Weekly Update
Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery!

Ready to move your clocks ahead this weekend? When you do that, make sure to change the batteries in your smoke detectors if they are powered by traditional 9 volt batteries. Newer detectors, commonly powered by 10 year lithium batteries, will begin chirping when their batteries are low. 
Fire Extinguisher Recall

Kidde is recalling 134 models of fire extinguishers with plastic handles. For more information, click here.
Weekly Summary
  • A man and women  released a canister of bear spray in an apartment in the White Oaks Apartment Complex on October 28. The Department received a call for a strange odor in the hallways of the building. Two people were treated by paramedics on the scene but refused transport to the hospital. The regional hazardous materials team was called to the scene to assist in determining the cause and origin of the odor. After investigation, the apartment where the odor was originating from was found. Upon entry to the unit with property management, firefighters found the discharged canister of spray. Bear spray is a type of pepper spray or capsaicin deterrent that is used to deter aggressive bears, typically in wilderness environments. The building was ventilated and occupants were allowed to reoccupy the building. The man and woman responsible for the discharge were located by police in Grafton. They had left the scene prior to the arrival of the fire department. The couple claims the discharge was accidental.
  • Firefighters spent the afternoon of Sunday October 29 out in the community visiting with trick or treaters. Candy distributed by the firefighters was purchased by the Professional Firefighters Association. Later in the evening, firefighters from Station 85 in Bayside spent their evening with Bayside families as they celebrated Halloween with a bonfire at Ellsworth Park.
  • Chief Whitaker met with Senator Darling's Staff and Representative Knodl at the State Capital on Wednesday November 1 to discuss legislative issues relating to the Department and emergency medical services throughout the State of Wisconsin.
Calls for Service This Week
Incident Type
Incident Count
Weekly Average (2016)
Emergency Medical
Weekly Average (2016)
Priority 1 & 2 Calls
Meeting Response Goal of 7:02
(goal of 90%)
Average Response Time
Priority 1 & 2 Calls
5 minutes 35 seconds
(goal of 6 minutes)

*Priority 1 & 2 calls are calls for service which the Department sends an initial responding unit to a scene with lights and sirens operating. Priority 3 calls are responses that are considered non-emergent.

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