February 13, 2018
NHBC Revival
February 13, 6:30pm 
Three Nights to Experience the Holy Spirit

No Church Service
Wednesday, February 14 

Students Soup & Sardines 
Wednesday, February 14, 6-8pm
The game.....not the food!
Enjoy a fun night with friends. 

February 18, 5pm 

Kinder Choir & 
Kids Choir 
Kids Choir will be working on a Spring Musical so be sure to come and be a part of this fun adventure!  

Sav-A-Life Baby Items 
Due February 18  
We will be collecting Baby Items for Sav-A-Life. Below is a list of items needed, please place items in the atrium in the designated area by February 18. For more information contact Cindy Nelson at 540-4650. 

February 19 & 20    
Come write cards of encouragement to those in need. Monday, February 19 at 5pm and Tuesday, February 20 at 10am. For more information contact Bro. Bill Donaldson at 213-0079.


Nursery Workers Meeting 
February 27, 6:30pm

Attention Nursery/Preschool Workers! Susan McKay will be having a meeting to discuss important details about our Preschool Department. We will go over policies and procedures for the instruction and safety of our children.
Refreshments will be served at 6:30pm and the meeting will be 7-8pm.
If you have any question, please call Susan at

Mission Trip  
March 12-17  
We will be going on a Construction Mission Trip to Alapaha, Georgia. If you would like to go please sign up in the Atrium or See Frank Nelson for more information.

Ministry Opportunities this week:    

Front Door
Rear Door
PM Greeters
Mike Thomas  
Linda Thomas   
John Odom
Larry McCraw


Michelle Snodgrass 
Carla Rollins
Larry Wallace
Barbara Wallace

Kinder Church

Nursery AM 
Nursery PM 
Nursery Wed.
Kelly Colbourne
Children Church     
Casie Poarch 

Susan McKay
Linda Arnold
Margie Brasher
Rachel Nichols
Leslie Hinton
Josh Hinton
Gwendolyn Handley

Susan McKay
John Odom
Sheila Odom

Stacy Gray
Golf Cart

Deacon Visitation
Chuck Hurliman
Jason Reed
Joe Stoud

William Brooks
Lori Brooks
Glenn Miller
Donnis Miller

Eric Brooks
Gideon Waithers

A Word from the Staff:    
I played basketball on a school team from 3rd grade thru 12th grade. I can remember in practice we would always be divided into two teams: the A team and the B team. The coaches would never say that the A team was better, but kids aren't as naïve as adults sometimes think they are. We always knew that whoever was on the A team in practice would be the starting 5 for the upcoming game. (I don't really know what the B team was thinking because I was never on it) :)
I had an almost overwhelming desire to be on the A team, and to stay on the A team. I wonder as it relates to serving the Lord if we care whether we are on the A team or the B team. I wonder if we are just glad to be on the team; or do we want to be in the game and making a difference.
Hopefully the last couple of nights have revived your desire to be on the A team!
On Wednesday night February 21st, I will begin a new series on "The Lord's A Team". You are invited to join with many others as we look at the life and ministry of the 12 Apostles.

Pastor Joe
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