Tips, hints, and information for owners of Nolting longarm quilting machines and Quiltmagine.
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DQS At These Shows

AQS Quilt Week
Syracuse, NY

July 29 - Aug 1
We will be in the Nolting booth.

Caledonia Quilt Show
Caledonia, NY
August 8-9

Candlelight Quilt Guild Quilt Show
Baldwinsville, NY
October 24-25

Kenan Quilters' Guild 2015 Quilt Show
Lockport, NY
November 6-8

JULY 2015


How wonderful to enjoy these warm summer days after such a long cold winter and a very rainy May and June.  The picture at the right looks like it could be a quilt and makes you actually "feel" the summer sun.

I am healing well from my total hip replacement surgery on June 11, using a cane now, but still have precautions and restrictions (no driving) for a few weeks yet.

I hope that you like the design of this newsletter.  I know that some of you print out the articles, so hope that this makes it easier.  When clicking on the read more link, the whole article will be displayed without all the rest of the page.   There are also quick links at the bottom of the newsletter to a few of our website pages.

Speaking of new, we also have a "new" updated website.  Take a close look, you might even find yourself on one of the pages.  I just couldn't resist the purple theme.  For those of you with a purple Nolting you will understand why.

Attending AQS Syracuse?  I will be helping at the Nolting booth.  Please stop in and say, "Hi."  It will give you a chance to meet the sales team from Nolting if you have not already met them.

Enjoy your summer and Happy Quilting,


AQS Syracuse Ticket Drawing Winners Announced

We received four complimentary admission tickets from AQS Syracuse to give away.  We decided to give away two sets of two tickets.  A few weeks ago you received an email announcing the drawing and many of you sent me an email to enter the drawing.

Each winners of two AQS Syracuse tickets were Linda Swanekamp (Buffalo) and Maryann Hoover (Harpursville).  Maryann tells me that she never wins anything, until now, and that her husband has no excuse, so they ARE going to the show.  Linda was also very excited and has already booked a hotel room. 

Congratulations Linda and Maryann.  Enjoy the show!
Bottom Thread Breakage 

Just when things are working perfectly, we return to our Longarm and know for sure that the little gremlins have been having fun messing things up for us. A few months ago we talked about top thread breakage, in this newsletter we will address the issues that might cause bottom (bobbin) thread breakage.

Several possible causes for the bobbin thread to break include:
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towa bobbin gauge
Towa Bobbin Gauge

Using the Towa Bobbin Gauge to set your bobbin tension is the best method to know tension is consistent from one bobbin to the next. 

The overall tension of the machine starts with a correctly set bobbin tension.  Nolting machines sew best with a looser bobbin tension.

With the Towa gauge, use a setting of 100 - 125 for L- hook (small) bobbins and 175 - 200 for M-hook (large) bobbins.  Regardless of the thread used in the bobbin, adjust the bobbin tension to your number for best results.

Once the bobbin tension is set, then adjust the top tension for a balanced stitch.


More than once I have received a desperate call that the tension went away since yesterday when it was working perfectly.  Bottom line, it was the humidity.  Cotton absorbs 40% its weight in water.  Moisture always moves from where there is more to less.  In high humid conditions, like a basement, or hot, humid summer days, the quilt top, cotton batting and even the thread WILL absorb moisture from the air.  This DOES affect the tension and even make it impossible to adjust the tension. 

Purchase a dehumidifier or run an AC in your quilting area to keep the humidity at a reasonable level.
Quiltmagine Tips 

Have you had a chance to try the stagger and flip features found in Pantograph? With these features you can create a very custom look to any panto and make it look very different than just the same old design E2E and top to bottom

Found in all three modes, EZ, Basic and Advances, the stagger and flip features
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July 18, 2015

Nolting Longarm and Hinterberg OPEN HOUSE 
  • Quilt competition decided by visitor votes
  • Machines available for demonstration and trial
  • Sales on notions, machines, frames, hand frames
  • Refreshments and Fun

If you are traveling and near Cedar Rapids, Iowa - this is the perfect opportunity to visit Nolting, tour the factory, and meet the wonderful staff at Nolting.


Nolting Longarm

1105 Hawkeye Dr.

Hiawatha, IQ 52233


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