Weekly Update
County Wide High Rise Fire Training Kicks -Off

After months of planning, the county wide high rise fire training began this week. Here are some links to media coverage of the training. Training is scheduled to run through the month of April. 

North Shore Fire Assistant Chief Andrew Harris and Battalion Chief Toby Carlson are two of the lead instructors for the training.

Weekly Summary
  • The Department extended offers of employment as a Firefighter with a tentative start date of May 8. Joshua Larson and Adam Newville are going through background checks and medical evaluations currently. Josh is an intern with the Department and works part-time in Waterford as a firefighter/paramedic. Adam is currently a career firefighter/paramedic in Monona, Wisconsin. Under Fire Commission rules, the Chief is able to offer employment from the top five qualified individuals on the Firefighter Eligibility List.
  • The Department set a date for train-the-trainer sessions on the new Imagetrend Elite product. All EMS Lieutenants will go through the training and then begin training their shifts in May. Currently, the Department projects transitioning to Imagetrend Elite on or about May 15. The Department is mandated to switch to the Imagetrend Elite platform by the State.
  • Three people were injured in a motor vehicle crash that occurred on April 3 in the 7600 block of southbound I-43.
  • The Department assisted the Milwaukee Fire Department with a house fire on April 3 near 33rd and Silver Spring Dr.
Calls for Service This Week

Incident Type
Incident Count
Weekly Average (2015 & 2016)
Emergency Medical
Weekly Average (2015 & 2016)

Priority 1 & 2 Calls
Meeting Response Goal of 7:02
(goal of 90%)
Average Response Time
Priority 1 & 2 Calls
5 minutes 27 seconds
(goal of 6 minutes)

*Priority 1 & 2 calls are calls for service which the Department sends an initial responding unit to a scene with lights and sirens operating. Priority 3 calls are responses that are considered non-emergent.
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