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November 2014

With the snow on the ground, It is hard to think about Thanksgiving as it seems more like Christmas.  Our 10 inches is small compared to the almost 80 inches in some areas near Buffalo just 50 miles to the west.  My heart goes out to you, my Buffalo area friends, as I can't imagine all that snow and the work it is to dig out.

With the holidays creeping up on us, this issue has my top picks (gift ideas) for longarm quilters. Most can conveniently be purchased from from Delightful Quilting & Sewing, the others locally purchased.  With the holiday focus in this issue, our feature article and regular maintenance article are taking a vacation.  They will return in the next issue.

As our focus turns to Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful quilters through our business.  I enjoy meeting you at quilt shows, quilt clubs, and when you visit my studio.  You are the best.  I learn so much from you, I love to see your quilts and hear about your quilting adventures.  Thank you for bringing joy to me.  In turn, I hope that this newsletter is helpful to you in your Nolting quilting journey.

I want to wish each of you a very special time with your family during this holiday season.  Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

Top Picks (Gift Ideas) for Longarm blue-gift.jpg Quilters

With Christmas and gift giving just around the corner, here are my picks for great gifts for yourself or a special quilting friend.  Only one is specifically for a Nolting machine, the rest are not.  There is something for every longarm quilter.  Links are to the Delightful Quilting & Sewing online store where you can purchase most of the items.     

  • Towa Bobbin Gauge.  Don't be frustrated with trial and error attempts to get the bobbin tension right.  Use this easy to use scientific instrument to set it right with each change of thread.  I no longer have "tension" headaches now I use the Towa Gauge.  Order on line.
  • Zero Center Tape.  All quilts creep sideways when quilting.  Eye-balling is not accurate when advancing the quilt.  With a zero center tape attached to the frame, you can easily keep the quilt advancing squarely eliminating an out-of-shape quilt and wavy borders.  I love my zero center tape!  I always have square quilts now, even from tops that are less than perfect.  Order on line.
  • Side Leader Grips.  Having a hard time keeping the backing smooth and even?  Side leader grips easily attach capturing from 10 to 14 inches of the backing.  I just got a set and love them!  Order on line. 
  • A Quilter's Eye - see the back of your quilt while quilting.  The little camera mounted to the left of the needle magnifies the stitching on the back so you can easily see poor tension and thread issues.  The monitor can swivel to the back so it can be used whether quilting at the front or back of the frame.  I love not having to get on my knees to take a look at the back of the quilt.  Order on line or call to order, 585-226-2577
  • Nolting template base.  These rectangular metal template bases firmly attach to the throat of the machines and the new ones even have a cut-out if you want to use A Quilter's Eye.  Call to order, 585-226-2577
  • Magnetic base pin dish.  How convenient to have my pins close by.  The dish "sticks" to the arms and even the roller.  And, being magnetic, the pins do not fall out.  Order on line. 
  • Scissor fob on lanyard.  Where do you put the scissors, seems like there is no best place.  My scissors are on the lanyard around my neck and always handy to use whether at the longarm or winding thread on the bobbin winder.  Find at a local shop.
  • Plastic Panto Cover.  Perfect to both protect the panto and to make registration marks using a dry erase marker.  I mark the sides of the quilt, first and last row adjustments, and start point.  It really keeps me "on track."  Call to order, 585-226-2577.
  • Templates.  Use templates as a stand alone design, or as the base for something more, such as using a circle template with free hand feathers around the outside and crosshatching in the middle.  Templates are just one more tool to express your creativity.  We carry many, including a Starter Set.   Order the starter set on line, or call to order other templates, 585-226-2577.
  • Quiltmagine.  Precision quilting is easy with Nolting's computer guided system.  The discounted introductory price will end soon.  If you are thinking about moving to computer guides, now would be a good time before this amazing offer ends.  Call to arrange a time to try Quiltmagine, 585-226-2577.
  • Gift Certificate.  The perfect gift to redeem for merchandise or classes, at our booth, at shows, in our studio, or by calling to place an order.  Available in any amount.  Call to purchase, 585-226-2577

Quiltmagine Videos on YouTube

Nolting asked us if we would make instructional videos on how to use the many features found in Quiltmagine, Nolting's recently released computer guided system.  We have been working on them and have three posted on YouTube so far with more videos in the works. 

If you have Quiltmagine, or are thinking about purchasing Quiltmagine, check these videos out.  Each is designed to help you learn more about Quiltmagine's many capabilities.  What is really interesting is that often there are several ways to accomplish the same thing.  So, as we will keep learning more, we will be taping and posting to help you use Quiltmagine to its maximum.

Did You Know This About Needles?

The L-hook and the M-hook do NOT use the same needle.  Needles are designed to work best with a specific hook assembly. 

Some of you may remember back to the Singer slant needle machines?  You may also remember that they required a special needle.  If you put a needle from another machine into the Singer Slant machine, the machine would not work properly. 

M-hook Noltings use a MR needle which has a deep scarf (indentation) on the back of the needle which bumps out on the front or groove side of the needle.  The needle used in L-hook Noltings is not like this, but looks more like a standard machine needle with the scarf on the back and groove on the front.  The MR designation on the M-hook needles refers to the fact that these are multi-directional needles that have been designed specifically to work in machines that move in many directions, like the longarm.

A word of caution.  Never use needles other than those recommended by Nolting as they often do not sew well and could possibly damage your machine.  Purchase needles from your dealer, Nolting, or at our online store.
piggy bank
What's In Your Piggy Bank?
What's In Your Quilting Piggy Bank? 
A Referral Fee Could Be Coming Your Way

You have told us that you love your Nolting.  You enjoy the fact it is easy to use, simple to maintain, and wonderful to quilt on.  It is only natural that you have told your quilting friends how much you enjoy your Nolting.

When Delightful Quilting & Sewing sells a Nolting because of your endorsement, make sure your friend tells us it is because of you.  As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a gift certificate to purchase anything from our fine line of Made in USA products or purchase items of your choice directly from the Nolting catalog, which could include batting, thread, pantos or Nolting items.

Quilters are interested in hearing your story, why you love your Nolting, why you chose Nolting, and about the service you have received from your dealer.  Don't be shy, let your friends know.  We appreciate you and want to reward you with this token of our appreciation.

Thank You.

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