolting Longarm, Quilter's Rule, TopAnchor, A Quilter's Eye, Hang It Dang It, Leader Grips and others and to work with the best people in the world - quilters like you.

Thank you for your support.

Joyce and Ron

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