Weekly Update
Great Work Truck 83/Med 83 Green Shift!

Truck 83 and Med 83 - Green Shift - were on a change of quarters assigned to Wauwatosa Fire Station 51 on Monday May 22 when a Tosa resident and his three year old son came in looking to see a fire truck. Captain Eric Riechert, HEO Mark Hoffman , FF Johnny Goetz and FFPM Greg Gilles grabbed the children's sized firefighter turnout gear from the lobby of Station 51 and gave the family the grand tour. A few hours later, without knowing what had occurred, I received an email from a Wauwatosa Alderperson indicating he and his son had stopped at the fire station looking for a tour, but realized North Shore Firefighters were covering the station while the Tosa Firefighters fought a fire at the Briggs & Stratton Plant. He said our crews did a great job and represented not only North Shore Fire and Tosa Fire well, but the entire fire/ems service. Thank you Capt. Riechert and crew! - Chief Whitaker

Weekly Summary
  • The Department celebrated EMS Week. The national wide designation celebrates the vital role EMS providers across the Country play in the healthcare continuum. The Department provided daily education pieces on social media about the role EMS plays in the North Shore. Internally several hospitals held events for EMS providers, the Department provided short educational pieces to members on various aspects of EMS and the Department gave each member an EMS Week Water Bottle to thank all members for the job they do daily.
  • Probationary Firefighters Joshua Larson and Adam Newville continue their training at the Joint Fire Training Academy. This week they covered truck company operations. Company Officers that wish to have their crew assist at the JFTA should contact their Operations BC. 
  • Administration held their monthly staff meeting on May 23. An hour was dedicated to leadership training followed by the normal monthly agenda.
  • Instructions for submitting budget requests for 2018 were sent to the entire Department via Departmental Memo.
Home Safety Assessments

Daily, the Department responds to reports of people that have fallen in their home - in fact, the most frequent reason for North Shore residents to be seen in hospital emergency departments are for injuries as a result of falls. In an effort to reduce injuries from falls and improve home safety in general, the Department offers a voluntary home safety assessment program. In the first quarter of 2017, 46 assessments were completed. The feedback on this program has been tremendous! We recently received these comments from a resident who had a home safety assessment completed:

"I was very impressed with Dave....he was quite thorough.......it was also very comforting to receive some extra assistance."
Calls for Service This Week

Incident Type
Incident Count
Weekly Average (2015 & 2016)
Emergency Medical
Weekly Average (2015 & 2016)

Priority 1 & 2 Calls
Meeting Response Goal of 7:02
(goal of 90%)
Average Response Time
Priority 1 & 2 Calls
5 minutes 33 seconds
(goal of 6 minutes)

*Priority 1 & 2 calls are calls for service which the Department sends an initial responding unit to a scene with lights and sirens operating. Priority 3 calls are responses that are considered non-emergent.
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