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"I love the enclosed track and the fact that the cords are contained in the pony cable on the back side of the machine instead of flopping around my feet."

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January 2015

Christmas is over, life is settling back to "normal" and winter has arrived.  It is now time to focus on quilting goals.

One of my goals is to reduce the UFO pile.  One club I belong to is having a challenge this year that will help us to complete one project every two months.  Hopefully I can keep up and get six projects done.

If longarm education is one of your 2015 goals, look no further.  Held near Cleveland, Ohio by the Ohio Nolting dealer February 20-21, this retreat has classes on longarm quilting, rulers and templates, Side Saddle, and Quiltmagine.  Instructors will even be available for help beyond class time.  More information and to register.

I hope that with this new year you will be challenged to finish some of your UFOs, take classes to improve your skills, or try something new.
Happy Quilting,

thead tension
Thread Tension
 Tension Woes

As you probably realize by now, learning to quilt with your Nolting was not the biggest learning curve, it was learning how to adjust the tension, or, becoming comfortable adjusting the tension.
Several factors affect the tension.  Stitching through several layers, different types of fabrics, different types of batting, using different threads or thread combinations.  To complicate matters, there are no numbers on the top tension adjustment.  One thing longarm quilters must get over is that tension must be adjusted.  Both bottom and top tension will need adjusting depending on the thread you are using and the other variables with each quilt.
Loose Bobbin Tension Required 
Nolting longarm machines like loose bobbin tension.  It is probably a lot looser than you think.  If the bobbin tension is too tight, then the top tension must be tightened to create a balanced stitch.  This often results in the top being so tight that the top thread will break or shred.
The Perfect Bobbin Tension
Test every bobbin by placing the bobbin case open side up in the palm of your hand.  Pull on the thread.  The thread must pull easily out of the bobbin case, stand the bobbin up, but not pull the bobbin case off your hand.  If the bobbin lifts off the hand, loosen the tension,  if the thread does not stand the bobbin case up, tighten the tension.  Whether loosening or tightening, turn the adjustment screw only a small amount, about 5 minutes if thinking of the face of the screw as the face of a clock.
towa bobbin gauge
Towa Bobbin Gauge
Using the Towa Bobbin Gauge

A couple of years ago I invested in the Towa Gauge.   No guessing now about the tension.

  • M-hook adjust to  170-200
  • L-hook, adjust to a bout 100.     
Tension Tips
  • Check and adjust the tension with every change in thread.
  • Because bobbins are not all exactly the same, always check the bobbin tension every time you replace the empty bobbin with a full bobbin during the quilt project.
Quiltmagine Tips 

Panto Layout Tips
  • I have found that if I design the layout first and save it, then I can easily complete it at a future time.  And you never know if the tablet might shut down or the battery run out.
  • The layout, total height and total width should be about 1.5 inches wider than the top and about 2-3 inches longer than the quilt top.  I always place the first row about 1 inch above the top of the quilt top to eliminate any inset open spaces along the top edge of the quilt. 
Center Placement Tip

Use the center placement method for every row to keep the pattern centered in the quilt top and even with all the other rows.  After stitching the row, follow the onscreen prompts to mark the next row, select "top center."   Use a piece of painters tape and turn the needle down into the tape to mark the center point of that next row.  Advance the quilt, baste sides, than place the needle over the hole on the painters tape, select "center placement."  Your next row is perfectly placed.

YouTube Videos

If you have Quiltmagine, or are thinking about purchasing Quiltmagine, check out the videos on YouTube.  Each is designed to help you learn more about Quiltmagine's many capabilities.   More videos are planned so check back from time to time.

Facebook page for Quiltmagine.

Quiltmagine has its own Facebook page.  This is a place for sharing information, tips and photos of projects.  We invite you to "Like" the page and share it with your quilting friends.
bobbin case and bobbins
Did You Know This About The Nolting Bobbin Cases and Bobbins?

Bobbin Cases

Noltng uses top quality bobbin cases and has spent time researching and testing to find the bobbin case that works best in the Nolting machines.  The M-hook bobbin case has a pigtail that centers the thread under the needle hole.  Inside the bobbin case of both the L and M bobbin is a spring, often magnetic.  The spring functions to slow the bobbin when the machine stops to reduce the bobbin from spinning and prevent backlash. Over time the spring may become worn and need replacing.  Sometimes the bobbin case may need to be replaced if it has been dropped or becomes bent.  Always purchase genuine replacement parts from your Nolting dealer or from Nolting.


There are many bobbins available on the market often looking like the Nolting bobbins, but with holes on the side that are larger or smaller, made of a different material, or other slight differences.  Nolting has spent time researching to find the bobbins that work best  with their bobbin cases and machines.  Even slight differences in design can affect the effectiveness of the check spring in the bobbin case.  When you need more bobbins, purchase genuine replacement bobbins from your Nolting dealer or from Nolting. 
for your referrals

You have told us that you love your Nolting.  You enjoy the fact it is easy to use, simple to maintain, and wonderful to quilt on.  It is only natural that you have told your quilting friends how much you enjoy your Nolting.

When Delightful Quilting & Sewing sells a Nolting because of your endorsement, make sure your friend tells us it is because of you.  As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a gift certificate to purchase anything from our fine line of Made in USA products or purchase items of your choice directly from the Nolting catalog, which could include batting, thread, pantos or Nolting items.

Quilters are interested in hearing your story, why you love your Nolting, why you chose Nolting, and about the service you have received from your dealer.  Don't be shy, let your friends know.  We appreciate you and want to reward you with this token of our appreciation.

Thank You.

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