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The reason I purchased a Nolting is because you offer training and classes.  No other retailer offered to train me.  I appreciate the time you spent with me and your excellent class and training.

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MQX East
April 10-12, 2014
Radisson Hotel
Manchester, NH

I am helping in the TopAnchor template booth.

Dan and Lance will be in the Nolting booth.

Smethport Piecemakers Quilters' Extravaganza
April 26, 2014  (9am-noon) 
Smethport High School
Smethport, PA

Webster Quilt Guild  
2014 Quilt Show
May 3 - 4, 2014 
Holy Trinity Church Ed Bldg.
1460 Ridge Road 
Webster, NY

Lake to Lake Quilt Guild Show
May 16-17, 2014 
Phelps Community Center
8 Banta St, Phelps, NY

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To share a story about your Nolting longarm purchase, longarm adventure, tips or hints using your Nolting, email Joyce.

March 2014

The January newsletter encouraged you to set quilting goals for 2014.  Shortly after sending that newsletter to you I received an email from Dan at Nolting with a list of goals that Nolting is working on for 2014.  Nolting is working hard to offer quilters the best options on the market at the most affordable prices.  As a result, I am excited to announce to you the release of the new CLX longarm, one of Nolting's goals for this year.  Read more about the CLX below.

One of our business goals this year was to bring Nolting longarm to quilters by vending at a few more shows.  This goal is taking shape as we have been asked to be a vendor at several more shows, including Vermont Quilt Festival in June.  We attended this show last year and were very impressed with the huge vendor mall and the wonderful display of quilts.  Held in Essex Junction near Burlington, Vermont, it is a beautiful drive. 

As winter drags on with more snow, I, like you, am looking forward to a change in the season, a change from white to green grass and lovely flowers, warmer temperatures, and the start of quilt shows here in the northeast.    

Happy Quilting,

New CLX Longarm Series from Nolting
Nolting CLX longarm
NEW!! Nolting CLX Longarm

Nolting clxannounced February 21, 2014 the release of its newest series of longam quilting machines, the CLX (Commercial Longarm X-citing)  The CLX is available in three throat sizes, 20", 24" and 30."  Options include the M bobbin, paint color and down facing handles.  Also in the works are curvy handles with some adjustment, but not quite like the Pro.

The CLX has a body style like the Pro, but handles and stitch regulator like the Fun Quilter.  Advantages of this machine include the thicker metal body with higher 10" arm, larger motor like the Pro for professional quilting, built in laser light, and because of the 10" arm height, better visibility around the needle area.  One of the biggest advantages to this system that I see is that it pares the best qualities of the Pro machines with the less expensive stitch regulator and would be perfect for adding a computer guided system.  The 20" CLX on  a 12' Nolting frame sells for $10,900.

Nolting Tech - Bobbin Tension 

New longarm quilters often think that learning to quilt on the longarm will be their largest challenge.  Although learning to quilt smooth curves, lopes, and arcs, and make sharp, crisp points takes some practice, the biggest learning curve for the new longarm quilter is learning to work with the tension.  Because there are no numbers on the dial and every change in type of thread, fabric and batting changes the overall machine tension, it can be frustrating to know how to adjust the machine for a perfectly balanced stitch.
The tension for the machine starts with a correctly set bobbin tension.  In fact, in the information you received from Nolting with your new machine, Dan Novak, head technician at Nolting writes that "with every change in thread, the bobbin tension  must be adjusted."  There is no perfect once set bobbin tension setting that works with every thread type.  With our domestic machines we can get by without ever changing the bobbin tension.  That is not the case with our longarm machines which need the bobbin tension adjusted differently for each type of thread.

Nolting longarm machines "like" a looser bobbin tension.  With time we can with trial and error learn just what that means for our machine.  To check your bobbin tension, put the bobbin into the bobbin case, lay the case in the palm of your hand, open side up and pull on the bobbin thread.  The bobbin case should stand up and the thread pull easily out of the bobbin case.  The L-hook bobbin may slightly lift off the hand, but the thread should come out easily.

The problem with the thread pull method is that what seems "easily" to you may not be the same as "easily" to me or Dan Novak, technician.  As a result, I highly recommend using a simple scientific instrument, the Towa Bobbin Gauge, to measure the bobbin tension.  This inexpensive gauge reliably measures the tension.  It is easy to make adjustments to the tension screw while the bobbin and case are in the gauge.  With every change of thread, and even  every change of bobbin during a project, a quick check of the bobbin tension in the gauge assures that the bobbin tension remains consistent.

Towa Gauge Readings for Nolting Machines

L-hook - about 100
M-hook - 170 to 200

  • Use a long straight pin to carefully clean lint from under the bobbin tension spring.  Slide the pin under the spring on one side and pull horizontally across under the spring.  You will be surprised at the amount of lint that builds up there.
  • Do not over fill bobbins as the thread can bind up the bobbin and will not spool off freely.
  • Periodically check to make sure the bobbins are turning freely in the bobbin case.  If you have dropped your bobbin case, it may have become slightly bent and the bobbin will bind up as it turns which can affect the thread tension.  Sometimes you can gently bend the case back into shape.  If not, call me to order a new bobbin case 585-226-2577. 
  • Thoroughly clean all lint from the hook area
    position for oiling
    Position for Oiling
    every time you change bobbins.  Use a lint brush, small paint brush, or better yet, compressed air.  It is safe to use canned air (the type used on computers and electronics).
  • Oil the hook every two to three bobbin changes with one drop of sewing machine oil.
  • Use a Towa Bobbin Gauge to accurately determine the bobbin tension.  L-hook around 100 and M-hook 170-200.    

Did You Know?


Nolting manufacturing really does manufacture their

Nolting dealer training
Dealer repair training from Lance and Dan (right)

machines and frames here in the US.  They do not make needles or bobbins, but manufacture everything unique to their machines and frames.  The sawing, bending, milling, welding, lathe work, and drilling of every machine and frame is proudly completed at their factory in the heartland of America, Hiawatha, Iowa. 

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