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I love, love, love my Nolting.  It is so much "Fun."
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Quilting Around Chautauqua
Sept 27-28, 2014
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Chautauqua, NY

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To share a story about your Nolting longarm purchase adventure, tips or hints using your Nolting, email to Joyce.

July 2014

Summer has finally arrived!  I am enjoying the time off from a very full quilt show schedule during May and June. 

I enjoyed being at Quilt Canada in St. Catharine's.  There were quilters from all over Canada for classes taught by 15 well known quilt teachers.  The quilts in the juried show were outstanding.  Joining me in our booth were Stephen and Crystal Karley, new Nolting Dealer from Waterloo, Ontario.  Crystal has been a longarm quilter for many years on her Nolting.  For the last couple of years Stephen has been delivering, setting up and repairing Nolting machines in Ontario.  We welcome Stephen and Crystal to the Nolting Dealer family.

The Vermont Quilt Festival was quite an experience.  I had the opportunity to attend Gerald Roy's walking lecture.  Using some of his 66 quilts on display, he gave an informative talk on the history of quilt making in the late 1800's through the 1970's.  His knowledge of quilt history is extensive and I learned a lot about color, design, and how quilting and history intertwine.  Because Burlington, VT is close to Canada we often heard French spoken.  One language I had trouble identifying and finally asked to find out turned out to be Italian.  The women had traveled to the show from Venice, Italy.  Another couple was from Switzerland.  There were even women from our home area near Rochester, NY who flew to Boston and came on a tour bus with other quilters.  One thing I was really impressed with was the show's youth division.  VQF actively promotes quilting to the youth, each youth receiving special recognition at the awards night with the new entrants that year given a sewing machine provided by a local Janome dealer.  What an incentive to start quilting!

We are planning our first Open House and hope that you set aside the day to join us for mini seminars, demos, and more.  See the announcement below for our first Open House.

Enjoy your summer.

Delightful Quilting & Sewing Quilt Block Logo
openhouseDelightful Quilting & Sewing
Open House
Saturday, September 13, 2014
10AM - 3PM

  • See the NEW Precision Stitcher in action - Nolting's computer guided quilting system  
  • Test drive the Fun Quilter, new CLX, and Pro 
  • Mini Seminars:
    • 11AM  - Solving Tension Problems
    • 1:30PM - Template Tips
  • Snacks
  • Door Prizes
  • Quilts on display
  • FREE Gift for everyone 

Come, bring a friend,  

learn something new, have fun.

Precision Stitcher
precision stitcher
Precision Stitcher
Computer Guided Quilting from Nolting

Computer guided quilting is now available from Noltng and will work on any stitch regulated Nolting machne.
Some of the things you can do with Nolting's Precision Stitcher include:
  • Pattern Designs - Precision Stitcher comes loaded with about 200 designs including blocks, continuous line, quad and triangle patterns that can be sized and placed on your quilt.  You can even import patterns in 10 different file formats.  There are both standard and advanced features for placement of designs.
  • Sew - Size patterns to your space indexing using the center point, using 3 points, 4 points or multipoint option.  Fit the pattern to the space exactly or determine the margin around the design.  Stitch in the ditch or parallel to the ditch.  You can even design the whole quilt top in PS before sewing.
  • Design Your Own Patterns - draw lines, splines, arcs, parabolas, mirror, edit patterns, flip, rotate, and more using the Pattern Cad feature.  You can even record and save your favorite free motion quilting patterns.   

Precision Stitcher is easy enough for beginners and has many functions for those experienced with digitizing software.


I have had Precision Stitcher for a little over a month to learn how to use and to demonstrate at the June shows.  PS makes it easy to learn by using the same lay out on each screen and by using easy to identify icons.  I have already completed a small quilt trying some of the features, edge to edge designs, and block designs of various sizes.  Enjoying so much the process of quilting with the PS, I failed to keep track of the bobbin and on the last row I ran out.  I used the "repair" feature and "traced backed" to the spot where I ran out.  I changed the bobbin and picked up the bobbin thread, and pressed "sew."  It started sewing in the exact spot and completed the pattern.  This is a very nice feature!


Precision Stitcher will be demonstrated at our Open House, Sept 13.  See for yourself how easy and how much fun computer guided quilting can be. 


Introductory price $7900.  Available now.  Call to place your order.  585-226-2577   

Nolting Longarm MaintenanceTips
How To Avoid Problems
  • Even though it is summer, it is still important to warm up your machine before starting to quilt.  Warming up has nothing to do with the air temperature.  It has everything to do with bringing the internal working parts of your machine up to operating temperature.  Minimize tension problems at start up by warming up your machine first by running it for about 3-5 minutes at a moderate speed. 
  • If you have an air conditioner, you may experience a higher draw on your electric when the unit starts.  This draw will not hurt your Nolting longarm, but you may notice trouble bringing up the bobbin thread or the needle may drag on top of the quilt.  To correct this problem, run your machine through the Needle Position adjustment mode.  First, put the machine into the adjustment mode, then run the needle positioning speed adjustment.  Follow the procedure in your machine manual.  Pro: Page 27-28.  Fun Quilter: Page 21-22,  The Pro is more likely to experience this issue than the Fun Quilter although it is possible with any machine.
  • If you have a busy summer schedule and find your quilting time is in short, don't forget to oil the four oil wicks on top every 8 hours of quilting and the hook every 2-3 bobbin changes.  Use a log to help you keep track of the oiling top and bobbin, and even needle change.
  • Click to print a trouble shooting guide that addresses tension issues, skipped stitches, top and bottom thread breakage. 


Did You Know?

Nolting training
Dan Novak (right) training Nolting dealers


Technical support from Nolting is two-fold.

  1. Nolting's dealers are trained and experienced to give great support.  Most can help with quilting questions, many tension issues, and can even make some repairs.
  2. For more in depth technical support or troubling issues that the dealer can not solve, Nolting has highly trained technicians to help.    It is not uncommon for a technician or assembler to get up from their bench where they are working and take a call.  No one will read a manual to you.  These men are experienced at trouble shooting and usually can solve the problem

Meet Dan Novak.  Dan is just one of the experienced technicians at Nolting.  He knows  Nolting machines inside and out, and even can tell by the sound they make when running what might be the problem.  When I cannot solve an issue, I refer my customers to Dan for a diagnosis and help.


Regardless of the issue, check with your dealer first as many issues can be solved quite easily. 


Qujilting Piggy Bank
What's In Your Quilting Piggy Bank? 
A Referral Fee Could Be Coming Your Way

It is all about thanking you for spreading the word about Nolting - simple to use, simple to take care of, reliable and well build longarm machines made in the USA.  If someone purchases a Nolting because of your endorsement, you will receive a referral "Thank You" from us.

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