At the beginning of the 20th century, Italians in New York City, many of them recently arrived immigrants, were terrorized, extorted, and oftentimes murdered by an illusive criminal organization known as the Black Hand. Joseph Petrosino was one of the very few law enforcement officials who possessed the courage to confront the deadly menace. This is the true story of one man's determination to help his adopted country and restore honor to the name of the people of his ancestry. ~ Reviewed by Alden Graves
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Carrying the scars of twelve bullet holes, Samuel Hawley finally faces his criminal past while working to protect his daughter Loo from those mistakes.This novel weaves back and forth through time from Alaska to the Adirondacks of New York, finally settling on the shores of Massachusetts. Here they learn to survive Loo's teenage years as Samuel struggles to free them both from his past. - Sue Rice
Director, writer, and actor Chandrasekhar tells the hil arious history of his comedy group, Broken Lizard, and the making of the cult film  Super Troopers, as well as the currently filming  Super Troopers 2.

A witty, engrossing homage to noir from a National Book Award finalist.

"The denouement, involving a dire shootout is  Howard Norman at his -provocative . . . haunting-* and uncannily moving best." 
*Janet Maslin,  New York Times

A powerful addition and the 26th novel in the highly acclaimed, internationally bestselling Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery series. This is quintessential 
Donna Leon  at her best. 

From the bestselling author of 
Help, Thanks, Wow and 
Stitches  comes a powerful exploration of mercy, its limitless (if sometimes hidden) presence, why we ignore it, and how we can embrace it.
F ull of hilarious, never-before-told stories, this is an intimate portrait of a president, a book about how to get stuff done, and the story of how one woman challenged, again and again, what a -White House official- is supposed to look like.

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April Newsletter
Chris Morrow 
Co-owner of Northshire Bookstore
Happy Spring,
Last week, I attended a meeting of book people at the Unitarian Universalist church in Cambridge, MA. On the wall of the church was a poster of the wonderful Seven Principles which they aim to promote and affirm. The 1st Principle is:
"The inherent worth and dignity of every person."  Good place to start.
The 7 th Principle is:
"Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part."
Ask a physicist, a Buddhist, or any number of people on the street and they will concur that we are all connected - to each other and to the world from which we arise.
This brings me to a topic this month that is very much on my mind - Climate Change. I still don't understand why this has turned into a political issue.  There is so much unbiased science and the stakes are so large, that one would think this could be a galvanizing issue for all humanity. Last week our nation's commitments to combating climate change were eroded and, in contrast, at the end of this month there will be a massive Climate March in Washington D.C.  I will be there with my daughters.
What does this have to do with books and bookstores? Community bookstores strive to provide inspiration, information and entertainment, and to be catalysts for conversations about the important topics of our time. I hope you find some time to come in and browse - whether you are in the mood to engage or to escape.
Be well,

New York Times Bestseller * Named a best book of the year by: NPR, Esquire, The LA Times, and Newsweek * Winner of the Stranger Genius Award.
Shrill  is an uproarious memoir, a feminist rallying cry in a world that thinks gender politics are tedious and that women, especially feminists, can't be funny. 

Twenty writers will be selected at random from all who purchase tickets to this event.  Each writer gets one minute-and one minute only to pitch their book! Dozens of writers have gone from talented amateurs to professionally published authors because of participating in Pitchapalooza.
Barbara Bonner
Inspiring Courage
Thursday, April 13th
6:00 pm
Manchester, VT

Committed to a life in philanthropy Bonner  offers us a beautiful companion to the challenges of daily life.
Included in the book are stories of ordinary people who have faced illness, loss, and discrimination, and taken on political challenges and the environmental crisis. These stories were 
carefully selected to open us up to living life fully, from a place of strength and love

From April 21-23 the Jane Austen Society of North America, New York Chapter will be in Saratoga for a "Spas and Spies" weekend conference. In honor of the conference, we are co-presenting a Jane Austen Tea with Saratoga Tea and Honey and JASNA-NY. Enjoy a complimentary tea tasting, and cookies courtesy of Northshire Bookstore, alongside your fellow Janeites.  Authors Kathleen Flynn, Steven E. Maffeo and Abigail Reynolds  will be on hand to mix, mingle, and
sign  their  books.

Ancient records of canoes are found all over the world.  This is the story of that singular American artifact, so little changed over time: of canoes, old and new, the people who made them, and the labors and adventures they shared. With features of technology, industry, art, and survival, the canoe carries us deep into the natural and cultural history of North America.
Mr. Sims will also make a Vermont appearance on April, 22nd.


Everyone's favorite pig is about to have a birthday...but will her penchant for eavesdropping lead to more than presents? 

A laugh-out-loud hilarious picture book about the epic tale of the classic game Rock, Paper, Scissors.  You've played the game. Now read the legend of how it all began . . .
From the #1  New York Times  bestselling author of 
The Witches of East End and The Descendants  comes the love story of young Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler. 
Independently Published 
at Northshire Bookstore  by ShiresPress. 
This book continues the tale of Jenna being socially conditioned and repeatedly prepared to fulfill her role as wife, mother, and gentle and quiet spirit.

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