Weekly Update
London High Rise Fire Raises Questions

I watched with interest a a live video feed of a fire in a London high rise building that actually looked like it should have been a movie - not live footage. The 24 story building was recently remodeled - as of Thursday 17 people had been found dead in the building and authorities were predicting that number to rise as they searched the building further.

I will preface this statement by saying that buildings shouldn't burn but  from my experience - buildings that are burning shouldn't burn like that building burned.

Thursday morning, this news article was published indicating that flammable cladding had been put on the exterior of the building as part of a major building renovation. The same cladding was involved in a deadly fire in Australia several years ago.

Incidents like these should remind us of why fire and building codes exist and need to be enforced. Hopefully the world will learn from these two major disasters and remember that code language exists for a reason.

Chief Whitaker

Weekly Summary

  • Recruit Firefighters Larson and Newville will complete Week 6 of their training on Friday. The recruit class, with participants from North Shore, Wauwatosa and West Allis covered car fires and structural firefighting this week.
  • Crews attended a multitude of community events on Saturday and Sunday including Touch a Truck in Brown Deer, the Village of Fox Point Open House and participated in welcoming riders for Cycle for a Cure to the North Shore.
  • A 34 year old man who was seen struggling in Lake Michigan at Klode Park on Saturday was pulled from the lake by a Whitefish Bay Police Officer. Firefighter/Paramedics continued the CPR and care that was initiated by the police officer after he pulled the man from the lake, but were unsuccessful in reviving the victim. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner ruled the death a drowning.
  • A fire in an exterior storage shed occurred at the rear of Good Hope School in Glendale on June 11. The cause of the fire is undetermined. The shed was completely destroyed by the time firefighters arrived on scene.
  • Several calls for trees and wires down were responded to on June 12 as a result of a line of severe weather that moved through the area.
  • The Fire Department Board of Directors met on Tuesday June 13. Baker Tilly, the Departments Audit Firm, presented findings from the audit of the 2016 Financial Statements for the Department.
Calls for Service This Week

Incident Type
Incident Count
Weekly Average (2015 & 2016)
Emergency Medical
Weekly Average (2015 & 2016)

Priority 1 & 2 Calls
Meeting Response Goal of 7:02
(goal of 90%)
Average Response Time
Priority 1 & 2 Calls
5 minutes 36 seconds
(goal of 6 minutes)

*Priority 1 & 2 calls are calls for service which the Department sends an initial responding unit to a scene with lights and sirens operating. Priority 3 calls are responses that are considered non-emergent.
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