Dear APPNA Members,

The Nomination and Election Committee (NEC) is pleased to seek nominations for APPNA 2016 Elections. A member in good standing who wishes to be nominated for an APPNA Office for the 2016 elections must file his or her nomination petition bearing a minimum of 15 valid signatures from those APPNA members who have been in good standing for two consecutive years. The nominations may be faxed to the APPNA office at 630-968-8677 or sent by email to the Director of Operations at the APPNA office at and copied to Chair, NEC at If the nominations are faxed, the candidate or the nominating member will be responsible for ensuring that the fax has been received by the APPNA office in a timely fashion.The nomination petition, notarized and signed Code of Conduct and candidate fee must be received by APPNA Central office in Westmont, IL no later than midnight CST on Thursday, March 31, 2016. A candidate wishing to withdraw their nomination may do so by midnight CST on Friday, April 8, 2016.  

Qualifications of Officers :

1. All officers of the Association shall have been members in good standing for three consecutive years prior to being considered for an office;

2. All nominees for the election of the officers of the Association shall have served for at least one year on the Council as the President of a recognized component society. Any past officer of central APPNA is also eligible to run for any office in future.

Candidates should contact APPNA Director of Operations, Jennifer Wozniak-Watson, JD, to obtain Election Packet 2016, which includes a copy of the Council approved Election Code of Conduct.

ELECTION 2016 TIME-LINE: All dates are the last date for the assigned task .
Thursday, July 7th 2016: Last day to pay dues to become voting member for 2016.
Saturday, August 6th 2016: Release of Voter list to candidates by Membership Committee [MC].
Tuesday, August 16th 2016: Candidates to submit objections on voter list to MC.
Tuesday, August 23rd 2016: MC response to candidate's objections.
Tuesday, August 30th 2016: Final approved voter list will be released to the candidates.
Tuesday, September 6th 2016: Voter list duly signed off by the candidates.
Tuesday, September 13th 2016: Mailing of Instructions for Voting by Election Agency (Electronic Balloting).
Thursday, October 20th 2016 by Midnight Central Time: End of Voting.
Saturday, October 22nd 2016: Announcement of Election Results at Fall Meeting.

Best Regards,

Nomination and Election Committee 2016 
Jamil Farooqui, MD (Chair)
Humaira Ali, MD (Co-chair) 

President APPNA 
M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
Kashif Qureshi, MD 
Tanvir Sattar, MD 
Ashraf Sabahat, MD 
Aqeel Mandviwala, MD 
Sophia Najam, MD
Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America (APPNA)
M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
Sajid Chaudhary, MD
Iqbal Z. Hamid, MD
Dawood Nasir, MD
Mubasher E. Rana, MD
Immediate Past President 
6414 S. Cass Avenue,  Westmont, IL 60559-3209
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APPNA is organized for educational and scientific purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986